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Movie fans use Rotten Tomatoes to see if a movie is worth watching. Should readers use something like Goodreads to see if a book is worth buying?

Best answer: Well, I don't think they all hate each other. Maybe some feel envious about other writers because in a way they are competing to get to be known or to have some transcendence by standing out from the crowd, as there are so many writers. So maybe it's a question of being afraid they will be overshadowed by... show more

Best classic novel you've read?

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Best answer: My favourite novel of all time is "Journey to the End of the Night" by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. To fill out a top ten, I'd also include: "Pale Fire" by Vladimir Nabokov "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville "Under the Volcano" by Malcolm Lowry "Brighton Rock" by... show more

Seriously, the list is too long to fit in one update box. I'll include the list in a comment.

My bestfriend just had a child, and I will be like the child’s aunt, so I am trying to find a cute nickname for the child to call me. I’m only a teenager so I want it to be a young-sounding type of name. My name is Lexi is that helps lol. Any suggestions ??

So I've have the concept of what I want my book to be, I would say I have about the first 1-2 chapters in my head at the moment. but how would I start and would you say that once the first part I have in my head once that is written down I will get the ideas for more chapters?

Writing style?

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When I am writing a fanfiction or my novel I pretty much just write whatever comes to mind. Meaning, I dont bother to look up words in a thesaurus or do some editing, at least yet. Basically, I write really lazily and it reads out terrible, but then when a chapter is done that's when I do the proof reading and... show more

Or would publishers refuse to look at it or people demand it be banned.

What's a novel synopsis?

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Who/What Book Am I Thinking Of?

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Best answer: Henry David Thoreau: Walden

I need a good book asap?

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I’m in my mid twenties, female, I love fantasy, mystery, romance, etc. A book or series with all of those things would be awesome if possible!

so i have lately been writing about the girls i like at school and all the things i would do to them when i see them but i realized that i feel like if my parents read this stuff and ill get in trouble or be embarrased so how can i keep my parents from seeing it and no im not throwing out the journal

I have never not finished a book i started, but this one.. oh god, it's literally torturing me. I have read books that i did not agree with completely, or did not enjoy that much, but never a book whose every word in it i disagree with. The book is called ''the science gap'', and it was... show more