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How do you choose books?

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How do I dumb down my writing style?

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I posted a story for critique in a writer's workshop and was told that I could write better than any of them could read. They said they doubted any of them could ever write as well as I could, and they found the writing too complex. That was just my regular writing style. How can I dumb it down so I can be... show more


Who was Beatrix potter?

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Best answer: She was a writer of childrens' books around 1900..

It is a kind of relief for me to let the words fly out from my brain and glide on a paper like black swans upon a misty river... I've archived these words from years ago into the deepest parts of my mind and finding and gathering them again is not an easy job, but I shall try to make you dear readers accompany... show more

I enjoy storytelling in general but never felt like I've a good novel. Reading was always a nuisance or chore for me. It's not even something I would even have to go to school for. Anyone can write a book. Should I pursue this art or is it a waste of time? What if it's good, changes lives, and benefits... show more

I'm female and live on my own, when my parents visit me they see my book shelve and complain that I'm too old for the books I read. I like books about being in middle school, or books about friendship. I just never outgrew these types of books. I find them easy to read and they make me feel happy. I have a... show more

I don t read much, but i have an impression that there s some kind of anti-dragon bias. Among fans, part of this bias come from the comparison between dragons and nukes and mass destruction weapons. I have no idea if book writers think that way. The problem is that dragons are cool, they breath fire, they fly, you... show more

Best answer: In most cases they have no influence. They just get paid for the rights to their work, and it's out of their hands. That's not always the case. For example, George RR Martin is an executive producer on HBO's Game of thrones series, so he has a great deal of power and control. JK Rowling had a lot of... show more

I've never been a fan of Jacob Marley visiting Scrooge and warning him about his fate if he doesn't change his ways, because then it doesn't feel genuine when he changes at the end because he was basically forced to change cause he knew the consequences. What I'd change is he's visited by the... show more

Today is the final episode of the FAKE WANNA BE GoT, not written by George RR Martin who is THE TRUE KING. Directors never been good at writing stories, and that reflected well season 8

Best answer: Well, he had a hard childhood, he was terribly unlucky in love, and he was also at times under financial pressure to publish stories to the point where he felt he wasn't doing them justice. Not to mention, he's said to have been very sensitive to negative criticism of his work. Also, he seemed to have... show more

Best answer: Fanfic, like set in the world and situation of an existing TV show, movie, book, etc.? Or Real Person Fic, a ficitonal story you made up about a real human being? Real Person Fic (RPF) requires extensive edits to be publishable. You need to make all the characters unidentifiable by themselves and by people who... show more