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Maaaaan! Wakanda looks sooooo dope! And they don't even gotta worry about cracka pigs hatin' on a playa - fo' rizzle.

Best answer: Diet on both choices. Coke during the day and 7-Up in the evening, no caffeine.

Best answer: Harley Quinn by far

Was George Reeves A Good Superman?

10 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Reeves didn't have any control of the script, so it wasn't his choice who he opposed. I personally liked his portrayal ............

Was This Wrong For Superman?

7 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Gay actors can play straight characters. It happens all the time. Neil Patrick Harris played a straight character/ex boyfriend to the main female character in Gone Girl. Luke Evans played the straight romantic Gaston in the live action Beauty and the Beast remake.

Story: Bane escapes from Arkham Asylum. Bane is going to Lex Corp, planning to steal one of his Lex's Warsuit, and implanting his venom on of his Lex's Warsuit. But Lex Luthor busted him from Trespassing and theft. The security guards of Lex Corp and the Police attempts arrest, but Bane resisting them.... show more

You have a superpower. Now what?

19 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Single Power - The Glutton -Ability to consume anything and anyone but the weakness of increased hunger. My mouth basically enlarges into a maneating plant-like mouth. What will I do with it? -I don't know. It's a terrible power and I'm not a cannibal. I won't use it until it's necessary and... show more

Is Ben Affleck A Good Batman?

12 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: I always thought he does a good job as Batman, though the films he has played the character were not the best. Affleck's portrayal in Justice League was a step in the right direction. Regardless, Michael Keaton is still the best Batman, at least for me personally. Also, a slight correction: The solo Batman... show more

Should I watch One Piece?

6 answers · 2 days ago

Also, I don't like when people ask question and put their own opinion/best answer in. That sound like they just want people to agree with them wether they're right or wrong. Any ways, back to the topic. Who is more of a hero, Goku or Luffy?

Where can i watch anime frree online?

4 answers · 11 hours ago

What i mean is... Is Superman still he fightimg new characters..Can you explain?

Jessica Jones or Daredevil?

5 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Daredevil. Jessica Jones is just a Detective TV show without the Detective and a lot of soaking. She rarely uses her superhuman strength and then there are times where she has no superhuman strength because of bad writing.

Godzilla is a very intelligent animal that protects his home, the planet Earth, from much more dangerous threats. He defends the planet solely for territorial purposes, just like how a lion defends his land and pride from intruders. Godzilla has little regard for humanity and makes no effort to protect human life... show more