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What will really happen? What areas will definitely be affected? If I live down in Florida or Louisiana will I be safe? How can we survive?

Best answer: Unlikely. Earthquakes under the Atlantic are very rare. The Atlantic basin is noted for it's relative absence of subduction zones. The last of what you can call a mega-tsunami to strike anywhere happened in 1755 when an estimated 8.6 magnitude earthquake struck about 100 miles off-shore of Portugal. In 1929,... show more

What is the size of earth?

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Is the Earth really flat?

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Best answer: For you -- yes, yes it is.

Throughout any given month, the maximum and minimum ocean tides follow a periodic pattern. Last year, at a certain location on the California coast, researchers recorded the height of low tide, with respect to sea level, each day during the month of July. The lowest low tide was first measured on July 11, at -1.4... show more

The water level in a resevior is?

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What is a glacier?

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Best answer: you're wearing a hoodie AND sun glasses !!!!!

Best answer: That second question is why we can't currently use said energy.

Best answer: No, your body wouldn't reach the temperature required to melt it since the energy would pass through you too quickly, hence why it's possible to survive being struck by lightning.

Is the earth flat??!!?

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i've lived in Colorado my entire life, and we have very distinct and unmistakable seasons. its absolutely beautiful up here in this temperamental bipolar state to the point that i cant pick a favorite season..... but that leaves me wondering what it is like living ON THE EQUATOR? doesnt the sun do a zig zag... show more

How smart was a trex?

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Best answer: T. rex has one of the biggest brains among all dinosaurs, but most dinosaurs are pea brains, so that does not mean that T. rex was very smart. It is dumber than a mouse. Further, T. rex has the biggest olfactory lobe of any dinosaur. The olfactory lobe is the part of the brain that is used for processing odors.... show more

Why is earth female?

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You've got mother earth. Gaia and Terra as well as many many others and all of them represent earth and all are female.

Out of Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Snow, Hurricanes, which is the easiest to survive? OR which one do you have the highest chance of surviving?