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Why is winter colder than summer?

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Best answer: The prime reason behind the difference in temperature in summer and winter season is the angle at which sun's rays strike the earth. In winters, sunlight strikes earth at an obtuse angle that skims the surface.

Should this affect how people should trust the body of knowledge of all science?

Need help with physics problem?

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A 75.0 ohm and 45 ohm resistor are connected in parallel and across a battery. The current is 0.294A. When the 45.0 ohm resistor is disconnected, the current from the battery drops to 0.116A. Determine the emf and the internal resistance of the battery. I had thought you use the equation: E= V+ Ir but we have to... show more

That started breaking apart at the origin of physics and was such a large mass of matter it broke at beyond light speed, starting everything then instead of trying to fit everything into a speck?

Best answer: The start of my answer is already in the past....Oh! Now the end of it is in the past...Oh! Now my remark is in the past...AAaaargh!

Best answer: Past, present, future can not be defined in an absolute universal sense. From Relativity, we know that an event in our future is in the past for an observer far away and moving towards earth. Past and future depend on how fast you are moving. This counter intuitive way that time works led Einstein to say that... show more

They don’t travel at all, when you push to talk its instantly, no traveling

Best answer: For a right cylinder (= normal, straight cylinder) Volume = area of circular base * height Area of circle = pi * (radius)^2 ensure you use same units for all measures (here, the unit is "cm") and remember that units are multiplied among themselves. Area of circle, with radius of 4 cm (half of the... show more