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Best answer: It's not weird. It's rare in today's societal perception of masculinity for men to be vocal about ANY hobbies percieved as feminine, but men that sew is not as unusual as one is led to believe. And you're not alone in the struggle of feeling like a swan in a flock of geese. In any hobby/activity... show more

Best answer: A 1930 penny? That could be worth up to $350,000. You should get that appraised right now!

Your hobby....?......?

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Is my 1971 2 pence coin valuble?

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I finally have more then 100 2-litter bottles, and have started to cut them open. now I have rolled up sheets of plastic. I originally thought about stapling them together, but the staples do not go thru 2 sheets of plastic. I wasted a lot of staples trying. Then I thought about model glue, since it is made for... show more

Best answer: Photo? That would help. From photos I see online I would use a rubber band at the end underneath the last bead. to hold them on. A real rubber band, not a hair band

I recently got a used electric guitar and amp. Well, my boyfriend suggested I clean it, but he didn t help with how. I m a beginner so I have no idea how to take care of a guitar or anything. Well, I did some searching online. Many articles said a wringed out wet rag. I tried. Looked... Ehh. I kept searching and... show more

the coin front side written in victoria di gratia 1845 and other side written in britaniar reg fid: def.

Can someone identify a coin for me?

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Best answer: That is a penny, the face is Aethelred II of Northumbria, who ruled from 976 to 1016.

I find that the pre-made sewing patterns never produce clothes that fit me the way I want, because my body measurements are very unusual. Does anyone know of any good books, videos, or guides that describe how I can use my personal body measurements to draw and cut my own custom sewing templates, so I can use them... show more

M Night Shymalan Funk Pop?

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When will they make a funko pop of m night shymalan? I know they make funko pops of directors, so when will they make one of m night shyamalan?

Best answer: Alcoholism is an addiction, not a hobby.

Best answer: are they actually worth that much? you need to get your cards graded if you want to sell them for that much. a card can look mint when its not, things like the wax being smudged or minor warping can ruin a card's value. and the most valuable cards are those never opened or those immediately placed in a... show more

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