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Best answer: tell them you won't spend all of your time on it. if you can't get a part time job because you're under 15, maybe look into volunteering part time to get out of the house. look to your school if they partner with any groups, or maybe your place of worship, or just in your local community. do... show more

How do i beat skyrim?

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Best answer: SURE

Best answer: if that's you in the photo, then how about your "size" :) wink wink

is that a good determinant of figuring how strong one Pokemon is to another?

Best answer: I'm sorry to report that no console has the complete Souls series available on it. Additionally, the PS4 has NO OFFICIAL BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY SUPPORT. SOME of the older games from previous Playstation consoles (PS1 & PS2 ONLY) were modified to run on the PS4 in a completely digital format for local... show more

I have 6gb of ram and gta is using like 5.8 everything is so laggy and f0ked im s0 mad i blame windows 10, played for 3 years on windows 7 and nothing, pls halp wat do i do ive uninstalled all of the useless programms disabled everything in services and also cleaned my st00f with ccleaner, idk what else to do im... show more

How would you spell “Pee-Zah”??

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Best answer: It is Pizza. In french it is also spelled pizza.

I've never played D&D, but I think I'd like to. But one question I can't seem to find the answer to is whether or not your avatar/character transfers from game to game. Like, if I had a Wizard named Fred (for example) and I used him as my main character in one game, if I played a different D&D... show more

I like both but I can't decide which I like better lol what do you guys think?

PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

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I know all of the specs, yada yada, just wondering which everyone prefers.


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