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Best answer: If thats what rings your dong.

Should I get a circumcision?

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Genuinely I'm interested.

I know if you can't keep an erection it's called erectile dysfunction.

Sleeping naked is it normal?

19 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Sleeping naked is normal. Sleeping naked allows your body to better regulate temperature during sleep. Kicking covers off or adding covers in your sleep is part of the body adjusting. When sleeping with someone, sleeping naked allows for skin-to-skin contact. This can increase (non-sexual) bonding with the... show more

I have a little tight foreskin.?

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Basically I can roll down my foreskin but It is a little tight to roll down. I can roll it down using my hands but I need to apply a little pressure, It won't roll easily. What to do?

I have never seemed to been able to ejaculate during masturbation and by that I mean nothing comes out not even pre ***. I’m not a late bloomer with puberty and I had started it when I was 12/13 years old so about average. I hear my friends talking about cumming and stuff like that and of course I jerk off but I... show more

Wanted to have a special time with my girlfriend performance was less than exemplary

He's visiting from Budapest for the first time in ages and came round for beers and dinner with the fam at my place. Mum and dad left later on and we kept drinking, chatting and watching some youtube vids. It was kinda nice just laughing and chilling. He eventually got me to switch to pornhub and we wound up... show more

As the title says, I masturbated to my girl friend's photo. Wasn't even a sexual one, just a regular selfie and it did not take long for me to finish and now I feel extremely guilty. What's wrong with me? Should I tell her?

Best answer: I am a man and I have no desire to do it either since I am a straight male. Yeah, I think that's gross, that's a turn on to me if you don't like the thought of it either.

Best answer: never masterbate with super glue

My wife has had breast implants for almost 20 years. She wants a new set, but also wants a lift. I went with her to the consultation and this guy wants $19,000. We’re going to explore other options, but I’m wondering if that quote is too pricey.