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It seems like it would take another million years for the earth to dry out plus it only took 40 days and 40 nights to flood the earth in noahs time

Why do people even make volcanos?

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my science teacher was teaching us about volcanos today & she told us that they can kill a lot of people & even wipe out entire cities. if that's true, why do people even make them? like screw you?? you killed a lot of people. what is the penalty for making a eruption? death? or just life in jail??

The solar radiation received on June 21 in Buffalo, New York 1005 W/m2, and the solar radiation received on the same day in Tasmania, Australia is 276 W/m2. Why the difference? Both cities are located at equal distances from the sun on this date, and these observations are consistent from year to year (on every... show more

A.fossils of sea animals were found on mountaintops. B.people believed all ground had to be underwater sometimes. one actually suggested that mountains were underwater. D.water is found on the sides of mountains.

Where can I find petrified turtles?

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Is the Ocean water blue or green?

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Best answer: Yes, it is. Tropical waters are relatively sterile and appear bright blue. In temperate oceans, the large plankton populations make it appear greenish.

Or better yet, just before eruption time, dig a big hole and hook up the equivalent of an unmeltable hose to the top. That way they would erupt back INTO the Earth, instead of spraying lava everywhere. This would be a lot of work, so only the active volcanoes in populated areas.

Best answer: Try this:: Why is Mt Everest getting higher?? When the results were compared to data from other GPS equipment around the mountain, researchers discovered that Everest is growing taller at a rate of up to 5 centimeters per year! ... The mountain grows as the Indian continental plate slams into Asia's, pushing... show more

Best answer: Yeah you better run inland as fast as you can possibly run! get to high ground and get to high ground fast when that happens there will be a tsunami in just a few minutes.

Plzz help would be forever happy?

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Best answer: 1. a Clay. it is the only substance that is not porous (allows water to seep through) of the four 2 Clay again Too much sand in the soil means the soil cannot contain the water

Best answer: In any case, these ships displace a volume of water equal to their own weight, so neither of them constitutes a "point source" of extra weight. The water either of them displaces is spread out over a wide area. Although I don't have any personal knowledge about it, the notion that "the largest... show more