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Best answer: tsimsinairatnemhsilbatsesiditna

Arkansas? What did Arkansee?

10 answers · 20 hours ago
Best answer: What did Tennessee? She saw what Arkansas. (From an old song lyric.) Okay, so what did Delaware?

... the Chancellor of The Exchequer announced the provision of £ 738m for this purpose. Thanks in advance! 😃

I told my boss that my 6 year old niece was taken to the ER and is now hospitalized. My niece means the world to me! I told him that I'm gathering from my family she has a serious respiratory infection and possibly a collapsed lung. I will confirm details. When I got to the hospital the doctors confirmed she... show more

Best answer: I think a more personal response would be to say how the performance affects people. Examples: "I touched by your performance" or "I have never heard a more inspiring version of that piece."

Funny slogan?

7 answers · 1 day ago
I need a good funny slogan or one liner to write on garage sale sign.

What does decent mean?

5 answers · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Sub-par, passable, okay but not great, it'll do in a pinch...

Is it correct to say "Happy Voting!"? Or should I say "Happy Voting Day."...?

Best answer: Of course not. If anyone tries to make me listen when I don't want to listen to him, I feel like criticizing him.

Eat is to what as go is to went?

5 answers · 22 hours ago

Best answer: shut up already man

- Whose pen is this pen? - Whose pens are those pens? Thanks!

Best answer: You use "where" with places, as you use "who" with people. If you start with "we" and "our" you continue with "ours" not "yours." "Stuff" is vague and needs to be more specific. I doubt that you mean "things." Unfortunately we live in... show more