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Best answer: Eh, it can be used for acid reflux, it works similar to tums, as it neutralizes some stomach acid... but for indigestion, that might be bad since you need the acid to digest your food- and should drink ginger tea instead. Baking soda water will not cure you.

Do I have to dilute tea tree oil?

6 answers · 2 days ago
I'm debating buying tea tree oil for redness on my face but I'm stressing about all this diluting ratio thing.. I just want to use it on it's own and I don't need much, just a dot on a couple of pimples. I guess I'm curious why I can't use it undiluted??

Best answer: No, don't do it. You'll get covered with insect bites, and you might trip over your wiener.

Concentration problems, balance problems, anxiety?

How do u remove ur own stomac?

10 answers · 1 week ago
i bled one a month and it hurts. i think it has somthing to do wih my stomac, and i think i sould get it remooved.

I am asking for concerns of odor outside.

Ketamine and alcohol?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
So I done ketamine for the first time the other day. I started off with 2 medium sized lines (I just felt ant drunk and giggly) and then drank a 1/4 L bottle of vodka about 1 hour later. 1 hour after this I had another medium sized line and I just completely collapsed and lost whole control over my body. I can’t... show more

Best answer: No they squeeze out of real babies using a special press!

Best answer: I hadn't thought about this in years, but strangely enough, it came to mind a few days ago. It had been so long ago since I've had hiccups that I had to actually think carefully about the cure. Just lean your head back and hold your mouth wide open (so that the throat opens and the little ball hanging at... show more

Can't I use stem-cells? Isn't there an immortality gene or something?

Which medical practice can give me natural anti-fungal for my skin problems. NHS don't do much and never found a cute or proper diagnosis and I'm taking homeopathic medicine but I want to go somewhere else. Chinese pharmacies don't sell antibiotics and all that and I also don't want to rely on... show more

Is there any herbal remedy to eliminate farts?