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According to the Wikipedia page on a Boltzmann brain, there is a probability of a human brain coming about by pure chance of particles bouncing and colliding into each other. Given this fact, I’d say the probability of such an organism may exist. How else could such an organism come about? Although the first... show more

Best answer: > emergence of a new species We have. See the link at the bottom of this post. My favorite local new species is "California wild radish." It's a hybrid, but it's not the same as either parental species. Where I live, it grows wild, and the parental species don't. > never seen any... show more

Did dinosaurs have feelings?

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How do trees transport oxygen?

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I know that we have blood which contains hemoglobin to which oxygen binds. But trees and other plants don't have hemoglobin. So how do they do it?

Will my baby have a big nose?

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My boyfriend has a big nose and I have a small nose. I’m worried that my baby is going to get his nose! How can I prevent that?! Is it possible??

Best answer: She's just BSing you. What you told her is correct.

Does liver produce plasma blood?

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Best answer: Most writers use the internet for research, they go to the .org or .edu sites instead of the .com sites, as those would be more scientifically focused. Phases the body goes through with... show more

I am 6 foot 3 and all my life I have never had good protein intake, always under ate, etc. Never drank milk, rarely anything. Why am I so tall then? I thought height was based upon genetics along with good nutrition? Not to mention I've seen some black people from some of the poorest slums in Africa and some... show more