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How to make MSDS?

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I already tried google

sodium borohydride (of density 1.074 g/cm3)? Answer in units of mol.

A) g–1s–1 B) M–1s–1 C) M D) Ms–1

Best answer: Depends mostly on what you mean by ash, but the main difference is grain size. Sand is a lot more coarse-grained than ash. Ash is very fine-grained by definition. There will be some sand in a volcanic ash, for example, but the bulk of the emission is ash, very fine particulates, smaller than silt even (and silt... show more

What is pH?

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A) The concentration of sulfide ions in solution B) The concentration of potassium ions in solution C) The concentration of oxide ions in solution

Are electron emitters dangerous?

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Just how combustible is gasoline?

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I spoke to a man years ago who said he saw a demonstration while attending schooling for Chrysler. The instructor dipped an electric fuel pump in gasoline, suspended it from the inside of a trash can lid, put the lid on the can, then from a distance connected 12 volts to the pump. He claims the explosion blew the... show more

Which one is an acid ?

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a dilute solution of iron(III) chloride in water

Best answer: The spray is only flammable in its liquid sprayable form, not once it is dry.