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Ive been trying to get my food handlers certificate online, but every time I try to submit my order it says "The card was declined from the issuing bank".. I have money in my card so I'm not sure why its not working, I even asked to use my partners card in which she has a totally different bank, and... show more

I’m a TJ Maxx cashier. Today, I was ringing up a woman, she was buying a dress for $29.99 but she said she saw a sign on the 4-way rack that said everything was $12.99. But I told her that the women’s coordinator was in the middle of moving clothes around and changing the signs. The woman asked for the manager, but... show more

IOW, is it possible to pay the bill partially in cash, and then use SNAP to cover the remainder?

Question about package I ordered?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Economy shipping is just their title for the least expensive shipping method. The seller could use FEDEX Ground, UPS, USPS or whoever when they ship the package. A lot of times, USPS Priority Mail is the cheapest method. So choosing EBay's Economy Shipping will mean the seller uses USPS Priority Mail.

How do you send mail?

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So I need to send a check in the mail and I’ve never done it before and I looked it up and I’m not sure what to do so I just buy an envelope and stamp, write the info on it and then drop it off in one of those blue boxes. Is that it? How do you pay for it is it just the stamp how does that work. And yes i am dumb.

I purchased an items online & when I received it, I received it in the wrong size. I contacted the retailer/seller and told them and they sent another one in the correct size out to me & asked me to return the incorrect one, no problem. I asked them to credit/refund the shipping cost so I could return.... show more

I paid an extra $40 on the website I ordered from for faster than usual shipping to Canada from the UK, but on the UPS website it says I have to pay a certain amount for duties and shipping, is this normal?

So I recently got a new babysitter and this is the first year I ve needed her to fill out our dependent fsa form to get reimbursed for childcare while we worked. She spoke with her accountant and is refusing to give us the tax id number that the form requests. In the course of that conversation, she informed me for... show more

So our company sells jobs for drywall, or painting, or any other trade. Most of our crews (both employees and subs) are excellent, and my company that I own has a great reputation. We almost always get everything right. However, one of my crews (meaning one of my subcontracted crews) seems unable to comprehend... show more

Is it possible? Like on sites like Amazon Merch, Teespring, Prinful? What are the chances?

Have cheque books had their day and died out completely or do they still have their uses, e.g. for the elderly and the computer illiterate and/or people that can’t afford technology? I personally think they should remain alongside digital payment options just for simplicities sake.

Best answer: You have to contact the shipper or store where you purchased the merchandise and get your money back because it was not delivered to you and it went to someone else. You can open a dispute with your credit card company while it is being investigated.