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Best answer: And so you shouldn't. Good luck with your cryptographic pursuits.

When do you factor out a negative?

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Best answer: If the term with an exponent 2 or more is negative factor out -1 as the expression becomes much easier to factor.

Best answer: Every time, sometimes twice per answer. Seems to vary with individual, for some unknown reason. I'm starting to hate storefronts, traffic lights, motorcycles, cars, hills, etc.

.29 for me.

Can you help me?

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A rectangular tank will have a square base and its volume will be 125 cubic meters. The cost per square meter for the base is $ 8.00 and for the sides it will be $ 4.00. Find the dimensions of the deposit for the cost of the material is the minimum!

Is 0+0=00?

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Best answer: They cannot be compared, because infinity is not a number.

Best answer: There will be one even number (2) in the sum, then the remaining 1,999,999 primes will be odd (because of they were even they'd have 2 as a factor and not be prime). The sum of an odd number of odd numbers will be odd. Adding 2 to that will not change the parity, so the final sum will still be odd.

I know that there is 7 then 7 and a half but what is after that and after that just before 8? Please help

How do you round 4.495?

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Best answer: The only thing that matters is the next digit. I assume you are rounding to the nearest whole number: 4.|495 The only thing that matters is the next digit immediately after the place you are rounding to: 4.|495 ....^ If that is *5* or higher, you round up, otherwise you do not. In either case, drop everything... show more

Solve for n. Verify your answers. [(3^n)^n x (3^n)^-1] / 81 = 1 The answer is n= -1, 4 but I don t know how to get to it?

Two buildings are 35m apart. From the top of the shorter building, the angle of depression to the base of the other is 47° and the angle of elevation to the top of it is 21°. Find the height of the taller building.

Best answer: Do you mean 2 + 3 = 5...odd 3 + 5 = 8 ..even 5 + 7 = 12... even 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 17...odd. So if you add ALL primes then because of 2 being the only even will always be odd.