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Skyrim or wow?

14 answers · 1 day ago
i have some money saved up so i can either buy skyrim: the elder scrolls v , or i can get world of warcraft and i have only enough money to get on or the other.

Do vaccines cause autism?

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Just curious. If theres a certain game that I really cant figure out how to beat, like the first Zelda or Metroid is it bad to use gamefaqs? Or just in general is it cheating to use a walkthrough? Classic games and yet they are challenging to figure out.

How do you play the game?

19 answers · 3 days ago

500 GB storage, 2 TB external drive and 19 games (all popular) and 2 controllers?

Whats your thoughts guys? he did ask me about it and asked how much i was selling it for? their are a lot of games installed on it, red dead redemption 2 and gta 5 and black ops 4 for example

Best answer: Video games are good entertainment in short bursts for an hour now and again. I like to play Need for Speed most wanted with my son and Driver Parallel Lines, plus the old games like Super Mario Bros and Pacman.

Cuphead sexual contact?

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Is Fortnite dying?

36 answers · 1 week ago

Am I missing out by not playing them?

Skyrim or WoW?

24 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Skyrim, because you dont have to pay a monthly subscription. WoW is OK if you have a group to play with, but sucks to play alone.

Do you think this might he racist?

9 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: would that be racist? You should put "dark skin" or something of that nature because if you think about it, not every person with dark skin is black or african American. For example there are indian people with dark skin tones as well as spanish.

Best answer: I dont see any issues. I use porygon and gengar mysef. He is a really good tank. Im not familiar with garchomp or milotic, but I see both of them in competitive play quite often. Of course, the moves you put on them and the EVs and IVs make a difference, but it sounds like a well rounded team. Give it a go!

What is a good way to get beat up?

13 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Just walk up to the nearest police officer, and attempt to grab his/her gun. Alternatively, walk up to any gangbanger on the street, and tell him that you just had sex with his mother.

Best answer: Video game and computer game skill is hard to quantify. But some people can do things in games that most gamers could never fathom of doing. Want an example? Watch professionals play RTSs. Some of them average 400 commands per minute.