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Hi guys, my engineers team want to put our tiny private satellite into space. this satellite use android OS and 4G for communication, 12MP Camera, have solar panel and 3.3V li-ion rechargeable battery. it weight just about less than half kilogram. We planning to put it into space using drone until there's no... show more

If I Were Somehow transported to Mars right now, without any protection, how long would I live and what would be the cause of death?

I can’t find any pictures of the moon in color. I can only find old ones that are still in black and white. Why is that?

It is a misconception that the sun is yellow. It is actually white. Are all the stars this way... white, until their light passes through our atmosphere, and then we see them as colored?

I understand the directions would be different, but just standing on earth, would one be able to notice this difference?

Was it in fact technical problems with the fake TV feed, so they decided to cut the landing and re-script it as a dramatic escape from death?

Here’s my logic: if something is expanding, it must be smaller than what it is in in order to be able to continue expanding. So if this logic is applied to the universe (can it be applied to the universe?) then what is the universe in that is bigger than it so that it is able to expand continuously?

Best answer: The moon would cause double the amount of gravitational pull than it currently does, which could result in severe earthquakes and tsunamis across the earth, however, if moved double the distance away from the earth, nothing would be noticed.

Best answer: Not for a long time. Current activity is concentrated on the Moon and Mars and an Earth orbiting space station. After that, the moons of Jupiter would be next. Europa evidently vents water to the surface. Sites where that is happening would be of interest. The first step would be a satellite to map the surface of... show more