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Best answer: “Let’s Love Lava”,“Learn to Love Lava”, “Lovely Lava”, “Life Loves Lava”, “Magnificent Magma”, The Virtues of Volcanoes”, “Virtuoso Volcanoes”, Volcanic Virtues”, “Creation, Not Destruction”.

Best answer: bipolar has several definitions. In the sense that it has two poles, yes.

What would happen if everybody had an ocean across the USA?

Like the title says I just want to know what this bead is made from. A stone, a crystal or fake.

Best answer: Well atheist science hero Carl Satan (the clue is in the name people) thought the Earth was a 'pale blue dot'. How people can fall for this bogus science is truly amazing when the truth is just a click away at Prof Ham's or Dr Comfort's websites.

Best answer: The Weather or the Sky will not help. You need to look at the ocean or a tide chart. If your real good you can relate the tides to the position of the Moon and the Sun. It's is the moons and suns gravity that causes the tides

By the way i am not a flat earther

Best answer: Actually the opposite. The quake relieved some tension in the fault and delayed the "big one"...

Megalodon/Marianas Trench?

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What if we built a pump or tube long enough to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Sent blood through it down to the bottom. What do you think would happen?

Best answer: Hurricaine, not cyclone. It may cool the top crust is a flow, but lava flows under the crust. It will make a lot of steam.