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Best answer: as of 2009 No proof that Hitler Died in the Bunker but there are since the collapse of the USSR statements that Hitler and Eva were alive on the First of May have emerged from some of the Original so called Witnesses read on Different versions of Hitler's fate were presented by the Soviet Union according to... show more

They can be about anything. I’m interested.

Best answer: White supremacist groups clearly supported Trump. They have supported republicans since the 1060's. The Democratic party did not start the KKK, White conservatives from the south did. The KKK was not started by the Democrratic party. The KKK was formally and officially welcomed into the Republican Party in... show more

They both slaughtered lots of people (Ghenghis Khan might be even more) They both caused great destructions to the world They were both bloody tyrannies So Different time can have different moral standards

Best answer: they were arrested and put in prison camps and were taken to farms and such working in the day most didn't want to escape and were found not to be these horrible Nazis many stayed after the war and worked in coal mines and became upstanding British citizens acquiring British Nationality there are German... show more

Best answer: Hmm, I recall a man who used to go around saying "Germania delenda est." Actually he said "Germany must be destroyed," but I immediately translated it into Latin and assumed it was a paraphrase of Cato the Elder's slogan, "Carthago delenda est." I haven't seen him in years. ... show more

What is the Illuminati?

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You know with two wars going on, how did he do it. The holocaust must of costed a lot of money.

Best answer: Hitler was funded By the Rockefeller's in the Belief Hitler would Go to war with the Communists he took the Money and Honored the Agreement the USA never did anything to stop him whilst the UK was Trying Appeasement Hitler took all this as approval and of he went America with the collusion of the... show more

I felt they overly tried pushing Irony in religeon also. Was the stpry accurate that she was betrayed by France? -thanks.

the slave owner and his family acted as the slave's surrogate family. he provided his slaves an occupation and career, a sense of purpose, job security, free medical care, and a place to live when he got old. most slaves would have lived cruel, homeless existences and short lives without their master to care... show more