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Best answer: If you take a close look at her...I swear she's on Prozac.

What is the KKK? Should I join it?

9 answers · 3 weeks ago

Do you like baseball our football?

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Best answer: We can't handle an attack like that right now. Trump and McConnell are destroying this country

Best answer: That has to be a glitch in the game, because an inside the park home run is a home run. It's possible the game scored the play as a triple and an error that allowed the run to score.

Best answer: Is it not about time you matured a little?

Best answer: Let me check my calendar

Best answer: Trump walked out of the negotiations. We need to reopen the government.

Best answer: I think so. The problem would be who would play the political game with him. Obama, Pelosi and Schumer wanted a wall during Obama's tenure, but not Trump. This is an agenda driven issue. It has nothing to with what's right, or wrong for OUR country.

Best answer: Pizza just no pineapple on it

Kyle irving or shep curry?

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