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How do solar sails work?

12 answers · 3 days ago
I know what you are going to say, “google it”. But according to google, solar sails work by harnessing the light. each particle of light has momentum, and it uses these to accelerate. but i thought that momentum was equal to mass times velocity, and according to the laws of physics and einstein’s law of relativity,... show more

Physics problem please help?

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At some point during their orbit, the location of the Earth and Moon relative to the Sun will be as shown in the figure below. What are the magnitude, in N, and direction of the force experienced by the Moon, in degrees below the Sun-Moon line, due to the Sun and the Earth? (The mass of the Moon is 7.35 1022 kg,... show more

Best answer: Life sentence, just inside the event horizon of a black hole.

Best answer: More matter ? Yes. Matter more, No.

They can't be too worried about the impact, since Moonbeam is still pouring more $billions into their bullet train to nowhere.

How about if you travel faster than light using the Alcubierre Warp Drive?? What would be its temporal effect??

cause he said it himself , if you travel faster than light you 're gonna be bending Time . which is not possible . so what is he hiding by going faster than light only for himself ?

Is infrared harmful to human body?

9 answers · 7 days ago
Best answer: No. Infrared is safe, but one must be careful not to get too warm, as in direct sunlight on a hot day.

Best answer: They only turned me upright today but yes indeed You see I believe that Infinity is Infinity They say Blck Holes are singularities of Infinite Mass But how could anything that stops be infinite The same goes for the Big Bang Something happened to cause it My favourite quip is that it was a Quark of Nature Nature of... show more

Best answer: Radio waves have a large wavelength from 3 meters to more than a kilometer. Therefore the energy transferred to the human body during its passage is low. However, near the transponders used for cellphones, the energy is high and so a distance of separation must be maintained to prevent any harm to the body caused... show more

Best answer: relativistic speed addition S = (v+u)/(1+vu/c²) S = (0.9c+0.9c)/(1+(0.9c)(0.9c)/c²) S = (1.8c)/(1+0.81) S = (1.8c)/(1.81) S = 0.994c