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i was really close to god , i love talking to him whenever i want to talk , i always feel he is beside me , whenever i have an issue directly think of him, talk to him about the problem, asking him to solve my problems, ask him for help ! actually my relation with god has been growth each year, but the point is... show more

Why is faith important?

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Is there a God?

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Considering the vast universe having a history of 14 billion years and small elementary particles, human beings or even a more advanced alien than human beings can’t make it. In fact, there is no reality if God doesn’t exist anyway.

Is G-d real?

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Best answer: God is not discernable

Why has God cursed me?

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The God of Abraham can be demonstrated to exist a priori and a posteriori on a basis of metaphysics, ontology, and modal logic. The same cannot be sad for deities like Zeus, because they exist corporeally and are dependent upon the reality of which they exist upon.

Poll: Do you believe in god?

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What do you think about Satan?

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Do you believe in God?

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Best answer: They DON"T read the Bible--that's the problem!!

Why contradict science?

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Best answer: Theists contradict Science because they have to. They need to divert attention away from the failures of everything that they base their beliefs on. After all ... the majority of that crap is more than 2,000 years old!

I have none and I'm looking for one. Thank you.

.does .god .exist?

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Best answer: ,only ,in ,stories

Is Jesus coming back?

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Why do atheists hate Billy Graham?

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