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Will humanity survive indefinitely?

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Best answer: That's really a matter of opinion, we're long past the point where someone can be a great polymath and what counts as a great scientist? Someone who moves their field forward vastly or someone like Asimov (possibly the last great scientific polymath in an education sense) who taught and inspired millions in... show more

Best answer: Technically... yes. That is - time in *our* universe started at the same moment the universe was created... so, as we measure it, time has existed for as long as our universe has. That being said - it's possible there was something *before* our universe began - but... we'd have no way of detecting it. Yet. show more

I was staring out of my window at about 2am and there was one star that was fairly bright and I was looking at it for a few minutes when it suddenly started to shrink and shrink and then just disappear!! I was shocked, within about 10 seconds a perfectly bright star had completely vanished!! Could it have been a... show more

Best answer: That does not happen. The Earth orbits the Sun in one direction. Who gave you the idea that the Earth changes direction? Whoever it was, he/she is totally wrong.

Is there a type of phenomenon that can make the moon look blurry for a few minutes then pop right back to normal and also would it cause some shadows to not appear until after it was over. Also is there something that can cause stars to look like they disappear but then just reappear is there any type of... show more

Best answer: I donโ€™t believe god exist; but ancient people believe extraterrestrial ๐Ÿ‘ฝ aliens were gods. Not just Ancient alien theorists.

Best answer: Nope. Last time I checked, my telescope was still in perfect polar alignment.

Do you believe UFO's exist?

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Alpha Centauri

How does the earth keep spinning?

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Best answer: You're groping successfully towards the reason! The Earth isn't spinning on something, it's just in space, so there is no friction to slow and stop it. Exactly, if you spin a ball, it will eventually stop because of friction with something else. Same reason it's actually possible to send... show more

ive also been over 40,000 ft and nothing is curved, it kinda makes me think there might be something to the flat earth theory

Even the vehicle itself?

Best answer: oo Infinte

I am obsessed with the night sky! I loveee the stars. I dont study any of that..i wish i did ,but youll always catch me looking up at the moon & stars. Anyway, i recently noticed a very very very biggg star ...kinda looks redish. Sometimes its under the moon when the moon is where the star is. Im so like amazed... show more