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Will putting two batteries in parallel make the power supply last longer by doubling mA-hr capacity, or will it force twice the current through a current sensitive circuit? If the circuit has a known power demand with 5V input and draws a precise amount of current, but the circuit is powered by a 9V but doesnt... show more

Best answer: You have not researched the subject sufficiently. Your social circle does not include those females who are interested in an Engineering Career.

Best answer: Electric powered aircraft seem like a pipe dream. Airlines make money by keeping their planes full and in the air. Charging or swapping batteries would be much less efficient than filling a tank with Jet A. The power required to get a 747 off the ground is around 90 mega watts. That is one serious battery.

Best answer: From the data sheet: Wide Power Supply Range: – Single Supply: 3V to 32V – Or Dual Supplies: ±1.5V to ±16V

Best answer: Your math is correct but you are ignoring the resistance of the human body. A voltage difference of 0.0000000001 volts wouldn't introduce anything like the current you calculated. That's why a 9V battery doesn't immediately kill you if you touch the positive and negative... show more

Best answer: God will tell you.

I have power strip with 4 plug points. There is only one switch to turn them one. If i am using only one plug point then do the rest consume electricity?

I’ve done a lot of research online about making an hho generator and torch and have put one together. Starting small, I used a glass jar with 4 steel plates 1”x3”, insulated between and alternating positive and negative to connect to a car battery, putting salt water in the jar, a 1/4 hose coming out going to a... show more