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What is God's ultimate plan?

45 answers · 19 hours ago
Take a wild guess.

Who wrote the Bible?

138 answers · 3 days ago

Are Catholics really Christian?

74 answers · 1 day ago

Best answer: There is no need to defend truth. I will gladly explain it however, for anyone who is ignorant of it or confused about it.

I'm gay. I have no intention to be change. I want a family. I want someone to hold me. Someone to hold me. To claim as my own. And if I'm going to go to hell just to be 'happy' than why should I still worship God? Why should I continue to be a worship leader? The website developer? The a/t... show more

He says everything fun is a sin. :(

Best answer: I wouldn't say wrong, I wouldn't say right neither.

What is the one true religion?

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Best answer: Christianity, dear.

It almost makes it sound like the earth is a bad place

don't like to follow rules and should not be trusted. My first thought was that he must live in some terribly un-godforsaken part of the world where he never actually meets any atheists in order to be so ignorant about them, but perhaps it is the case that if one lives somewhere like the Bible belt one has to... show more