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I just made a vodka apple juice, and while i was pouring the apple juice into the glass i noticed these stringlike things swirling around the glass. Ive seen this before in various liquids and it kind of reminds me of those eyefloater stringy things, i just never found out what it was and google dont know. They... show more

Does volume affect density?

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Is charcoal red?

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Best answer: Because chemistry is TAUGHT differently bey DIFFERENT teachers even at the SAME college of the SAME university. I got an A- in first semester general chemistry and C or Ct in in second semester chemistry with the SAME faculty member of the SAME college.. i didn't ... show more

Do you like Fried Patatoes?

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Best answer: yes

What metals repel electricity?

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1000 mg to 1 ml?

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Best answer: Jonathan is correct. . . . . but while salt water temp rises faster than pure water, a dash or so in a pot of water really doesn't make measurable difference . . . . but people tend to think that it does. Yes - it also improves taste - - salt cooked into food penetrates and is better than salt sprinkled onto... show more

What is bis ?

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12.6 renamed as a percent is?

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