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When does my team start playing ??

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If I add Winston, do I drop Stafford or Wilson? Or stick with the QBs I have and leave Winston on the waiver?

Why would my town ban masturbation?

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Best answer: If you're dumb enough to get caught you deserve the penalty

Best answer: Because they believe the fairy tales of the neoliberal economists and CEOs that whenever employees earn "too" much money in one job, inflation in will go up, and that inflation is their fault...and also that anything collectivist is communist and evil.Those who believe it are usually employers (who have... show more

Best answer: Smallwood! I used 15% FAAB to get him. Clement will get touches but Smallwood bangs more and blocks better so i think he gets 60% playing time over Corey Clement

I started 2-0 but now I'm 2-3. I have absolutely no receivers. I can however trade these two and in return get McCaffrey, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Brown, and Adam Thielen. Is it worth it?

Currently I’m 1-3 and I’m pretty deep at WR With Michael Thomas, Calvin Ridley, Kenny Golladay, Doug Baldwin and Marvin Jones. I’m thin at RB Because both of the my top picks have underperformed all year in David Johnson and Dalvin Cook. I also have Carlos Hyde, Telvin Coleman, and Lesean McCoy. Would you do... show more

D.Johnson Jr J.Matthew K.Benjamin P.Garcon N.Chubb

Best answer: Most FBI agents are competent and honorable. It is the Hierarchy of the FBI that has behaved in a corrupt manner. I trust the agents in the street. Trump does also.

I would trade away John Brown and Sony Michel and I would receive Leonard Fournette. My other WRs are Antonio Brown, Robert Woods, Julian Edelman, Kenny Stills, and Taylor Gabriel My other RBs are Melvin Gordon, Royce Freeman, and Aaron Jones, and Javorius Allen

Best answer: Cincy. Pittsburgh is playing a great offense in Altanta

What do you think of Le’Veon Bell?

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Best answer: Cry Baby! Whiner.

Best answer: Must be their teeth.

Best answer: Carrying 3 QBs is just nuts. If you are enamored with Goff, drop Alex Smith for him. Actually what I'd probably do if I were you is drop Jamaal Williams, add Goff, then try to trade Alex Smith for a WR. You're awfully thin at WR.