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Im very bored what can i do?

5 answers · 1 week ago
im 20 and a guy at home from college, all my friends are busy. im bored and lonely :( what can i do

How to get glue from glass?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
I recently went to an auction and got a framed poster. What I didn't see, however, was that the paper with the lot number was GLUED onto the glass of the frame. I got the paper off, but there's still an unsightly blob of tough glue. How can I remove it without damaging the glass?

or is it still just 10 cents? if it matters she says the year on it is 1995

I am making a baby afghan and the pattern calls for fringe but I want to put a scalloped edge on it. I need instructions for the edging,please.

How much is 1904 penny?

9 answers · 4 weeks ago

I understand that the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin has the image of Queen Elizabeth II. When she is no longer queen, will the perceived value of the coin increase? Thank you

Best answer: If you eat less calories then you're supposed to be eating while only eating pizza then it could happen. But as stated before, your not getting all of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Your body needs real protein, fresh fruit and vegetables too. Here's some calorie counts for pizza in the link... show more

What if no one know how to craft?

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I always wear a lanyard with my keys and wallet on it, but I like to decorate it with buttons (i guess youd call them safety pin buttons) and with my everyday movement my buttons tend to come off without my noticing, what can I do to make sure it doesnt fall off? I cant just bend the needle because then it would be... show more

My current hobbies include: - Listening to music - Dancing - Boxing - Hiking - Photography - Video Gaming - Reading/Writing - Juggling - Taking care of my pet puppy My current interests I like to study include: - Vexillology (maps) - Cartography (flags) - Crime (Different types of crime and crime organisations) -... show more

What's your hobby? :)?

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Best answer: Travel - photography, sightseeing, trying local foods

I’m Scottish so money will obviously be different for some people than it is for me but whenever I get coppers (1 pence and 2 pence coins) I physically feel that I cannot keep them on my person so I just throw them away for some little kid to find (kids love finding coppers, for some reason). I can’t wrap my head... show more

Best answer: There's a website used by crafts people and artisans dedicated to identifying the right adhesive to bond two different substances. Its called ThisToThat.com, IIRC, and some of the art people I know swear by it. I'd trust what I saw there more than opinions of strangers, even though they may also be correct.

Need a hobby?

6 answers · 1 month ago
I’m in high school and I’m a sophomore and I’m also in cyber school which means I work from home and do work on a laptop. My mom knows I like it and I have good grades but I don’t do anything much besides sit in my room and sometimes have sleepovers with friends. I used to be on the school dance team but I went to... show more

I have always been an avid collector but I never shoot them at a range, I simply enjoy looking at them and comparing different ones to eachother.

What to wear to my first LARP?

4 answers · 1 month ago
I just recently got into larping and I dont have have any clothes that match with the fantasy or medieval LARPs. What are some cheap things I could get and or make to wear to my first larp?