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Why is anime so bad?

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King Arthur vs Robin Hood?

10 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: Arthur. As far as I know, he could fight. And here's the kicker- a swordsman or woman always has an edge of some sort against an archer. An archer's attacks are best executed from long range, but the closeness of a sword makes for a relatively easy kill.

With Condition: The thing that was given to you cannot be sold..

Do spiders have buttholes?

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I was watching Naruto and saw an episode with spiders that looked like they had buttholes. Is it true?

Best answer: ❀ Haha, I think Justice League takes the cake. ❀

Best answer: Captain America and Black Panther would win. Captain America would take down Green Arrow because Oliver's arrows would not pierce Cap's Indestructible Shield. Cap throws his shield and knock Oliver's Bow of his hands. After that, Cap would use the sleeper hold to put Oliver to sleep. As for... show more

Best answer: 1) Fairy Tail 2) Naruto 3) Gintama 4) Cardcaptor Sakura 5) Inuyasha These are the old anime I would say my top 5. However the latest anime would be these 5: 1) Boku no hero academia 2) Nanatsu no taizai 3) Shingeki no kyojin 4) Black Clover 5) Tokyo Ghoul

Best answer: Superman is an illegal alien. Best I could come up with. I dislike Superman mainly because he usually has a holier than thou attitude and is basically a representation of a flawless being, which is not something many people like, it shows and accentuates their own issues and limitations, makes others feel that... show more

They all wear RED for Republican!

Anyone else stan TanaCon?

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Best answer: No

Why are the Simpsons green?

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Have you ever watched or ever heard of those Nicktoons shows? If so, Which one of those are your favorite show(s) that you ever enjoy and why? 90's: 1. Rugrats 2. Hey Arnold! 3. Doug 4. The Ren & Stimpy Show 5. Rocko's Modern Life 6. Aahhh! Real Monsters 7. The Wild Thornberrys 8. CatDog 9.... show more

What does vamanos mean?

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Best answer: It means “let’s go!”

I get a lot of questions in Japanese, and i all ways answer with "try Anime" but i dont know if they knew what i said?

Best answer: As Joaquin Phoenix play the role as The Joker, I'll think he'll be a great fit for Joker and I'll give him a shot. Besides he's going to be better than Jared Leto as Joker fromy Suicide Sqaud. But not better than Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

What's your favorite cartoon?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Tom and Jerry. The old ones.

What do you think of my sketch?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: It's cute! If you're looking for constructive criticism, I do have a few suggestions, though. Try to draw more of a defined jawline. Your style is cute, but it would look more refined with more of a 'v' shaped jaw. And draw a slight shadow under the chin on the neck to give it some depth. Try... show more

Thor vs Superman who would win?

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And explain why

Best answer: Ant-Man and Wasp win. The factor of being able to summon deadly ants puts Atom and Bumblebee in a position they simply aren't prepared for.