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Best answer: It depends on what the cause of your hip issue is, but seeing a physical therapist can also be super helpful. They can give you exercises that you can keep doing at home and you can maintain your progress yourself without having to see someone continually for the rest of your life for adjustments that may not last... show more

Toe got ran over by a car?

7 answers · Injuries · 1 day ago
I’m 16 and me and my friends were getting in the car after an NBA game and i got distracted and my friends mom accidentally ran over my toe. The weird thing is that it didnt hurt at all and even half an hour later only gives me a little discomfort. What should I do?

Could I Have Done Permanent Damage?

8 answers · Injuries · 2 days ago
When I was 16, I didn't like the hump on my nose so I used to press on it and massage it for long periods of time. One day, I was pressing really hard on it, and I felt something collapse inside. Immediately, my right nostril got blocked and caved in. Gradually my breathing got worse and I felt like I was... show more

I’m having surgery for my miserable Malalignment and even with one of my legs out, the Surgon wants me in a wheelchair for a month or two. What should i prepare for (other than stairs,) what are issues even temporary users face?

I was typically feeding this friendly and cute cat that loves to hang by our front door every single day but the cat accidentally clawed me and I started bleeding on my finger I immediately washed the cut afterwards and I even scrubbed it with a sponge.. should I be worried about any parasites or diseases the cut... show more

Best answer: Pay attention to his form when hes sleeping, lay straight and put a pilllow below his knees, that helps reduce lower back pain and abdominal as well, Excercise please, those that involved abs also work a little on lower back, Any Excercise that required you to moved your butt up and down Works on lower back, just... show more

How do I know if I have arthritis?

6 answers · Pain & Pain Management · 3 days ago
I broke my wrist when I was in middle school, so around the age of 12. I'm 17 years old now, and the wrist that was fractured has an achy, throbbing pain in it occasionally. The pain sometimes radiates from the wrist into my hand and fingers, or up into my forearm. It can make my hand and wrist feel kind of... show more

Is it safe for a 75 yrs old man to have a hardcore sex with a 25 yrs old woman...?

17 answers · Other - General Health Care · 5 days ago
Best answer: If it kills her it kills her

What things can cause chronic fatigue?

4 answers · Other - General Health Care · 15 hours ago
I'm only 21, but if I didn't have a job, I'd sleep for 18+ hours at a time. No matter how much sleep I get or when I go to sleep, I wake up absolutely exhausted, and it doesn't go away until I'm asleep again. What could this be

How painful is an emergency thoracotomy?

4 answers · Pain & Pain Management · 23 hours ago

Is it okay for me to have not visited a doctor since I was small?

4 answers · Other - General Health Care · 23 hours ago
I heard people take yearly checkups at the clinic/hospital but I have not done that for a very long time. I might have done it once or twice in my life when I was a kid in school or something like that but will I be in danger if I don't visit a doctor to get a checkup? If I have to get a checkup what should I... show more

Does this look broken to you?

5 answers · Injuries · 2 days ago
It is sore to move, very tender, weird red patch, swelling, hurts to touch and closing my fingers is a no go

Best answer: You are most likely very dehydrated from vomiting so much. Drink a lot of water today.

Orange stool and abdominal pains?

4 answers · Pain & Pain Management · 1 day ago
For the past 2 days I have had bright orange stool despite not eating anything orange lately (since that it what usually causes it) and on and off abdominal pains. Please help because I'm getting worried, and I could go to the doctor but I want to see if I can fix this myself first.

Porn and masterbation is bad for you. So why isn't sex?

14 answers · Other - General Health Care · 6 days ago
Porn and masterbation fills your brain with dopamine giving you a short burst of dopamine leaving your brain with lower dopamine levels for the next few days making you feel miserable, irritated and just life less enjoyable. (from the articles I have read) I'm trying to stop my porn addiction myself. But... show more

Should I smoke at home while watching BBC Songs of Praise with the kids?

9 answers · Other - General Health Care · 4 days ago
We are regular churchgoers but we don't have an evening service on a Sunday so we all sit on the sofa together and join in Songs Of Praise. My kids love singing the songs (words on screen), they are good singers and I usually smoke a cigarette while they are singing. It doesn't affect their singing and they... show more

Can I ask my health insurance provider to pay more?

5 answers · Other - General Health Care · 3 days ago
I went in to the ER and was diagnosed with a concussion. They gave me an OTC pain killer and talked to me, then sent me home. I now have a massive bill. Bluecross Blueshield covered a relatively small amount. I think if I m going to give them so much of my money, then they should actually cover things. Especially... show more