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Best answer: Turf wars. Drug dealers don't want too much competition.

Nazis encouraged abortion?

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Best answer: They called it cleansing the race. Margret Sanger was the founder of planned parenthood and she very publicly stated it was to cull the lesser races. Adolf Hitler used her as a model to implement some of his actions. And the stupid democrats swallow this hook, line and sinker.

i want to detox oxygen from my body. a year ago, i was really sick and i thought it was because there is this toxin called oxygen all around air. because of this, i have started wearing an oxygen mask to filter out the oxygen but i just got sick yesterday. how can i detox the oxygen ? will eating galena crystals... show more

Best answer: (1) 12 Herbal remedies for depression and anxiety (Click link below) :- (2) Faith in God removes all fears - By Saint Shri Sathya Sai Baba (Click link below) :-

Best answer: Trust me it can help a lot

I just invested in “ Spring Valley , Ultra triple strength, cranberry, 15,000 mg per capsule” how often should I take it,

Should I feel bad about doing Molly and pills? People say Ecstasy is safe, but is it really less destructive to society than Marijuana and Alcohol? I know all drugs are bad, but is Ecstasy the sort of drug that long term abuse causes death, or is that not true?

A woman mentioned some kind of fountain of youth water in Florida that was very healing. What's the most healing drinking water on Earth that can be bought in store or shipped to home?

Best answer: Im just floored by this question?!?You actually are concerned about a dirty crack pipe from the floor when you are smoking crack? Time to get your priorities in order

Best answer: Honey and Milk? Also, and this is just general advice, try always waking up at the same time, no matter when you go to sleep. Insomnia can often be caused by irregular sleeping schedule and that can be fixed by scheduling what time you wake up.

Does folk medicine actually work ?

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My friend pretty much only uses folk medicine to help fight colds and maintain a health immune system.

Best answer: If there were any one item so readily available in nature that could treat cancer then pharmaceutical companies would exterminate it. I suppose the "truth" is that a mixture of healthy eating, a positive attitude, along with a faith in the ability of your body to recover is all exceedingly better than... show more

Name some unique ways to relax?

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Best answer: I like watching clouds pass across the moon at night, miss that now I don;t have a convenient window in the bedroom these days.