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Hear his old man left for a pack of cigarettes (Newport's) and never came back?

Why did Obama pardon OJ Simpson?

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Are the Detroit Lions cursed?

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I remember as a kid, pre-Elway, denver wasnt such a damn zoo! Who would actually want to be there? It doesnt make sense.... unless of course, you factor in the Elway phenom, and denver will always be holy land now (cant think of anything else)

I've always wanted to play football but my parents force me to attend a small christian private school that does not have many sports to offer. I was wondering if I could play football for nearby schools.

DA BEARS! #Bears100

Best answer: No. He will hit him with a golf club.

Best answer: The Chiefs vs the Saints

Best answer: Lol. It's fictional, but it sounds like Trump.

I don’t know why I thought of this, but earlier today I was wondering if some billionaire fan of a sports team could in theory give a player a massive check to sign with their favorite team? Do you think this has happened before under the table and are there rules in place that prevent fans from doing this?

I still can't believe that they blew a 28-3 lead

Best answer: Depends of the person and how you insult his woman

the man died cheating on his wife and away from his family. How's that ceremony going to go?