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Are they turning to be like the Jaguars?

Best answer: New Orleans Saints. All the way.

Best answer: Brad Johnson Kirk Cousins Gus Frerotte Sean Salisbury Tommy Kramer Basically anyone that has started for the Vikings since Tarkenton. They LOVE mediocre QB's up north. They also lead the league in 'one last year out of an aging star' QB's. Honestly how they missed out on the Michael Vick merry... show more

Should Brady retire it's over?

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The XFL should be to us White Real Americans what the N*gro Baseball League was to Blacks.

Best answer: The jags

Is Brady finished?

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Best answer: Yes, Dallas got dumped. One more and they will be the best.

Who won the Super Bowl?

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Best answer: I just got back from the future; the Lions beat the Browns.

Are the Patriots trash?

6 answers · 22 hours ago
Best answer: They are going downhill.

Best answer: New Orleans

Best answer: You should have waited until the end of the ballgame before LMFAOing.

Is it because he can't read defense? He can't play in the cold? He has no rings yet? He can't make critical throws? His release form is terrible? They both seem slow and pocket passer system QB to me.