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Why is the sky blue?

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How large is the specific ocean?

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Best answer: Pacifically which one?

Can any life exist on Antarctica?

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Best answer: Frisbee.

Best answer: Yes, there are a lot of dormant seeds in even the driest of deserts. When it rains, the seeds germinate and the desert is covered with plants if there is enough water. They then grow and reproduce before they die. Life is very resilient. However, if water is too salty, as it is in the Dead Sea, then nothing will... show more

Best answer: Because in the 1950s they started using whale vomit

What causes Forest fores?

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Best answer: several causes arson, accidental (camp fire, lit cigarette) or on purpose lightning strike fallen power line

first clever question I've ever asked on yahoo answers but was watching a documentary about polar bears in the artic and there were mountains but the artic is just one big ice sheet? So how is there mountains made of rock on the ice?

Best answer: "earth" which includes all solid material. "water" is all liquids "air" is all gases "fire" is all plasmas

Why isn't the world getting bigger?

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After millions of years of trees and plants losing their leaves and dying, all going back into the earth, why isn't the world getting bigger?

There is a small fountain in a food park here and inside is a medium sized turtle. I was wondering how dangerous the water could be for the turtle because of the water condition

Best answer: I prefer humans use both. They are resources that can bring prosperity, wealth and assist the poor. We have 7 billion population today, without fossil fuels most of them would die.