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Problems appealing a violation?

19 answers · Drama · 2 days ago

The walking dead spoilers!?

31 answers · Drama · 5 days ago
Is it true Carl is gonna die?

13 Reasons Why came under fire for showing suicide, whereas many other shows (American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dexter etc.) show murder all the time. What makes showing suicide worse?

Is it possible to delete your answer?

15 answers · Talk Shows · 3 days ago
You delete it yourself, not it being reported and removed.

Wat is nurse Jackie?

6 answers · Drama · 3 hours ago
Best answer: Nurse Jackie is an American medical comedy-drama series. ... The show stars Edie Falco as the title character Jackie Peyton, an emergency department nurse at All Saints' Hospital in New York City. For Jackie, "every day is a high wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses, and her own... show more

I need a Netflix show to watch?

9 answers · Drama · 2 days ago
Best answer: Supergirl Arrow Lucifer (not on Netflix) iZombie Preacher Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (not on Netflix) Future Man (Hulu Original) Legends of Tomorrow (this one is bad, but it's a shared universe with Flash, Arrow and Supergirl so hard not to include). Stranger Things Grimm American Gods American... show more

Best answer: Hi. You must appeal if you believe that you have been unfairly reported. But do it on Sunday night, so on Monday they will attend you, because weekends do not attend to appeals. Good luck!

Worse show on TV now.?

4 answers · Other - Television · 4 days ago
Best answer: The View. The women all get together and scream a lot. About something. I do not know what they are screaming about. They all try to talk over one another. Instant Migraine for the viewer. I wish someone had the good sense to cancel that crap fest. Same with Jerry Springer and Maury.

Is there actual audiences at sitcom shows?

7 answers · Comedy · 2 days ago

Is it weird?

7 answers · Other - Television · 2 days ago
so im an 18 year old teenage boy and for some reason i love watching kids shows like i watch shows like pokemon, tangled the series, and the loud house and some other ones i cant think of right now is that weird

Why are people on Y&R so dumb?

5 answers · Other - Television · 11 hours ago

William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy?

5 answers · Drama · 14 hours ago
Best answer:   .   It was Gend Roddenberry’s pure luck to get the dynamic compatable main cast in working order, So fortunately Wliiam was the correct choice, the theatrical abilities and powerful agility just added perfection to the character when needed, you coukd watch the series infinitely, and never get bored. Spock as... show more

YAHOO Answers categories?

7 answers · Drama · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes. Once on the All Categories Page, bookmark it! Then one click does the trick.

Is weed vegetable?

4 answers · Drama · 9 hours ago
I thought it was, but when re-watching the veggie tales series, weed was not included as a character...

Where have all the questions, and answers, gone?

4 answers · Other - Television · 2 days ago
Best answer: You don't have to be here long to see how it works, the more accounts you have, the merrier. You can report, point score, move questions, and the system lets you, and lots of harmless questions and answers get reported. The appeal system hardly works either.

Best answer: Motion seconded. All in favor say aye!