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Best answer: Of course. There is no difference.

Do I have a right to be angry?

24 answers · 2 days ago
A guy asked me out for dinner today at 7. I got all dressed up and ready. But then at 4 he texted me saying "sorry i'm hungover can we push it off to another time". I haven't responded. I'm really mad

Would this bother you? I was in a convenient store/truck stop. I put my cell phone on one counter and then turned around to get coffee. I never put my cell phone in my pocket cuz I don't want to scratch the camera lens. So anyway, there's another guy in the aisle talking to someone who works there. And the... show more

Best answer: Your boyfriend is both paranoid AND a whacko! He's certainly not "normal". Doesn't he realize that a waiter or waitress (regardless of their "size") in a busy restaurant doesn't have the time or the inclination to be eating something off a customer's plate? They're too busy... show more

I visited my aunt in Germany from U.S. and stayed with her for a fortnight. I paid for my own flight ticket, everything. I didn't tell her in advance. I called her at the airport and said, "Pick me up!" When I was with her and her family, she expected me to pay for gas, food,... show more

My neighbor saw me outside and walked onto my driveway at the very front of my house to talk. He took a cigarette and said that this is his only vice and proceeded to smoke. He never asked me if I minded. He knows that I don't smoke and that nobody in my household smokes. Would you have said anything to him... show more

My mom's boss invited me to her house for a Christmas dinner. There was plenty of delicious food. We all sat at the table and ate. My mom's boss and her husband asked me questions, and I replied with only one word and didn't ask any questions. I also didn't thank them for the food and for inviting... show more

Best answer: What if they're not mad? Far more likely! What if they didn't even notice? Nobody needs to be a prisoner to Facebook or ANY kind of social media. If people need to contact you desperately urgently they can pick up their phones and CALL you.

Best answer: Be disappointed, but don't let it ruin your day. Doing so, would give your father power over you.

Would you say I was rude?

18 answers · 4 days ago
So a girl was telling me about problems with her boyfriend and then I said ''80 years from now, both you and your boyfriend will be dead and it won't matter'' so she got mad and left. I wasn't even trying to be rude to be honest. Just saying it was not such a big deal.

Best answer: What assholes dont realize is that in the US, servers are paid below minimum wage, or not at all. When I served, I made no hourly wage. If i didnt get tipped, i was working for free. Think, even a shitty doctor or roofer or uber driver gets paid, so a shitty server deserves pay too. Unless a server straight up... show more

Best answer: It was, once upon a time, considered clever in The West to depict Asians as wearing thick glasses and having buck teeth. Prior to that, they were depicted with a long queue, wearing a dirty changshan (a onesie robe). If you were holding the chopsticks under your upper lip, it may have seemed to others that you... show more

This man I like, knows that I liked him for about a month. He didn't give a yes or no. I later reached out to him again and mentioned how we can talk about jobs and I told him how much I admire, adore and he inspires me and that I'm interested in him. His friend knows I like him. He agreed to get to know... show more

Best answer: You don't teach him a lesson. You grow up and realize your place is to do your job not his job. Your HR is correct. He had every right to get rid of someone who isn't performing to expectations and it isn't your business. Grow up.

Why do black people not tip?

8 answers · 2 days ago
before i get the racist comments, i myself am black. but i work in a restaurant so i make sure i tip when i go out because i know what its like. so therefore, how come so many black people that go out to eat never tip? ESPECIALLY during parties. i've seen it with my own eyes its a constant pattern. and they... show more

If a washroom was available most people would prefer the privacy and hygiene that it offers. But sometimes nature calls and there is no washroom. As embarrassing as it is to pop a squat, it's far better than wetting yourself then walking around in urine soaked garments.

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