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Best answer: The number 1 cause of death is heart failure. It means if someone lives long enough, the heart is going to fail. The heart has been beating nonstop ever since a person was still a fetus inside the womb. If it stops beating the brain can die within a few minutes due to lack of oxygen. Because humans are mammals, and... show more


How rare is this eye color?

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Are humans a big or small species?

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There's one thing in evolution that I don't fully understand. I get it that if the mutation in one's children occurs and if the mutation provides the offspring with better condition in the specific environment (e.g. longer neck or darker fur), the offspring has a greater chance of surviving and... show more

Best answer: It's actually a sign of highly advanced critical thinking, the regular visits to the Veterinary surgery equip one with unique talents to eventually rise to the heights of veterinary treat deflector, the only downside being the nickname, *Frogboy*...

Best answer: Evolution affects species, not individuals. The fact that individuals differ is an evolutionary "hole card" for our species. Individuals who don't want kids can contribute to our species' survival in other ways, such as protecting or providing for others.

Best answer: Our Intelligent Designer thinks it does.

What is a stimulus?

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