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Shes trying to make me get it even though I don’t want to.Can she still make me get it even though I’m using my dads insurance? Can I just tell my doctor I don’t want it and they wont give it to me? The reason why I don’t want to get it because I’m afraid of it, they hurt and I’m not about to risk getting sick... show more

I'm not saying give up your cancer treatments and drugs, but many people that were terminal have cured cancer with RSO Some patients complain about sleeping to long, but I would rather sleep too much than suffer and die a early death.

I know it should be nonsense. Even as a believer in meditation and spiritual energy so far as healing i cannot see how homeopathy would work. I remember years ago i got some sleep aid. I found out later it was homeopathic and what that was. It did have an effect and I almost ended up in the hospital after mixing... show more

Best answer: Maybe with surgery of some sort

Best answer: Not being able to wear tights is ridiculous. Go to your doctor explain the situation and tell them you need a doctors note that allows you to wear compression stockings. They're sheer and look similar to panty hose, then wear the sheer tights and no one will question you at the school

And are their any side effects. thanks

Best answer: Shrug. I have no idea. In the olden days when we baked such brownies, we didn't do anything to the marijuana except make sure it was chopped about as fine a oregano. Oh, and pick out stems, which would not soften enough and could poke your gums.

Best answer: being a detergent it will dry your skin

Best answer: Ask your doctor for Antabuse.

Best answer: Ommm

Best answer: you won't get high on those

My dad has had trouble sleeping for about a month now and my family and I are running out of options. He s unable to fall asleep and stay asleep, as he keeps waking up in the middle of the night and is unable to fall asleep again. He s tried basically everything from melatonin pills to teas made for relaxation to... show more

Is my son using drugs?

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Best answer: RP143 is Lactase, which helps to digest dairy products, so is harmless. Weed is adefintiely a drug, and is harmful. It causes laziness, apathy, memory loss and it lowers intelligence. Ice, not ice cream is another word for meth, which is extremely dangerous to take. It wrecks people completely. I have interviewd... show more

Imagine if a woman can go up to being 60 70 or 80 years of age and keep their 24 year old body and 24 year old beauty?