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My sister has been really mean to my girlfriend over the course of our relationship. She has made me uninvite my girlfriend to things so I can bring her. She also deleted my girlfriend off of facebook then re-added her. My girlfriend is someone everyone normally loves and is very generous and kind. My family never... show more

My company just had a bunch of trash receptacles delivered. So since my female co-worker was walking in the area of the ladies restroom, I politely asked her to put the trash can [which I handed to her] in there. However, I didn’t ask if she was on her way there, as I didn’t want to sound like a perv. Therefore,... show more

Suppose this scenario unfolds: Mike: John, a few of us from the office are going out for drinks after work. You wanna come? John: No. Joe: ... but why? John: I don't want to. Would John be considered rude in this scenario?

How to get over being robbed?

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Best answer: Most people would feel angry and violated and annoyed - but there isn't anything you can do about it. Look at it this way - it was just $40 dollars worth of stuff, not your wallet or your child or your car.

that's in a place easy to find like in a drawer? I figure if my flatmates diary is unlocked and I can find easily in her drawers it public viewing. Is there no expectation of privacy surely?? Its too late if you've already started reading anyway huh?

Best answer: great fiction story , publish it , make money , look forward to seeing more of your work

If you are an insecure yahoo troll looking to tell off strangers online because you suck as a person, go elsewhere. This is a real question. When do we let things go and when is it OK to tell people how we feel? These offenses could be mild in one sense i.e. not running over our dog on purpose yet still jar us.

Best answer: Musical preferences are a matter of taste. If you dislike black music just because the people who make it are black, that's racist. If you dislike it just because it doesn't appeal to your musical tastes, that's fine. But I have to point out that black artists produce a lot of different kinds of... show more

Best answer: It's not. However, we could take a walk down history lane and look at the abuses of women by men that were considered "normal" for the past several thousand years.

Best answer: That's bloody rude! They might just as bloody well have said to ya: "Why don't you shut the **** up?!"

Best answer: Use the shower head or pour like a half a gallon of water

I was given a ticket to a wedding and invited my guest along as per etiquette rules. I now cannot go, so my guest was wanting to take someone else in my place with my ticket. I assume that's OK given its the same numbers. I did text the grooms dad a while back to say hi. but no further contact from them. So I... show more

I don't want to be rude or mean, but it really gets on my nerves when co-workers tell me what to do! Like, do it yourself if you feel it needs to get done. Don't tell me to do it. I know what needs to get done. I do my job. I'm not a lazy or new employee. What can I say? I want to tell my coworker in... show more

And do you normally apologise if you do swear in front of a woman or not?

And number As a next of kin? Then say after I wake up they cant take me home? I must have someone to pick me up.. or they wont do procedure.. I have noone and dont know what to do I Have no money either

Best answer: Why would you want to go to their home after they've treated you so terribly? Seriously. I would answer their ridiculous request with crickets and thank the universe for letting you off the hook for any obligation to deal with these crazy people. Let your husband know if he wants anything to do with his parents... show more

Best answer: It's probably is meant as an insult, but you should really take it as a compliment. There's nothing wrong with wearing pantsuits!

So my barber charges $11 for a haircut so naturally, I give him $15 as a 4 dollar tip. But lately I noticed when I give him cash with 20s he just takes the whole 20 Today when it happened for the 3rd time I said I just wanted to tip him $4 and he said, his work and time and effort is worth more than that so... show more

Was this an insult?

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In high school I was in an overseas international trip. I bought a bracelet when I was there and I wore it. When we were all in the plane, the teacher asked me, "Is that a bracelet?" I said, "Yes." She said, "I just thought it was a rubber band." I took that as an insult. Because she... show more