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Best answer: Yes. Pure and simple. I hope she gets the help she needs.

She went ape**** at the ref for penalising her.

Best answer: As THE elite women's tennis champion, you would think by now that she would have let go of this rage. Its terrible. Its sad. Stole the honorable and decent Japanese player's moment. She does have a history of poor sportsmanship. Its a shame, so many admire her and she lets everyone down with these... show more

Best answer: She received a fine, but considering how much money she's made off tennis, it's barely a drop in the bucket. It will have no effect on her. Which is truly unfortunate because she should have learned her lesson by now.

Best answer: She's had better but in my opinion she brought a lot of it on herself. She has been in the game long enough to know that the Umpire's decision is all that counts and she should have accepted it as the trouper I thought she was. Had she not had a penalty game awarded against her William's could very... show more

Best answer: The chair umpire did his job correctly. He saw her coach sending signals (coaching is not permitted). Can't do it; doesn't matter if the player sees it. Most coaches do this; he got caught (change the rule, but the chair umpire cannot decide to not apply the rules). Strike 1. Serena smashed her racket. ... show more

Best answer: McEnroe got DQ'd at the 1990 Australian Open for verbally abusing an official (he earned it) and has been fined and suspended numerous times. Connors was reprehensible at times and a weapons-grade Ugly American. They benefit from being what they were pre-Internet and pre-social media. Williams is as bad as... show more

Is the game up for Federer now?

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Best answer: He's the highest ranking Australian tennis player. Many people dislike him because of his attitude when playing the sport though.

Best answer: They have the World Series baseball, when only they, and maybe Cuba, play the game seriously. Soccer championships are harder to win...

Best answer: Like most great athletes, he doesn't know when to quit. He'll kick around for a while longer. He doesn't want the guy from Spain to end up with more Major victories than he has.

Best answer: I bet at Thanksgiving when you are ready to slice the turkey, she'll tell you she prefers white meat.