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For instance when the nazis were about to murder the Jews in ww2 by lining them up and machine gunning them or when they were about to put them into the chimneys for incineration purposes. Did the Jews at least taunt their killers before getting killed? I mean I not a Jew but if someone was about to shoot me I... show more

Does the pizza come from Americans?

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Why are modern buildings still ugly?

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Why do we keep creating ugly buildings when the majority of people think they're ugly? I heard that early architects from the seventies were utterly mad and thought traditional architecture which made people happy was a 'bourgeois myth'. But how is it possible that these few architects, who have died... show more

Best answer: that Never stopped Eisenhower Murdering 1.7 Million German POWS http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v10/v10p161_Brech.html http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/War_crimes_of_Dwight_Eisenhower

What jobs were there in Ancient Rome?

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Why US army and USMC of Vietnam war did kill many vietnamese civilians? I was shocked by the movie 'Platoon'. I want an american answer! Why you kill poor vietnamese? They were innocent north vietnamese army and vietnam national liberation front is fighter for independence or good man all we wanted was... show more

Should there be a holocaust on nerds?

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Best answer: Some people are unwilling to accept the fact that the U.S. Government was at wrong with all of its dealings with native tribes.

Suppose he was brought to trial after the war; what instances might be cited for prosecution?

I've been reading some pretty wild claims in the history section here, but what is the truth?

Considering how brilliant that they were and that there was so much intelligence in one group of men? What about George Washington?

Japan still does not acknowledge these war crimes.

Even though Russia was forced to fight against evil, they still dreamed of axis.. .. so maybe that's why cons are drawn to Russia today, because they have always been an evil empire and were close to the birth of conservatism in Nazi Germany