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Is a 1994 penny a pure element?

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Best answer will be given to the best logic or facts.


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I’m writing a story

Best answer: So the equation shown is simplified. In reality, they H+ from acetic acid is being transferred onto water molecule(s) to form hydronium ions. So, a slightly more appropriate equation would be: CH3COOH + H2O <--> CH3COO- + H3O+ In the acetic acid molecule by itself, the carboxyl group (where the hydrogen is... show more

10. Which of the following would be the most water soluble of the group? a. CH3-O-CH2CH3 b. CH3CH2CH2-OH c. CH3CH2CH3 d. all the above would have about the same water solubility [I was thinking that the answer to this is A but I keep turning myself around and now I am unsure] 14. Which of the following would... show more

Measuring Gases?

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The atomic mass of sodium is 0.0230 kg/mole. How many moles are in 1.59 kg of sodium?

Best answer: This happens in my city as well, the reason is that sometimes in order to clean out the system they increase the chlorine. It is temporary.

I heard they have some radioactivity.

How to use Fire extinguisher?

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