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4NH3+3O2=6H2O+2N2 How many grams of NH3 are needed to react with 56 grams of O2?

Solve the following stoichiometry problem. How many atoms of sodium, Na, are required to react completely with 75.0 grams of chlorine using this reaction 2Na + Cl2 --> 2NaCl OPTION -6.22 x 1023 atoms of Na -1.27x1024 atoms of Na -can't determine with the given information -1.27 x 1023 atoms of Na

Best answer: It depends on how you measure "strength". Plexiglass can bend much easier than titanium. Titanium fractures when you try to bend it. On the other hand, titanium has a much greater compressive strength than plexiglas. Under some circumstances I would expect plexiglas to yield and recover from an impact... show more

Best answer: I don't know. Perhaps not enough chemists come here with answers. I'm a biologist and some of the ridiculous answers given on that forum are shocking. Of course Y!A has never been a reliable source of information.

What does mmHg?

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Is carbon an organism?

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What is 40cc?

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Best answer: (18.5 L) x (0.837g - 0.215g) / 0.837g = 13.7 L

What is the higher pH range?

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Since there is a helium shortage, let's use that as an example. If we entirely used up all of the helium available on the planet, would we keep helium on the periodic table or would we remove it due to it no longer existing naturally on the planet?

Best answer: This is why ... see the link.