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Just happened to the 49ers player

Best answer: No. It eliminates the chance for many last second comebacks when you can't do an onside kick.

Who's your favorite rapper?

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I'm just curious. Why players "retire" instead of just walking away? Especially if they've never played a game.

Im Currently in the class of 2020 at a small school in Buffalo, NY. As NY is not such a powerhouse state for football, it is hard for me to get exposure, compared to if I was down south or in California, Florida etc. However my team faces very hard teams. My coach puts in harder out of state games every year to... show more

Best answer: Lower prices. More local players. Focus on the game, not personalities or politics. Bring back giant pretzels, the ones as big as your head. Let these millionaire players do some charity work in the community. Brand reputation is at an all time low! Make me care about my local team!

Best answer: Yes, but he doesn't care.

Best answer: I agree with you. That was a punk move by Dez Bryant. The guy has his mind set on signing only with the New York Giants, and he probably going to get what he wants.

Best answer: California Bulls

Im 14yrs old 5'7" and only weigh 110lbs which is small but for my area football isnt that big so its fine i guess i have a really big background in soccer im fast and have alot of endurance and can catch good but not that good.Thanks in advance

Best answer: An NFL broadcast team should pick him up.. Because he is all talk,& he is done as a football player.

Best answer: Which of the 5 first round QBs will be the biggest bust (not counting due to injury)? IMO it will be Josh Rosen? I think so! ~Peanuts2345