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I can't find information anywhere, and my report is due tomorrow!

Best answer: If that truly did happen, events on Earth would be so overwhelming that no form of preparation would make any difference.

Best answer: NO. There are no neutron stars within 20 lightyears of the Solar System. And why, with eight planets, 179 moons and who knows how many dwarf planets and asteroids, Earth would be singled out. Strictly nutcase nonsense

Best answer: I'm sorry but where you got this ridiculous information baffles me. The nearest Neutron Star to Earth is located in the Ursa Minor Constellation and is nicknamed Calvera after the villain in the Magnificent Seven. It is between 250 and 1000 light years from the Earth. To even reach Earth it would take... show more

Best answer: It's not the multiverse theory; it's nothing more than the multiverse hypothesis. The idea of a multiverse is only speculation of what "could be" based on the appearance of multiple higher dimensions beyond the basic 3 + time in the mathematical equations of quantum physics and string theory... show more

the spiral shape due to angular velocity...

Best answer: In general terms, yes. Only a limited range of electromagnetic radiation can get through Earth's atmosphere clearly. Infrared and ultraviolet get through less well, and X-rays and gamma rays even less well than them (just as well as they are dangerous to life) There ARE infrared telescopes on the ground but... show more

Compare the size of Eris to Pluto?

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Eris: 2326 km Pluto: 2377km find relative difference

Carl Sagan or Snooki?

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I am currently gaining a bachelors in physics with an astronomy emphasis, but I really don t know what to do after I graduate. I ve always wanted to work for NASA and be an astrophysicist, but I feel like that sounds vague. What specific jobs are there? I know I can t do any of the big stuff with just a bachelors,... show more

Is universe or are universes?

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Best answer: The amount of light we get from an object diminishes with the squre of the distance. Twice as far = 4 times dimmer; three times as far = 9 times dimmer. The amount of light reflected by a planet depends on its distance from the Sun. Twice as far = it gets 1/4 of the light intensity; three times as far = it... show more