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Best answer: Yes. That's why it's called RACEism. Because it applies to all races.

As a non-native English speaker, I need your help. Does the above sentence have the following meanings? 1) It is possible that the metal does not contain any lead. 2) It is imperative that the metal do not contain/should not contain any lead. Especially I need to know if (2) is OK. Thanking you in advance.

Rain, Reign, or Raine?

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For example: "I built a house for my cat." I read in a grammar book that the different between present perfect and the simple past is that the simple past states time ( I walked to school yesterday). Is it correct?

Is this a simile or a metaphor?

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Best answer: It is a metaphor. "I remember the whole beginning as a succession of flights and drops" ... this clause uses 'as' but is not a simile because there is no comparison being made. The seesaw image is a metaphor. You have to have the quality of comparison as well as 'as (or 'like) eg... show more

Best answer: It means successful outcomes. The sentence as a whole is very badly written though. It's so jargonised it's practically gobbledygook. I think it means: "The operations and commercial teams, working in collaboration, are making excellent progress in advancing the business. They are trying to achieve... show more

What's the slant language?

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Best answer: Its the Chow Mien tsunami.

Which sentence is correct? "It's just you and me." or "It's just you and I."

Best answer: Infanticide if it's a very young child, under a year. For older children, it's filicide if a parent does it though that is a word I have never seen used. If it's someone other than the parent, the same words apply that apply to any killing

How do I pronounce inexplicably?

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Is this sentence correct?

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she is only the second lady to have been born outside of this country. --- that kind of sounded award. i felt that it can be written as: she is only the second lady who was born outside of this country. --- which is better?

What is the meaning of life?

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