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How do I accelerate a toy car?

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I would like to know if you accelerated it by means of weight or maybe not also by propulsion

Best answer: No. The impulse of a photon is so very very ... very tiny, that it would take a light sail the size of several city blocks to collect enough photons to create sufficient impulse to accelerate a small vehicle.

Is it even physically possible? Wouldn't the sound itself (difference in air pressure) have a destructive force like a shock wave? I'm thinking either a meteor striking the earth or the loudest loud speaker imaginable.

A 1.0 kg mass is suspended from the ceiling by a 5.0m long cord. The mass is pulled sideways and up until it is horizontal (mass touching ceiling) and then released. Find the cable tension when the mass reaches its lowest point.

Sometimes if I'm up late at like 2 am or past that, I hear the sounds of sonar beeps in a submarine the whole night until day comes. It's more spaced out and faint, but I'm not sure what it is. There's nothing obvious I live near that makes that sort of sound.

Would you need to be 4th dimensional in order to see in three dimensions?

Determinism is the belief that everything is happening in order. There is only one pathway for things to happen. It is the opposite of chance and luck. Every single thing that happens is destined to happen since the very beginning of time.

Best answer: ,,, it is often useful to have a mirror with a larger than normal field of view one such application is the outside mirror on the passenger side of some vehicles in order to get the larger view the mirror is slightly convex convex mirrors produce reduced, upright, virtual images When you get a good response,... show more

Best answer: An object will float if it displaces a greater mass of a fluid than its own mass. If the displaced mass is less than the mass of the object, it will sink. In general, it is the relative density of the object and fluid that determines what will happen. The higher the density of the object relative to the density of... show more

What is quickbook error 3371?

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So, I have always understood that falling objects like a feather and egg fall at the same speed in a vacuum. However,the egg having more mass should have more gravity and therefore a stronger gravitational pull towards the earth. I read somewhere that falling objects basically don't have gravity, which seems... show more

I'm guessing a compass wouldn't work in outer space due to not having the Earth's magnetic field to align itself with, but do magnets even work in space in the first place? Or do they suddenly become demagnetized chunks of rock or metal(not sure what they consider magnets as, maybe rock)

Best answer: Gamma rays are most dangerous, I'm pretty sure. However, UV rays can also be damaging in excess. Because of this, I would guess Gamma rays are most likely to be called 'death rays'.

Think of the speed they would be invisible to all forms of detection