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Best answer: The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics - all possiblities occur in an ever expanding decision tree (whether conscious choice or environmental interaction) is one of many possible reality interpretations of quantum mechanics. It is popular because it avoids some of the conceptual difficulties such as... show more

Best answer: A changing magnetic field produces an electric field. A changing electric field produces magnetic field. So it was realised that electricity and magnetism as different 'faces' of the same thing - which we call electromagnetism.

Best answer: Depends who you want to believe .. String theorists believe they are open and closed one dimensional strings vibrating in a 10 dimensional space. Quantum field theorists think they are oscillations in underlying fields but treat them as point particles Some quantum ‘realists’ think they are smeared over space,... show more

Not mentioning the target obv dead :)

Best answer: Probability

Best answer: Yes, in order to stay on the surface of the earth instead of flying off into space, you are constantly being moved in a 24 hour circle. In "sitting still" you are actually folllowing a curved path around the earth's axis. This requires constantly changing direction, which is an acceleration. Can you... show more

Best answer: So, one of the big mysteries of quantum mechanics is the so called wave function collapse also known in a more general sense as ‘state reduction’. From a representational standpoint, a particle is described as a wavefunction. A single particle with multiple possible paths can interfere with itself since there is a... show more

Best answer: No. Faults blow fuses or in extreme cases cause sections of the power grid to just shut down. Never heard of "blackouts" ?? Electrical power systems are built to stand overhead cables being struck by lightning, which causes a large overload every... show more

Best answer: Anything at all in which the result is the sum of a series of some small product. More mathematically known as an "integration". eg if distance = speed * time then total distance = sum ( speed * time) so if speed is not constant and it is plotted on the vertical axis with time on the horizontal axis then... show more

Best answer: Yes. An object that is in motion will stay in motion without additional force, but it will not accelerate. Constant acceleration requires constant force.

Best answer: Mulitiple directions to follow. 1. The high speed rotational motion in the turbulence requires energy. Even if you can't see the mechanism you KNOW that if it takes energy it must require a force. 2. If the air is laminar then the speed of the air behind the car is close to the speed of the air before the... show more

How do I master physics?

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Best answer: Go to a public library and borrow a physics textbook.

Best answer: Quantum field enthusiasts would say that sub-atomic particles are simply discontinuities in their associated fields. Never did buy that one however. I think it's putting the cart before the horse. A field without particles is not a field. It's no more a field than a field of corn is a field without the... show more