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Best answer: Energy is always changing forms. Consciousness however is a different thing. When we die we probably just decompose losing our heat energy to our surroundings and our potential chemical energy gets used by other organisms.

Explain this atheists?

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Where does all the matter come from? Where did the laws, gravity, centripetal force, etc come from? Where does energy come from? It would take energy to create a big bang right? If a spinning object breaks apart in a frictionless environment the fragments will all spin in the same direction. If the whole universe... show more

Best answer: not according to current thinking about how reality works, no. Won't stay as matter anyway even if you could go as fist as light with some matter, so not only is it not possible to go as fast as or faster than light, matter can't even stay as matter if it is made to go that fast.

Time isn't linear, it's cubic?

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What’s the resulting velocity of the student

Best answer: At orbital speed near the surface of earth, you would experience zero gravity. At faster speeds, you would need inverse wings to keep you down. that speed is Satellite motion, circular V = √(GM/R) = √(3.98e14/6.37e6) = 7900 m/s or 7.9 km/s or 4.9 mi/s or 18000 mi/hr or mach 25