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My list would be like this tell me if you agree or leave your list 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Tom Brady 3. Drew brees 4. Patrick mahomes 5. Phillip rivers 6. Kirk cousins 7. Jaded Goff 8. Cam newton 9. Russell Wilson 10. Ben rothlessberger Honorable mentions: Andy Dalton , matt Ryan , Andrew luck , deshaun Watson

I just read several articles on the 10 smallest fanbases and they were listed as the smallest on all of them. I don't see how this is possible. Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in America. How can the Eagles possibly have fewer fans than those small market, limited success teams such as the Jaguars,... show more

Best answer: The Cleveland Browns in 2017 and the Detroit Lions in 2008.

Best answer: Jacksonville, FL is about as irrelavent a """""city""""" as you'll find. It's clear they'd move someday, but I doubt London will ever be a sustainable NFL city.

Who owns the Seattle Seahawks now?

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Best answer: The Seahawks are owned by Vulcan - a private corporation which was set up to own and manage Paul Allen's financial holdings. Before Paul Allen passed away the Seahawks were owned by Vulcan which was owned by Paul Allen. Now, the Seahawks are still owed by the Vulcan corporation, but that cooperation is owned... show more

What position should I play?

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I understand how football is played, but I was never a fan of the NFL, so I don't know a lot about game and rule changes over the years, or rivalries, or best teams/players/coaches of all time. For example, I remember years ago a friend saying the new helmets are ugly, but they looked the same to me because I... show more

seems like the way they left and the fact the city STILL won't pay for a stadium for them that the city wouldn't take them back.

I was a Raiders fan but I jumped ship the second they voted on it! Why can't everyone do the same, make home games empty and tell Mark Davis and the NFL to go to hell?

Best answer: yes team work and exercise are good for you and better than the crap most schools teach in the classroom

Best answer: Sure.

Who do you think will win Superbowl 53? Will the playoff contenders from last year make it? Or will a losing record team win it all?

Best answer: are you scared the packers will lose? haha!

I am going to see the Lions in Miami. I always go to one away game to compliment my season tickets. I am sitting at the Row 1 of the Upper Bowl Endzone section. I was thinking of bringing a Bed Sheet or Poster to hang over the edge. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of Mastercard. Plane $200, Hotel... show more