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What happen if we nuked the sun?

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Everything being created for man and all. Bonus: Would man finally bond together against aliens and stop hating each other?

Is the sky actually up?

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Best answer: It was Flash Gordon streaking across the sky to save the world. You are a previliged observer.

Basically, aliens who deserted whatever civilization they came from, came to earth (fallen angels) several thousand years ago, set up shop (one way trip), bred with early humans (elongated heads, not boarded) and built what’s now ruins (megaliths) and royal humans tried to mimic the look by wrapping and boarding... show more

Why is the sky blue?

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Do you believe in UFOs?

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What will happen in... 5 minutes?

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I ask this instead, for those of you who thought the 100 trillion quadrillion million million years question was a little too pointless, or esoteric.

Best answer: They might like him. Real aliens wouldn't have the powers Superman has, even if they are from a red star.