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I started watching breaking bad, and the main character (who teaches chemistry) seems to have just KNOWN how to make meth. Is this just me?

Best answer: (4.184 J/g·°C) x (62.5 g) x (100 - 0)°C = 26150 J = 2.62 kJ

Best answer: There are 2 things that you need to know - or that you can look up : Molar mass of H2O = 18.015 g/mol 1 mol of anything contains 6.022*10²³ particles - in this case - molecules. How many mol water do you have in 9.34g? mol = 9.34g * 18. 015 = 0.5184 mol H2O Number of molecules = 0.5184 * 6.022 *10²³ =... show more

Convert 321 grams to ounces?

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Will the molecular bonds that keep the H2O together, be broken and unbond the H2O into separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules?

Best answer: Because 24 carat gold is Pure gold and can't get any more pure than that.

Best answer: That denotes the purity of the gold. 999.9 is purest gold, or 100% gold with no lead or other impurities

Oh, sure. You just light this magical plant on fire, and breathe it in, and it gives you magical psychoactive effects. THC is just magic, man. Absolutely nothing going on with receptors, or dopamine, or anything else like that.

It would seem logical that the pressure exerted would increase if the gas particles’ mass becomes greater. For example, at constant temperature, volume, and number of moles, why does hydrogen exert the same amount of pressure as oxygen when oxygen is clearly a lot heavier? Is it because the effect of mass is so... show more

Best answer: Decomposition of water..... 2H2O(l) --> 2H2(g) + O2(g) ...... H2 and O2 are the constituent elements. Decomposition into new substances is a chemical change.

Best answer: Water

Best answer: Hemp oil is just a type of vegetable oil. It can be used like many other vegetable oils in recipes (though best to not heat it) or on your skin or hair as a moisturizer. Like most foodstuffs, it seems to have some health benefits (fatty acids that are good for you) and some potential health risks. CBD oil is the... show more

Convert 292.8 to mmHg?

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Does glass rust?

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sorry if it sounds dumb djskd. if not could you please explain why and what would happen if it did?