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Why where does wind come from?

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Is it true the ocean is salty because of wale stuff from yeah?

What I mean is in the comments section we debate whether the earth is flat but you can take however long you want to to reply back. The time limit on the debate is until death. The debate topic may be changed after discussion but for now it can include flat earth/globe earth and geocentrism/copernican-keplerianism.... show more

How do I train my pet rock to sit?

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Best answer: This one is difficult, especially rocks. You wanna be nice, when it's standing on the ground just lightly tap it and say sit, when it sits give it lots of praise. Repeat until the rock sits without using your tapping.

Water is formed by putting hydrogen and oxygen together usually through the combustion of hydrogen with oxygen so where did all this free hydrogen and free oxygen come from? or where did all this water come from if it didn't come about by the combining of hydrogen and free oxygen

Best answer: The major cause is; People on dry land throwing plastic "rubbish" away. Things like plastic bottles abd plastic bags. Some of that stuff gets into rivers, and thence into the ocean. Check out this photo of Buriganga River in Bangladesh.

Is Australia actually upside down?

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If so, how haven't they fallen off the Earth yet?

Why does the universe shapeshift?

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Best answer: Atmospheric mirages are not shapeshifting.

Does it derive from Sunlight? Why should it be so hot at the center of the Earth?

Why is the sky blue?

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I never really understood this.

Best answer: about as long as it takes to suffocate-- CO2 is as necessary for respiration as oxygen.

What is Earth Science?

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Best answer: The self-policed genre called 'science' (that scams billions of tax dollars every year under the guise of grant money), stick their greedy noses into everything... Scientists want to be the be-all and end-all authority on EVERYTHING. They want to be treated like gods. They invent new terms to describe... show more

What do we do that is positive for the environment that isn’t a result of something negative humanity has done?

Best answer: It'd be too dark .

I mean something like a water proof Mars rover we could just drop at the location of the deepest parts of the ocean. Why would this be so complicated. As I said I know very little of deep sea exploration so this is really more of a curiosity question. Maybe deep sea exploration is hard to get the funding for?