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Is atheism really a religion of peace?

65 answers · 16 hours ago

Is it a non-issue for you? Or does it anger you?

Best answer: God doesn't exist though.

I said " happy holidays " to a customer and she was all like " its merry christmas " so i said " right sorry can i get a name " then she said " sure merry christmas" so i wrote " happy Yule " on her cup. Sweet revenge.

Do you believe we have a soul?

48 answers · 2 days ago
Do animals have them too?

I remember hearing this 40 years ago!

He didn't boil to death and then explode when he left Earth's atmosphere?

Best answer: The Bible doesn't claim that Abraham told her of the demand. The story shouldn't be taken literally. There is a strong scholarly view that it represents the Jewish rejection of human -- and particularly child-- sacrifice to gods, something which was taking place in the Middle East at the time and with... show more