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Best answer: I believe, looking at him when playing, he has some form of OCD. Witness him placing his drink bottles in EXACTLY the same position! He's always adjusted his clothing, ever since he started playing tennis at a high level - I/we didn't see him playing as a young boy!! I used to think his shorts were too... show more

Best answer: Do you LIKE the game? If you do, then try out. If you don't make the team, then take lessons from a good teaching pro, and join a club. You will probably get better instruction from the club, anyway. Some teams have what are called "No-Cut" programs, where everybody gets to come out and hit,... show more

So today I went to tryouts with barely any experience. I did so so bad, I'm not even exaggerating. Everyone kept asking me if this was my first time playing ever because of how bad I did lol. I was really confident and thought that I could just wing the tryouts but I was wrong. I feel really sad and idk what to... show more

Best answer: Because they're outside all the time playing tennis and have been doing so for most of their lives so their skin has become used to the sun. And they probably use sun tan creams as well, although sheer perspiration in the sun can act as a good sun screen as well.

Best answer: cause the darn tennis mob & the media encourages it, ...... when it started years ago they should have been given an ultimatum if it happens again they cant compete and plus they are Spoilt BRATS!!!!!!

Best answer: Yes I think you should. You only live once and you will regret it if you don’t, you will meet new people and have a fun time even if you don’t get in as you enjoy tennis.

Best answer: No, why would it be? You won't likely make Wimbeldon, but you will be able to have fun for sure

Best answer: Keep in mind that the imperial system originated in the UK, and most sports are old enough that all the parameters were formed back when the imperial system was still used in full. Look at soccer/football in the UK. They still use the terms "6-yard-box" and "18-yard-box", and they still... show more

Is Andy Murray British?

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