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It’s a charger cord for my 3DS XL (the new one?? That’s what it says on the back of it) and I lost the charger of it and I wanna play it again while I’m at school or when I’m bored I need a new one I think but yeah what would happen?

I think we should take advantage of this story to ban video games in America

Best answer: Aren't most young men video gamers? So, yeah, if I were a young woman, I would.

I like Zelda and smash bro’s a lot but I know ps4 has a lot of bada$$ games too

Best answer: Just tell people you did?

Do you play pokemon games?

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Best answer: Sure! I play Pokémon go on my cell phone. But I like playing otome games more: melon heart. Greetings ❣ Thank you .... :)

I wanted to get my niece one for Christmas, but it’s probably pointless if there’s no games for it

Best answer: Remove the hinge pins.

I'd say (in no order) Mario Sonic Doom Grand Theft Auto Mortal Kombat Honerable mentions Elder scrolls The sims Pac man Tetris Crash Bandicoot Final Fantasy Metal Gear Solid Resident Evil

Best answer: Sounds like you need to start locking your things up.

Somebody told me that 2 is a a prequel to 1 so does that mean I can play 2 without playing 1 and still understand everything? Are there any references that I won't understand without playing 1? Please don't spoil anything in your answers.

Best answer: The answer depends on the comparison of the age... As arcade games had better visuals in the 1980's compared to consoles, which tended to become neck-n-neck in the 1990's. The main case here is the "Scalpel vs Swiss Army Knife" ideal... Arcade games are dedicated machines, so there's... show more

Why is she playing games so early on?

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I heard that gamestop may closed down one day .

Best answer: No sorry people are saying the only way was to glitch it that is just lies. The only way to get mew back then without cheating was during a event that gamefreak did but it only happened in japan