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Best answer: Yes when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I used them for like two days. Then I flushed them down the toilet.

Honest answers. I know every bit about it, so theres no need to inform me.

Which is better? And by the way, it's a natural herbal kind of medicine, one a night no longer than one month.

Best answer: I honestly don't know what sort of intelligence a person who is a drug dealer has to have, but i have a friend who was a drug dealer all his life (he is in federal prison now, but didn't go until he was over sixty years old). Anyway, the funny thing is that his father was the sheriff in the county he... show more

What can help ?

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My boyfriend has been suffering from premature ejaculation for years now and seeing the doctor does not help . Does anyone know what can I do to help him? I have been reading in medsites about this Naturalis premature ejaculation treatment and would like to get it for him along with the penis enhancement treatment... show more

Do ssris affect testosterone?

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Best answer: No but I wish I could be. I live in a state that will never legalize it. The majority of voters want it to be legal but state officials use every trick in the book to keep it from being voted on.

Best answer: Marijuana has been studied since the 1960's. The main medical benefits are easing nausea and glaucoma, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxant, and moderate pain killer. One pharmaceutical company even makes a synthetic version called Sativex. Google turns up a wealth of information. I'll include a few... show more

Seems like everybody smokes weed these days from Young to old..I feel like an outsider because I choose to stay sober

Best answer: Depends how you feel at the time. Last year on Christmas Eve at our village open air carol service I had 3 cigarettes in 45 minutes.

I wish to eliminate my sexual-appetite. I read online that taking dandelion and/or vitex extract can me help do that. I ask because sex is against my religion. Advice Please.

I got snipped last year september, now my semen looks like water, before dat it looks like white strong Fluid.

Doses fleet enema cause gas?

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Can magnesium supplements kill you?

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Best answer: not normally......did you carefully bother to read the label ? it may take your body a bit of time to get used to it......there is a similar product on the market called BIOPLASMA it contains micro amouts of minerals basic to the body.......and that one recos to take 5 pills at a time, not to exceed 8 doses per... show more

Why do people smoke marijuana?

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It smells terrible.