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Why is the sky orange?

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I want to go on a cruise onto Jupiter at which point I will be hopping from one moon to moon and on the way visit objects in asteroid belt. What should I pack for? Do I need light?

What date will we find aliens?

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I'm predicting July 21, 2023.

Best answer: No the Sun is And on Earth we have Bette Midler

Best answer: If it can’t be disproven then it’s a possibility. To think otherwise is very close-minded.

If sun's equivalent watts are placed on the ground, will it light up the entire cities? Or will it be so much light that people will become sick? Just an imaginary question.

An asteroid with its own moon, going 48000mph. So basically we won't see it?

Whats up: the sky?

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Best answer: Mars surface to low Mars orbit is around 4.3 km/s delta V, compared with 9.3 km/s for Earth surface to low Earth orbit. The first stage of the Saturn V rocket (~2500 t) by itself was able to give 2.7 km/s to the 736 t of stages 2 & 3 + payload. So, making a space vehicle able to do that is a known factor. But... show more

Why is the sky blue?

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