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Why do losers hate on Trump?

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Best answer: Because they were able to pick up something in the draft for a guy they were going to cut anyway. They've moved on to Jackson as starter and need to shed Flacco's contract.

So I'm new to this NFL. In fact I only watch the super bowl and some playoffs games as I find the regular season to be boring af. I was wondering how good is Kaepernick? Is he so good that teams should tolerate "the problems" he might bring? Where do you rank him among top 10 QBs?

Who won the Superbowl?

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I fell asleep at halftime and just woke up. What happened?

Best answer: They should be but we know that isn't true, they say quarterbacks are in more of a vulnerable position because they are having to run and remain focused on multiple positions at once. But some people don't know that's the same with running backs so that answers your question.

For example, the Alamodome in San Antonio?

they had the chance of getting one of the best qb’s up this season, nick foles, but no they went with an old and played out qb who doesn’t have many years left. or they could have potentially drafted dwayne haskins or drew lock, both could have been amazing. and they could have even gotten demaryius thomas back. it... show more

Best answer: Beats me and he can't be anyway since he's still a free agent and teams aren't willing to sign him since he started with his unAmerican kneeling before the national anthem.

Was Johnny Carson an A hole?

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Kaepernick, 31, filed a grievance in October 2017 under the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, alleging collusion against signing him to an NFL contract. The settlement the sides reached includes a confidentiality agreement that prevents either side from commenting further. As such, Geragos told CNN that... show more

Brady ,Montana ,Or Bradshaw ?

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Is Tom Brady Better In Super Bowls Then Joe Montana And Terry Bradshaw ? Brady Won 6 But Lost 3 While Montana And Bradshaw Were Both 4-0 !!