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Who is jesus?

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I will provide every scripture on the matter. Can you look at the scriptures and accurately report on who the scriptures say every knee will bow to? Any Christian can see this information and then give a reliable report on what the Word of God says. But can a JW also provide such a report? Can the Word of God flow... show more

Personally, neither evolution or creationism make much sense to me. Nor do I really care. Evolution doesn't make sense to me on the same degree as Adam and Eve.

Best answer: Refusing to accept the unlimited proof surrounding u doesn't destroy that proof. The fact that the sun rises every day, giving life and light to the world should be enough proof for anyone with half a brain. Ocean fossils being found on mountain tops clearly proves Noahs flood was true, which was caused by who?... show more

Best answer: No, a fair and honest dialouge

Will we be tortured after death?

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Best answer: What would be the objective in torturing somebody after death? The point of punishment is to improve people's behaviour. When somebody's brain is not functioning properly, it is liable to produce all sorts of strange phenomena.

Best answer: Freedom FROM religion only applies to government. We do NOT have the RIGHT to never hear "Merry Christmas" from greeter at Walmart. HOWEVER, Christians do NOT have a RIGHT to never hear us say, "Your religion is nonsense." AND we DO have a right to protest at a store that says "Merry... show more

marriage if I do this, am I? I mean, if a couple comes up to me and wants a cake, they've obviously made up their minds. It's not like my baking a cake is going to cause them to sin. And I don't routinely question every single person I do business with to make sure they comply with my religion. They can... show more

Best answer: I'm longing for the day macroevolution is proven

Atheists: what would you do?

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Your daughter is sick and is about to die. You took her to doctors but there is nothing they can do to heal her. You have heard that in a church of your neighborhood someone that suffered the same desease as your girl was miraculously healed. Will you give it a try and turn down your atheism pride and take your... show more

Is America a Christian Nation?

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Why did Jesus weep?

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What is the god of atheism?

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