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Best answer: In most cases: No, Failure to file a return is considered simple negligence and is not a crime. When someone does not file a tax return the IRS runs a substitute return using the worst case assumptions and if they think the person owes money they start collections and if they think the person is going to get a... show more

I want to know if I need to file taxes. I made $4000.?

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Best answer: If you don't have enough money to pay the sales tax, You have to put it back and can't buy it. When you go shopping in states that have a sales tax, make sure you have more money than the items cost so you can pay the sales tax that is added on after everything is totaled up,.

Best answer: Only legal tender currency and postage stamps have 'face value'. Anything else is worth whatever two people decide between them it's worth. As far as deductibility goes, you deduct your actual cost.

I had to extend the filing of my taxes due to medical reasons. I know that there is no penalty if I request for an extension until Oct. 15 IF I am expecting a return. I am wondering if I will get penalized if I file a few days after October 15. I know, I know. Why would you push the filing of your taxes if you re... show more

Can I file taxes?

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I started a new job in the beginning of September. I was able to do 3 days of training, and then unfortunately Hurricane Florence hit and I haven’t been back in a month due to damages to our home. The check was only $78. Will I be able to file taxes this year? I also have a child that I would claim.

Best answer: Only if $21.5 trillion in National Debt is great and nobody in Middle class income has any desire to retire one day. National Debt increase rate is now $1.4 Trillion per year because of tax cuts on rich people and the companies they own. Only if you don't care about education for children and moving up to a... show more

What do you believe is a waste of tax payer money?

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Council tax UK?

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I’ve recently turned 18 (a few months ago) and I’ve never paid council tax. I live with my grandma who has a pension and is eligible for disability. I don’t understand how I pay it (I’ve never recieved a bill or anything) or if I need to? I’m really confused on how it all works etc. Any information would be really... show more

Why am I being undercharged on my federal income taxes?

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So far on the year I’ve made $58,000 gross, and I do have some tax allowances but still I have $56,000 taxable income. My concern is that at $38,000 I should have entered the 22 percent bracket, but I’m still being charged 12 percent. I like paying less taxes, but the issue is I’ll probably unexpectedly owe... show more

Single mother of 3 with a tax issue.?

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I received a court settlement in 2016 for $66k of which 24k went to attorneys at settlement and 19k went to medical bills. I just received a tax bill for 17k from the IRS and I have 30 days to respond. Any advice on what to do? Do I refile for that tax year? it looks like i m being taxed for the entire amount of... show more