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Best answer: have you ever seen or smelled one up close. I don't care if they pour rubbing alcohol on it before .it smells

I’m not here to boost ego from size by any means, just been stressing if mines big enough. Mine is 7-7.2 in length and is like 5.0 in girth(circumference). I know lots of girls say girth is more important. Is my size too small, and will it be useless in bed? Let me know from talks expirience

Can I start recording song right after mastarbation or 30 minuets later?

I’m 14 and I masterbate at least 4-5 times a day and my brother told me that having masterbatimg to much will make it so I can’t have kids. Is this true?

Do you have to swallow semen?

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Best answer: no lmao

i know this may be silly but wondering how long can sperm live outside of the male body to a surface that has become damp ie cleaning the area after sex. Also what is the likelihood of someone who sits on the area naked if its not fully dry becoming preggers?

Best answer: To be honest i have had testicular cancer and been examined by multiple doctors. some have used gloves, some have just washed hands some have just gone in with no prep (mix of male and female). I've never been concerned.