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Best answer: To be honest, yes he is. Stat padding and triple doubles don't mean anything if it doesn't help his team win. He steals rebounds from bigs, and takes the most shots out of any other player in the NBA. He's inefficient and can't play well in a team setting. There's a reason why Harden and Oladipo... show more

Who will win the nba finals 2019?

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Best answer: Michael Jordan Was Absolutely The Best.

Best answer: Not this year, but they should make the playoffs

Best trash talker ever?

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Best answer: Larry Bird according to everyone that played him. Worst trash talker was Antonio Cromartie. He'd talk a lot of shít and still get owned. He's a horrible example for his liter of children.

Best answer: Steve Nash is better than Curry at almost everything except there about equal on D and Curry is a slightly better shooter but Nash's playmaking was something else and the reason he doesn’t average the points Curry does is because he chooses to be a playmaker instead

Best answer: He still scared I bet

Who better lebron or MJ?

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I have a Halloween party coming up where the host has stated that guests don’t need to wear ‘spooky’ outfits. You can dress up as whoever you want. I love basketball and have a LeBron jersey so I was thinking of buying the official shorts and a shooting sleeve and going as LeBron. I’m white. I obviously won’t be... show more

Why do the Lakers wear Black now?

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it's supposed to be Purple/Gold, White only

Best answer: I feel that Brady is the greater champion. In the current state of both of the sports, it is far harder to win a championship in the NFL than the NBA. The NBA is massively unbalanced with its talent, so LeBron really only has to beat 1-2 reasonably decent teams to win it all, whereas Brady regularly plays and beats... show more

Best answer: KD and Steph took pay cuts to be able to keep Green and still have some room for more. They play together well and Kerr knows what needs to get done. Lebron is notoriously hard to be a teammate with and Cleveland's front office is all outta whack.

Best answer: Larry Bird and only because a big part of what made Magic great was his ability to read the court, pass, create great shots for others. Larry can drain the shots all day, that was what made him great.

Why did Wilt only win two rings?

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Best answer: Basketball is a team sport, and Wilt wasn't a team player.