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Best answer: Patrick Ewing. Out of all the great centers of the 90's he did the most with the least. He had nothing but rags playing with him in his career and still manged to win games.

Should Lakers trade Lebron?

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Best answer: If Kevin Durant is healthy and playing in the finals, Warriors will be a strong favorite, but not a heavy favorite. If not, I think Milwaukee might be the slim favorite.

Bucks or raptors?

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Bucks are currently up 2-0 in the ecf against the raptors, and the warriors are up 3-0 against the blazers.

Best answer: 1963 Boston Celtics

They don't need him..

Can Milwaukee beat Golden State?

10 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: I sure hope they can.

I'm very hyped for the NBA Finals Matchup between the Bucks and the Warriors. But will it actually be close and intense, or will the Warriors easily get the win?

Trailblazers in 6?

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Best answer: They're not easy at all. With KD out the Dubs really have to push it hard and be totally locked in. Without Draymond Green last night they didn't have a chance, and he's just one guy. He might well be the best defensive player in the world right now.

Best answer: Zion is going set that in stone right now. He's the type of player like a Lebron James that will change a team into a contender in about 2 or 3 years. At worst, he'll become Kevin Durant. At best, he's Lebron or Jordan. The real question the Pelicans trade away the #1 pick for an... show more