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A part of me isn't all that interested in seeing Lebron vs Steph for the 4th straight Finals, but what about y'all? Yay or nay?

Where will Lebron go next season?

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Best answer: Maybe. It's possible to see Gordon Hayward to become The Same Player again But, He must have faith and believe himself. He's also not need to have Negative Impact like Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose has lost his own Confidence with his game and Knees. He just need to listened What Kobe Bryant has tell him ... show more

Don't know a lot about LeBron James but he seems to be a nice person who wanted to win a national championship, something that just about every profession sports player wants to do but most never do. Odds are if he hadn't gone to Miami he would have never won that championship because the odds are... show more

I'm say this I'm sure everyone agree with me on this one LeBron is no were near better then Jordan, Jordan have more heart then Lebron, Jordan won more finals then LeBron, plus they play in two different era.

Are the Cavs toast?

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Can the cavaliers still do it?

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I'm so disappointed in them but do any of you still have any faith?

Best answer: Yeah, if the Warriors get there. The Celtics have the defense to shut them down, unlike any other team. They dominate defensively.

Are the Cavs toast?

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He's better than Jordan at everything else plus Jordan never had to win against a team like the Warriors while playing with a bunch of scrubs

How to go pro?

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Best answer: School bball, stay a student of the game. Some has made it out enrolling in smaller colleges. But if adult, u can try out in D leagues. Talk to all sorts of ppl coaches around n stuff to see if they connect you to try outs.

The Toronto Raptors fired coach Dwane Casey on Friday, the team announced. Casey has won the Michael H. Goldberg NBCA Coach of the Year Award, which is voted on annually by the league's 30 head coaches. The National Basketball Coaches Association announced Casey as the winner Wednesday