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Best answer: Same with immigration. Ever wonder why Republicans didn't tackle immigration reform during the two years they held a unified government? It's because the GOP needs illegal immigration to survive. They need it to rile up the rabid conservative base. They need it to drive voter turnout, and generate political... show more

If a very well trained male rottweiler was waiting for his owner outside the shop untied and all of a sudden a women floored me and pulled out my testicles and crushed them slow till 1 ruptured and burst out causing very loud screams and cries of agony non stop, would the rottweiler help me or just stand there?

Its okay to be white.

Once they achieve their goal of exterminating people of faith, such as myself. Who or what will their next target be?

Those ingrates want more!

Who works for yahoo?

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Best answer: I picked up all the sticks in the yard, which were quite a bit from the whole winter. And then I mowed the entire yard, which is 5 acres. I also got approved for a mortgage and set my new closing date on my new house, which thankfully has a lot less than 5 acres to mow. With the sale of this house, I should have... show more

Best answer: In the big picture, they know Trump is not going to want to give them the funding and real support they need.

Best answer: You might as well talk to a brick wall as try to reason with creatures that belong at the bottom of a pond. There is no logical thought process going on upstairs so don't waste your time.

Best answer: I'd put money on that.

She mocked a Parkland survivor, and laughed at Nipsey Hussle's death. She is a BULLY. Fox News needs to fire her, but they likely won't being Fox News.

Will Trump be impeached today?

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Best answer: Today, no - but soon, it comes down to is there enough now, or hear from others first. But either way, even if the end result is NOT removing Trump from power, it's still a message his conduct was totally unacceptable. For that reason, it should go foward at some point EVEN if it's known there is not enough... show more

Who is tom holland?

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Best answer: It was only three or four years ago that the leaders of the Republican Party understood that the future of their party depended on widening their appeal to minorities, women, young people, etc. This was after McCain lost in 2008 and Romney in 2012, two candidates who were relatively well-loved across the board. ... show more

Best answer: Lemmie guess... you're one of those who believe nothing came of the Mueller investigation because they haven't told us anything, aren't ya. I think I see the fantasy often around here lately, and it isn't on the liberal side.