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Best answer: Why would you allow her in. Even being friends with your mom. You are giving the message you are interested. Which is why she keeps coming back. You have not made it clear you are interested in her her religion. Which can be done politely. Don’t answer the door Answer the door and say sorry my mom isn’t home.... show more

Was this insensitive?

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I had a guest pass for 24 hour fitness and I met with the employee and when he was filling out which gender I am, he said, "Which gender are you? Both?" Then he laughed and said, "Just kidding." This was because my hair was really short at that time, like a boy.

I don't think it's offensive

Best answer: Never, when is it appropriate to say something that can get you fired for workplace harassment? What business is it of yours? Gee whiz, her appearance is changing, her clothes aren't fitting, maybe she needs someone to tell her something that she already knows?

So I work with this women who is about 15 years older than me and she is supposed too retire in about a year. Me and her do not get along very well. When my boss is on vacation I am the supervisor in the station that I work in and I have a lot extra duties to perform and she always thinks I am screwing around and... show more

I've been re-reading the Harry Potter series, and I've gotten totally addicted to English slang. I even make sure to say a new slang word every day at work. Yes, I understand that I am the only one who finds it funny, but I can't stop. My friends have even begged me to stop reading the series and have... show more

Best answer: Yes, it's an insult meaning your stupid. What to do? Nothing. The other worker has the right to not like you and say what he wants. You also have the right to say what you want. But other then talk, there is nothing you can or should do.

Is this wrong of me?

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A friend that lives 90 minutes away invited me to a church function. I said it was too far for me to attend a church thing. If it was for her or her family, I would’ve come. I hope you understand. Is this ok? She was also a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding

I've only applied online to many jobs on Indeed, and I haven't heard back from any. Can anyone recommend me places where they can hire me immediately? Is it better to apply online or somewhere else?

Best answer: say something to them directly,,,like, "hey, can you take that elsewhere? I am trying to concentrate..." or, "can you knock that crap out?" or, "Hey, can you go do your job---making sure people don't drown? or go to their manager and rat them out-they are too immature to be lifeguards.

How can you tell if someone is shy?

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Odd interaction at McDonalds?

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Best answer: Your face must have somehow looked familiar to this person, and hence his question to you. It is highly likely the intention was not to make you feel uncomfortable.

Was this okay to do?

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Today, I had a day off and my work called me in to work. I initially said that I was unable to come in. Then, they told me that one of my coworkers was sick. I went in and my boss thanked me and was very grateful that I arrived to help out. I just feel bad that I initially said no and then ended up coming in to... show more

So at my workplace, we have a company policy that when we need to take a personal phone call that we go to a balcony that we have; it's a small office, so this saves people having loud (annyoying) conversations. I have friends living overseas that I can only speak to on my lunchbreak (because of timezone... show more

Female who lives alone btw. Kinda ashamed

I texted back late, is this okay?

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My guy friend texted me happy birthday and I was sleeping in the morning and ended up texting back about 20 mins later, is this okay?

Yesterday I'm having lunch with my 7 year old son at Wendy's and sitting next to us were two nurses in their 30s or so. All of the sudden the one lets out a massive, I mean huge burp. No excuse me or nothing, all she did was laugh hysterically. I was expecting my son to laugh and he didn't... Instead he... show more