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Who's the president of USA?

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wasn't it won by the British and Russians?

Does Britain want America back?

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Best answer: Give people easy access to guns and the fact that most Americans are thick, it will keep happening.

Why do people deny the Holocaust?

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America already had decent cars, decent housing conditions, central heating, decent clothes yet Britain didn't have any of these until a lot later. Britain was seriously the laughing stock of the world back then. Other European countries were starting to get back on their feet again yet Britain looked as... show more

Best answer: I was born in the 20th century, i am 68 and believe me i know all about the constitution and civics, and politics, people born in the 21st century can only be 18 at the eldest, what do you know at 18? not much.

Best answer: Because Jews run the Government.

Nazi Germany: A country freed from international Jewry, that fought to the death to defend itself. Soviet Union: A government run by the Jews, responsible for the murder of millions of Russians.

Best answer: After the first few hours of the collision of forces north and west of Gettysburg, no. After that it was simply that Meade held interior lines and all he had to do was wait for Lees attack, time was on his side not Lees. Meade had the only high ground around, he also had Lee outnumbered. So the outcome was a... show more

I talked to someone on the millitery site, he said "US soldiers of vietnam is aggressor". So I said "they was just following orders", but he said "oh hey guy ww2 fascist(germany or japanese) made the same excuse". were the soldiers who fought in the vietnam war really invaders? so are... show more