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Classic begging the question. And refuted very well by Real Essentialism (Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy, Vol. 11) by David S. Oderberg

Is evolution a fact?

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What is it about the intake of oxygen that is mandatory for life on Earth- especially since oxygen is supposedly toxic?

It doesn't. Even on the tree of life the variation if it is significant enough DEFINES the new species that branches off !!!! See Oderberg's book on Real Essentialism

There would not be enough genetic diversity and as a result humans could not produce viable offspring.

Is DNA just a social construct?

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Scientists now know that race and gender are social constructs that aren't real. People that defend those outdated concepts always point to DNA to back up their claims. Is DNA just manufactured nonsense too?

Do insects hear?

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I could not imagine that it would be of much use. Most of the noise would come from things that are a lot bigger.

I heard somewhere that it has at least in part due to women having looser ligaments. I tried looking it up on google but mostly found articles full of feminist nonsense about how women are apparently the stronger sex. “This accepted fact hurts my feelings so I’m going to deny it”. Anyway I want a real answer not a... show more

Best answer: "Evolution" is a total lie. It never happened at all. It is a lie of satan intended to get people into hell. . Every belief except one will lead to hell. Because nothing pays for our sins except the death and blood of Jesus, the sacrifice of Jesus that is already accomplished by Him . Jesus loves you!... show more

Is there consciousness after death?

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Best answer: It is possible. Some of the kids may be as smart as you, but some as dumb as her, or they may be somewhat intermediate. In some cases they may even be smarter than you.

Best answer: Perhaps some, but you have many lots of active microorganisms in your body all the time and most of them are helpful. I don't think you would survive very long without bacteria inside your body. I'm pretty sure that getting struck by lightening wouldn't cure a bacterial infection. I don't know of... show more

Is sperm a living organism?

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Best answer: I don't get it. A fairy? You should talk to someone about this.

Is the female the origin of life?

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Best answer: Yes. All organisms were originally females. Males evolved from females. The human male for example have female features such as nipples, mammary glands, and the Y chromosome evolved from the X chromosome.

Best answer: What you are really asking is what adaptations would humans need to able to fly. having wings does not necessarily mean you could fly. There are flightless birds. If you think about it there would have to be a lot of changes. Presumably as you have birds in mind you anticipate our forelimbs, i.e. our arms turning... show more

What will happen when I die?

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I'm very curious, and keep thinking about what will happen when I die