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Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump .....Be happy, be cool! A football game, that fans are paying soooo much money to watch and enjoy, is no place to protest. Most of that money goes to the players anyway. Find another way to protest. Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay! 8:32 AM -... show more

Unpatriotic cry babies who are jeopardizing the NFL and it’s great history. One must never protest at their place of employment.

They had that whole time to take their precious protesting on the streets for several months during the off season and I didn't really hear of players protesting during this time? Is it because they were all too busy smoking pot? What happened to the cause man?

Law Enforcement organizations in South Florida are urging members to avoid purchasing tickets, or request refunds on tickets already purchased, to Dolphins games. The Broward County PBA recently offered discounts after Miami said that they were going to honor First Responders but it now says that the player... show more

Randy could have played in the NBA and was a MLB prospect in high school. Dion Sanders also excelled at a professional level in other sports

He’s just a product of HOF Eli Manning anyways

They seem to protesting against the NFL which doesn't make sense since that's not the movement Colin started. I feel like they are just protesting now for attention

Regardlesd of personal opinion of Taylor. He has been a great game managing QB. More than capable of making it through the upcomjng seadon. Its like the media loses their mind because there was a draft and mayfield was their pick. It is a classic set up to bring in a veteran and draft a qb. You want to maxkmize... show more

Randy led what was statistically the greatest offense in NFL history. It's not his fault that the Vikings defense collapsed in the 1999 playoffs. He went on to Oakland and still managed to get 1,000 receiving yards in a season then he went on the New England and scored 23 Touchdowns in the 2007 NFL season which... show more