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Me and my boyfriend are both gamers, we are in a long distance relationship. We met online playing games and we just clicked, we are both in our 20's, I'm 20 he is 24. We play this game called Rainbow Six Siege, its a first person shooter game. Every time I lose the game for us, he loses his temper gets... show more

Best answer: Probably not, but we said the same thing about the U2.

Best answer: They can take my video games when they pry them from my dead cold hands.

Okay so I have bought 5 physical games for my Switch so far. But I know that digital games have their use because they don't take up space on the shelf, also it means I have less to carry with me when on the go. But digital games can't be sold (although I don't sell games unless they are plain awful),... show more

I haven't got a new game for my PS4 in 3 years I only have 3 games and I really want to buy a new game that is single player where I can spend hundreds of hours in it (no Fallout 4 and Skyrim please already have it on my PC) the games im planning to buy are Final Fantasy 15, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Horizon... show more

its not even like old resident evil games where you kill a bunch of zombies. its very different. imagine playing with a vr headset.

Best answer: I had an Exacta SLR camera when I was in college. It was a cool camera, it looked like an antique and it had features that were rare for a 35mm camera (like you could shoot part of a reel, then unscrew this knob and pull it and it dragged a knife across the film so you could develop part of a roll.) I sold it... show more

I admit I beat around the bush once in a while but it seems to be like my mom is trying to catch me doing it. Like she will stand out side my door and jus quickly open it and stuff. She also trys to sneAK up on me like if I'm in the basement she will slowly open the door as if she wants to see it live. ****** grodd show more

Is online shopping addicting?

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Best answer: addiction by any other name is still an addiction

Best answer: Honestly I think the best game I have ever played is mario odyssey. Right from the beginning it shoots you right from the ship into the stratosphere and the orchestrated music warms your heart and you can turn into a goomba, a hammer bro, a t-rex. The game is literally so perfect for any ages and I say without a... show more

Best answer: I'm not sure about offline MMOs but I know WoW has private servers. If you can find one with minimal people it would be basically like playing by yourself. Or start up your own private server, then you would be one hundred percent alone.

How best can you surprise me?

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Best answer: Blanka is coming up to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition today...

Best answer: It very much depends on the exploit. If it's something that's used to break/cripple the game in a way as to undermine the experience (ie duping in a loot based game), they hate it and it'll be patched. if it creates an unintentional play experience that's a positive one, it can be welcomed. Biggest... show more

How to read Pokemon's name?

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Best answer: Since Pokemon came from Japan, the names are a mixture of Japanese and English. For instance, Pikachu is Japanese, so it's pronounced like "Pee Kah Chew" In Japanese all vowels are short and there are no accents or tones. Squirtle is based on English, since it's "Squirt" plus... show more

I want to play all the Zelda games and I am not really up to date with Nintendo, except for the new Switch. What systems do I need to purchase in order to play all the Zelda games and how? Thanks.

Best answer: That's a long list. The DS lasted a long time and it was home to a number of really good titles (and some bad ones). I'm going to stick to games which were initially released on the DS. If I include the ports, several of which were better than the originals, there would be several more games. The... show more

Is Bioshock horror?

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Best answer: scared the **** out of me