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Best answer: Lingard. Alexander. Lacazette. Pickford.

How Messed Up Is The NFL?

6 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: It's pretty bad. While you use Kaepernick as a comparison, I would put it like this, Winston will be suspended for 3 games (somehow this number came down from 6) for groping an Uber driver while Brady got suspended 4 games for not cooperating with the league for an investigation the league couldn't prove... show more

I think so

Best answer: Bo Jackson, he's the reason I became an Auburn fan many years ago, also he seems genuinely nice. If unavailable then probably Warren Moon to get his insight on how the NFL's perception has changed (but not as much as it probably should) regarding having more African-American starting quarterbacks.

Best answer: This is Republican dictatorial edicts on full display.

Hillary was an 80 plus year old who came through my check out lane and even then she was really ashamed of admitting it when I asked her for her rewards number

Best answer: Soy Boys?? That's pretty funny.

Will K.Love play in the finals?

8 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: Most likely.

Best answer: The Ford Motor Company advanced the idea in 1914 when it scaled back from a 48-hour to a 40-hour workweek after founder Henry Ford believed that too many hours were bad for workers' productivity. The formation of unions helped to strengthen the idea of working five days a week as well.