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How real is time travel?

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Since the object accelerates in gravity.

An object accelerates when changes speed and also when it changes directions, so is it reasonable to assume the act of changing directions slows the object down? For example, an object travels north at 5m/s and then turns to north east It decelerates?

Best answer: We are not yet a form of intelligent life.

Best answer: It's a skill that can be developed to start a fire, yes. The act of rubbing (usually by rotating a sharpened stick to and fro rapidly while pushing down into a small hole in another stick) produced frictional heating. By having some fine dried grass or similar around the hole close to the hot point, it is... show more

Best answer: No. Because all the mass of a Black Hole is concentrated at the geometric center of the Black Hole. ie A Black Hole has all its' mass concentrated at a point of zero volume. Matter with volume surrounding that point is attracted to the point by gravity.

with no physical barrier between them?

What are atoms made out of?

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And what is whatever atoms are made out of, made out of? And what are those teeny tiny things made out of? All the way down the line, what is the ultimate tiny part that is the base of reality? BQ:Why does the universe exist?

Say you have a question that is asking for the acceleration of a single velocity - lets say 10m/s. How would you find the acceleration, provided you have only one velocity?

Best answer: Certainly, there is very little "solid" in matter. It is suspected that there is nothing solid at all. But we really do not know. Atoms are made of protons and neutrons in a central area surrounded by electrons. That already means a huge amount of space in solid matter. But protons and neutrons are... show more

Best answer: We abandoned the imperial system some 50 years ago because all these conversions are error prone and tedious. I spend years of my primary school learning to convert bushels of wheat etc. pounds, quarters, hudredweight, tons. Long tons, short tons, bakers tons. Not to mention all those roods and perches, links and... show more

Will I become horse man.?

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Best answer: Neighhhhhhhhhh!!

Best answer: M = Mrest + (1/2)MV^2 / C^2

How to create time travel easily?

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Best answer: Just invent a time travel machine.

Best answer: It depends on the size of the pebble and it's weight. But yes, it's possible. There are incidences where someone fired a bullet up in the sky and it fell back and hit another person and killed that person.