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Are you mixed race?

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Even if evolution was true, what makes atheists think that being fossil is evolutiony beneficial? Design is a much better argument because it can explain why we are so perfectly shaped to be able to live and function on this planet.

Best answer: Conception (fertilization) is the only answer. People try to argue with this, but in the scientific world they are spending billions looking for "life" on other planets, comets, and so on. You can bet everything that you have, that if they found a fertilized egg on a comet or meteor, they would spend... show more

Do scientists have emotions?

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Because they know that emotions (love, pain, everything) are just caused by chemicals. Can/do they still feel them?

today in biology class our teacher told us that if two different species like a horse and a donkey mate, the offspring is sterile. if this is so, how was barack obama able to have children if he had a white mother and a black father, both different species.

Best answer: Predators sometimes do hunt a prey species to extinction. But much of the time, a depleted population of prey causes a decrease in the predators.

How did humans become self aware but other animals or creatures did not? That's what puzzles me about evolution. Sure our pets love us but there are some animals that do not show love. Why are humans the only conscious self aware creatures?

I mean, can't the male just jerk off into a glass and then pour the semen inside of the female?

Are monkeys apes?

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Best answer: No, they're monkeys. Monkey is a family, not a species. There are hundreds of species of monkeys. Ape is a family, not a species. There are about 27 species of apes (humans, chimps, bonobos, 3 gorillas, 18 gibbons, 3 orangutans).

Best answer: No, lol. Atheists and scientists have NO proof for evolution or that we share a common ancestor with chimpanzees. All they have is guesswork.

I’m skinny and I don’t work out but I have large breasts. If I work out will my breasts lose fat and sag?

I do apologize if I sound ignorant on evolution. I'm just wanting to ask questions and get a better understanding of evolution.

1. Can we be 100 percent certain without a single shred of a doubt that evolution is true, and that humans did in fact evolve from a common ancestor with apes? 2. Can you name s few books or documentaries or YouTube channels etc.... that prove evolution without a single shred of a doubt? 3. Why is it that... show more

Would their ways seem inconceivable to our brains?