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Best answer: No

Can you tell me a scary story?

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Whats a theme in the animal farm book?

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Best answer: Some do, some don't. So you can say the policy will pay out, or not, as the plot requires. Most of the policies I've had won't pay if I'm killed as a result of war or terrorism, or if I commit suicide, or if I was doing something "reckless" like skydiving or taking illegal drugs. I could... show more

Fantasy Book Recommendations?

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I'm looking for some new books to read and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some YA Fantasy Novels.

My main character is 15 and the book has gore and the occasional profanity. Will agents toss it in disapproval or consider it?

Best answer: I agree that ten brothers is quite a lot, maybe make it four or five? Some name ideas: Ben(jamin) Theo(dore) Sam(uel) Andrew Toby (Tobias) Gavin Leo Evan David

I have observed that traditional school education system causes young people to hate reading because they are forced to read things that do not interest them and oppressive means of evaluation are used. In this way young people end up associating reading as something awful and they avoid it. They will only read by... show more

Asking because I'm writing a novel where one of the characters kills his oppressors in this way, by slipping the pill into each of their drinks, and then he attempts to kill himself using the same method. I don't know if it's all that necessary to describe what a cyanide pill looks like or whether or... show more

Is 'before that' an introductory phrase?

Best answer: Egg-shaped head vs. hawklike profile. I think it is grapefruits and oranges. One is as smart as the other. Holmes studies physical clues and relies on his studies and past experience. Hercule [French form of Hercules. Sorry Monsieur Poirot. Belgian form of Hercules.] Poirot relies on criminal psychology. ... show more

Best answer: The whole basis of slavery in the USA during the 17th 18th and 19th century was about how racial superiority. However, you said that this was a fantasy setting, and not historical fiction. Slavery, although a very sensitive and controversial topic in the States, is not inherently built on racism, as it existed in... show more