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How do I thread a needle?

4 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: First, you should always snip off the end of the thread to make sure you have a clean edge. Then hold the thread in your left hand (if you're right handed) between your thumb and forefinger, so just the tiniest bit of the end of the thread is visible. Then you lay the needle onto the end of the thread so a... show more

I need the red vest because my employer requires it, and it has pockets for the medicines I need to take while I'm at work.

What should I do with a spoon rack?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
My neighbor gave me a spoon rack (you know, one of those racks that’s used to hold those little collectors spoons) and I want to do something with it, but I don’t know what. I tried googling it and looking on Pinterest and Etsy but all I could find was a jewelry holder, nail polish holder or old scarf holder, none... show more

How to forget someone?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
how to forget someone who you have been obsessed about for like 4 month.Don't tell me Get a new hobby because that someone was also my hobby. tx

Best answer: Make Sun Tea. Place Three Tea bags in a full jar of water. Place out in the hot sun for several hours. Then bring back inside, remove the tea bags. Serve the tea with ice and lemon.

Can anybody identify this coin?

4 answers · 3 weeks ago
It is a coin that I cannot find anywhere on the internet from 1873

Can you name any hobbies for me?

11 answers · 4 weeks ago
I m getting bored out of my brain being stuck in the house all day so I need some suggestions of hobbies. It can be absolutely anything, leaving the house or staying in, just please list as many as you think i would enjoy. (I m a 15 year old female, and I will try anything)

I need to use one for a craft but being a box is more expensive than just busting open a razor that costs pennies.

Whats the treatment for hoarding?

5 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Check out some of these links for getting help for hoarding (in your area, including groups, counselors, online and more). It can be almost impossible for many hoarders to deal with the problem on their own: https://www.google.com/search?q=help+for+hoarding (...but IGNORE the first few links on that page which... show more

What is your hobby?

19 answers · 1 month ago

So I’m going to a summer camp and the group I’m in is styles and publication, so basically the goal is to make crafts and sell them for more Than it costed to make them, and the buyers are other campers in other groups. Any ideas on what to make that’s cheap and popular?thanks in advance!

I was going through some of my granny's old junk and a few way old, weird looking quarters in a little wooden box that she saved for some reason. Gonna keep the box cause it's cool, but I don't care about the quarters. Should I give em to my little brother to spend at the store or just toss em or what ?

My mom found a silver penny?

7 answers · 1 month ago
so my mom found this silver penny, it says 1996, i believe. But its not like steel, its looks polished, any idea on what it is? we cant find anything on it.