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What color shirt are you wearing?

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Which is better, shaving or waxing your legs?

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Waxing lasts longer but you have to wait for the hair to grow so long before you can wax again. With shaving, you can shave as soon as it starts growing back. Do you wax or shave your legs?

Whos prettier? Top girl or bottom? opinions?

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Agree or disagree: having good skin cost a lot of money?

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Do you buy second hand clothing?

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Best answer: Everyone would look great if they could hire stylists, colorists, personal trainers, makeup artists, lighting directors, and fan-holders. Most celebs look like any yayhoo off the street.

Is it normal for a teenage boy to paint his toenails.?

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Best answer: It's not common but some do it. If that is what you want to do, then do it, but be prepared for rude comments from the ignorant.

I've been modeling for since a teen and I am in my early 20's. I want to get signed by a legit modeling agency and get consistent gigs on a daily basis and break into acting. I have been signed to an agency that didn't do me any good and made money off me and I didn't get gigs on a daily basis and... show more

So I’m 16. I’ve been into tattoos pretty much my whole life. When I was younger, around 8, I was into Marilyn Manson and stuff like that, mainly because of wwe. Now I’m into rap and r&b. Anyways, I’ve always liked the way tattoos look. I don’t like when tattoos are just there like if you have one tattoo on your... show more

Would hooters hire me?

9 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 20 hours ago
I have some scars on my legs and I was wondering if their tights are thick enough to cover them.

What is your favorite perfume?

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Can i wear crop tops and two piece swimsuits?

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my tummy sticks out a bit, and i notice that most girls that wear crop tops and tight clothing are super skinny. what is your opinion for girls like me on wearing clothing that reveals their stomach?

What kind of underwear do you like to wear?

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Best answer: Under Armour 9" boxers

Do you like the lipgloss from fenty beauty?

9 answers · Makeup · 1 day ago
Best answer: No, its garbage like everything that rihanna touches.

Can I wear eyeliner without a wing?

9 answers · Makeup · 2 days ago
Best answer: Of course! Wings are optional, extra flair.