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How do you make water?

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Is water wet?

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Best answer: there is no creation of energy. it gets moved around but not made or destroyed. Work is one way that energy can be transferred, and some chemical reactions do involve the application of work.

Best answer: Styrofoam is a bad conductor of heat. When you hold it, the surface of the Styrofoam approaches the temperature of your hand because the heat is not conducted away quickly. In other words, it will not suck in the heat like other materials do, so when you hold it, very little heat leaves your hand.

Best answer: in recent years it's had some resurgence in popularity, in very small doses (very small relative to doses hedonistic trippers take so they can "see things" that is), because apparently there may be some psychological benefit from it. which may very well be the case. it's obviously an extremely... show more

Is lightning a material?

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Best answer: You cannot determine the wavelength of a photon of specified frequency unless you also specify the medium through which the photon is traversing. The propagation speed of light varies in different media. In a vacuum, it is "c" = 2.998 * 10^8 m/sec, but in other media, the propagation speed is lower. ... show more

Failing college chemistry?

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I study hard in chemistry, review my notes all the time, regularly revise, watch videos to help understand the topics, and feel really confident before tests and exams but still fail!!!!! What's wrong with me!