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Is steam a gas?

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Best answer: Live steam - greater than 100oC (or just ordinary humidity) is a gas. The "steam" you see coming from boiling water is a heterogeneous mixture of air, water vapor and liquid water.

I plan on ordering an RC benzo but the website wants to know what research purposes I intend on using it for. What's a good answer to put down? I obviously do not have a laboratory and plan on consuming it. What research purposes would somebody have with an RC?

What is chemistry?

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Best answer: Ice cream .... Good idea. Think I'll have some. Nonetheless, ice cream will melt at 0C (32F). But ice cream does not have fixed melting point like water ice. Water freezes at 0C and ice melts at 0C. But ice cream isn't ice. It is a mixture of a number of different ingredients and simply hardens as... show more

Can I drink limewater?

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Chemistry question?

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If 11.59 liters of a gas exists at a temperature of 537 Kelvin is taken to a temperature of 167 Kelvin. What is the new volume of the gas?

Best answer: You're going to have a very difficult time with that since mercury does not explode under any circumstance. Perhaps you are thinking of mercury fulminate. (And I doubt there is a calculator like you describe.)

Best answer: It's not so much a typo, as an omission. The volume of the 0.3M solution has been omitted. To find the mass of the solute we would need to know the volume of the 0.3M solution. For instance, "How many grams of NaCl are needed to prepare 500 mL of a 0.3 M stock solution?" 0.5L x (0.3 mol NaCl / 1L)... show more

Is paint flammable?

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Best answer: Some paint can be. They have to be VERY careful in paint plants when they work with the paints employing flammable solvents. Ground all the mixers and vats, have high ventilation, etc. Even the waste barrels (drums) need grounding when adding or removing the liquids. Sparks mean fire or explosion. Not... show more

Best answer: Because in gas law equations, temperature is use for what it really is: quantification of gas movement. Take perfect gas, for example. PV=nRT n is just the amount of particle. R a constant. P is the pressure it takes to keep that "n" quantity of gas contained into a volume V. Think of it as the force,... show more

Help with chemistry!!?

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Best answer: (28.8 g CO2) / (44.00964 g CO2/mol) = 0.654402 mol CO2 V = nRT / P = (0.654402 mol) x (62.36367 L mmHg/K mol) x (22 + 273) K / (742 mmHg) = 16.2 L

1. Precipitates forming when 2 solutions are mixed 2. Snow subliming to vapor 3. Bananas turning brown 4. First aid kit coldpacks turning cold when the substances inside mix