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Best answer: because politics is a sick joke.

Do you really expect us to buy that bullshit?

Best answer: America has been great for a very long time. Not without it's share of mistakes and failures, as every society in history has had. America is better off now than it's ever been. Some of the poorest places in our country are better off than most places in the world. Things that are normal facts of life here... show more

Why does Trump hire illegals?

12 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: They're win-win for me. I get to rail against them in my rallies (my favorite was the one about Mexico sending all their rapists) to get votes AND then I get to hire them and keep my payroll low!

Best answer: You should always give matchups and scoring. In PPR, I'd go with Landry. He's got a dream matchup. In standard, it's closer, but for a sudden death game, I guess I'd still stick with Landry. There's just too many mouths to feed in NE and you never know who will show up. Some guy I've... show more

Best answer: Cook, for a couple reasons. MN has to win this game and Cousins has been a bit erratic lately. They need to keep feeding Cook, esp in the passing game. With Mixon, it's about game flow. They're heading to LA to play an elite team and they have no def. It will probably be out of reach well before... show more

Best answer: You should have put matchups in here. I do know Graham is at home vs ATL, and that's about as good as it gets.

Best answer: I would just love the irony of getting the migrant caravan to build the wall. Not likely going to happen but it would be appropriate somehow in this weird new world (my blackwhite is showing, doubleplusgood).

Best answer: Dont roster two Ds. Roll with the jags or stream if you have to.

Should I let my friends tie me up?

4 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: sounds dangerous. ask them what they're going to tie you up with. then find something that you can sever it with so you can get free in case of an emergency. hide it on yourself somewhere like in your shoe so you can get to it. I think that game Jake made up was stacked against you so you'd lose. they... show more

Best answer: There's a lot of evidence, from obstruction of justice to inciting violence to racism and threats lawyers are working on the cases now It's just a matter of time