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What is a world without men like?

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Best answer: I'm still working on how a normal man can turn into a green hulk!

Best answer: The stinger of the Asian giant hornet is about 6 mm (0.24 in) long, and injects an especially potent venom that contains, like many bee and wasp venoms, a cytolytic peptide (specifically, a mastoparan) that can damage tissue by stimulating phospholipase action, in addition to its own phospholipase. Masato Ono, an... show more

Can evolution go backwards?

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Best answer: Evolution has no direction, it always adapts to the current environment. However, if some archaic traits became useful again, a given species could recover a similar feature. Just it won't "evolve back" to a previous ancestor, it would evolve into a new species that would show features similar to... show more

Y do i have a big feet?

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Why do men grow old?

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Best answer: Our body is made up of clls as time gos on mor clls die than are rplacd with nwr cells hnce the reason for natural dcay.

I want it to be physically superior to the other humans. Can God help me? I want my sperm to be the origin of a new race/ethnic group that will be famous athletes know all around the world.

Some people think that death may continue to exist or have reincarnation in another unknown world. Do you think it is possible? Please answer carefully.

Do you accept the theory of evolution?

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i think every tissue or organ of the human body has an energy and feeling, which i think human energy has the shape of the human organs and the human body shape. is this correct can you explain this more clearly and give more explanation what about the human feelings, i also think everywhere in the human body has... show more

How many cells are in the body?

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Best answer: They look at about 1% of your DNA. If you can imagine DNA as a line of characters, maybe a billion characters long, there are 'markers'--certain letters in certain places--that are different in people of different races. If you could analyze DNA of a million people around the globe this way, you could... show more