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Normal to sleep naked?

23 answers · 1 day ago
Basically my family have had to move into a smaller house because we’re poor, my 7 year old brother and I have to share a room now. I usually sleep naked but I’ve been a bit nervous to since we moved in about a week ago in case he like asks questions and stuff and idk if it’s weird or not. I’m 14 btw

Should I circumcised my son?

28 answers · 3 days ago
In Australia, where I live, it seems to be less frequent to circumcise newborns these days. I'm circumcised and I've noticed that probably two thirds of guys would be uncut. Hygeinically, I believe it is a positive and if he ends up being very sexually active, there is less of a chance of contracting STDs,... show more

What makes sex feel so good ?

18 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: A cocktail of Endorphins and Hormones and feel-good chemicals are released into our blood stream at orgasm.

Best answer: they think its more manly.........when actually its unhealthy and disgusting

So about my penis?

11 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Should be growing rapidly and hopefully within the year it will be at its final size. Adult average is 5.16 inches.

think of all the diseases it would save.

Do girls expect u to shave?

8 answers · 11 hours ago
do girls expect guys to shave their pubes? or do girls not care

Poll: is this an insult??

21 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: yes, that is a cruel insult if you know for a fact that he is infertile.

Girl eye balling my area?

14 answers · 2 days ago
girl keeps checking out my crotch area and looking me up and down what does this mean? she kinda giggles too.

Best answer: Varies, but anywhere from a couple minutes to an hour or so for a long one. Most are gone in less than 5 minutes

Best answer: also myself being a teen, i put them in a bit of rubbish already in the big and then put it under a couple of thing, also never flush it down the toliet becasue it may cause blockage, and you would not be plesent for your parents to pull an used condom from out of the pipes

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have been reading on different ways to increase our odds of fertility. We've just started, so I don't think we have any fertility issues that I'm aware of. Someone suggested to me watching pornography with him and sucking on his testicles to stimulate... show more

Best answer: Nope. People have been making such claims for years that it is possible to make it Larger via some drug, activity, or whatever-not possible. Try concentrating on what you can Do with it more than worrying about size. Porn is theatre-not reality. Super hung guys are rare. And the women are PAID to seem like they... show more

Best answer: There are a variety of men that like a variety of women. In general, men prefer women who are smaller than themselves. Likewise, in general, women prefer men who are bigger than they are. Men are frequently attracted first to looks. Looks are visible. It takes time to learn about personalities.

Last night I went to a school dance with my friend (who I used to date and hook up with sometimes). Eventually we left and she drove me to a private spot where we could make out. We decided we wanted to have sex (protected of course) and it was my first time. I was extremely turned on and I really like this girl... show more

I'm 41 and my wife is still young at 25 so I really need to satisfy her sexually very often. She wants sex more than I do!! During sex, when I'm in control I easily get exhausted for just like 5 mins. And after around 10 mins, I can no longer take it, leaving my wife sexually frustrated... How to last... show more