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Whats the best bear and cougar protection?

12 answers · Hunting · 18 hours ago

Is a 38 and 380 bullet the same thing?

8 answers · Hunting · 20 hours ago

as far as shooting it goes. would you put some really hot rounds through it first, or gradually go up in pressures, if so what increments?

Best answer: Cougar you going have to aim at the shoulder where the heart or two or more to the head. You’ll just piss a bear off with a pistol but I’m sure it can be done. You can hit from long range, but there not made for The stopping power you need from distance to stop a bear. Pistol is more up close and personal and when... show more

Was i wrong not to use my handgun in the following scenario?

6 answers · Law Enforcement & Police · 20 hours ago
I saw a guy i knew walk up to my doorstep, and i knew it was gonna be trouble, since me and him have some serious beef together. In fact i told my wife to run upstairs and call the cops etc. I had no knowledge if he had a gun or any other weapon on him, therefore i kept my gun holstered. My reasoning was that if... show more

My wife has given me the rules to buy as many 22's as i want but I can't own two of the same caliber center fire guns. I can go into details about the deal however it is pointless and kind of personal. but I wanted to tel you all before the obvious one liner answer comes up. For the records, it's not... show more

43 Egyptian cartridge size?

6 answers · Hunting · 2 days ago

What's a good cooler for holding entire deer?

10 answers · Hunting · 5 days ago
Wondering what kind of cooler would be big enough to fit a deer

Best answer: October

I want to hunt at night with my pellet gun and I thought that putting a night vision or infrared scope on my pellet gun will help me hunt animals better.

Best answer: No solution to clean the meat. I carry a gallon of water to wash out the body cavity after gutting the deer. I hang it and skin it and let it hang for 3or4 days unless it is real warm out. If so Ill cut it up sooner. I can gut and skin a deer in less than a half hour. Deer meat is one of my favorite meats to eat. I... show more

Can you hunt bear with pellet guns?

17 answers · Hunting · 1 week ago
Best answer: Yes, you can hunt them with a switch if you please. I`d prefer a .454 if I lived in a place that had bears. The only bear I am hunting now is a Vermont teddy bear for the 14th to see if any magic happens.(both ways)

Will this fishing technique work?

10 answers · Fishing · 7 days ago
Since circle hooks are self setting could you tie line to it and then tie some sort of bobber or weight, tie it onto a tree branch on it and throw it out into the water so you can walk away and come back later to see if you have retrieved a fish? If you can could you tie a whole bunch of hooks onto it to catch a... show more

Have you ever skinned a rabbit?

15 answers · Hunting · 1 week ago
Best answer: Many times. It is very easy and simple. Rabbits are SO good for dinner also. See, how the one guy is holding the Rabbit up ? You can do the same using a tree. Break a branch off like a skewer and hang the Rabbit on that. I hang them head, or where the head was UP. That way you can split the hip bone, and begin... show more

Camping naked in sleeping bag. Why?

8 answers · Camping · 7 days ago
Best answer: I had a girl do that to me once, only at the part where your girl wasn't phased by your nudity, my girl's eye's popped out, she squeeled and we had wild sex all night. - the sleeping bag, the rest of the campground, in a tree, on a bear I get a lot of action

What rifle should Ruger release in 2019?

12 answers · Hunting · 1 week ago
A bolt action 77 series rifle chambered in 10mm or a 10/22 takedown type rifle chambered in 10mm?

Best answer: No it was right on time. It's not like it was a laser gun or a pulse rifle. It was an intermediate caliber. The Americans used an intermediate caliber throughout the entire war with the 30 Caliber Carbine. The 8mm Kurz was a more powerful cartridge than the 30 cal carbine but not by much. 15 grains heavier and... show more

Buy one or two Chilean Mauser Rifles?

6 answers · Hunting · 6 days ago
Best answer: Buy two. Fix up one and keep the other for later sale or to build a 7mm Sporter.