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I am a bookkeeper. My company does have an accountant but he only does the taxes at years end. Sometimes I wish I had someone who I could ask an accounting question. QuickBooks used to have a network of local experts that you could ask for help for what seemed like a reasonable amount of money (I'm not talking... show more

I sell stuff on Ebay for a living and I had a couple fragile items that I had to ship out, it is rare that I have fragile items but sure enough, this time I did. I had a reel of Fragile stickers that I previously ordered off of the USPS website (free) a long time ago. I put these stickers on the box as opposed to... show more

I am 27yo and work as a Research Executive in this big restaurant chain in our country. Recently the CEO's son who is a Vice President who does no work every day but listen to music, eat lunch with the office ladies and watch youtube videos in his corner Office, told me he likes the title of Chief Research... show more

Best answer: yes

Money grabbers within organisation?

4 answers · 11 hours ago
Why are some organisations money grabbers even if they already got plenty of money coming to them?

I should join it or not.?

4 answers · 12 hours ago
I have received an invitation to join a network which will give me 200 usd worth of coin .is it real or some ponzi scheme. i should join it or not.? plz give me some advice.I will be very thank full . link = https://goo.gl/Y4U6fv

What is your rags to riches story?

9 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Bought a scrap car for £40 and people laughed at me. Stripped it and sold the parts online. Bought another car...... I now have 5 guys stripping cars and 2 girls doing the online business while I take quite a few sunny breaks!!!

I heard it lost its value.

When a company pays the relocation expenses for a new employee with the stipulation that it would have to be repaid if the employee left in under a year, do I repay the $5,000 gross or the $3,000 net I received in the check?

Best answer: you figure an hourly rate for your time, charge in increments of 15 minutes. like lawyers. since you are working as a freelancer, you will have to pay your income and payroll taxes as well as for any office supplies and equipment. So your fee should include at least 25% more, for overhead/operating expenses. If... show more

Get their payment in their currency?

What is the fasted way to make him pay me in real money? Going through court is going to take too long and I need cash right away.

They were talking about if i don't finish filling out 2017-2018 FAFSA form, i could lose money. Is that true? Im not going to college this year. That's why i stop filling it out.