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The irs owes me a refund what should I do?

9 answers · United States · 6 hours ago
I worked 2017 Nd did and had to pay taxes. i had a perzon help me with taxes and supposedly irs said they messed up filling it so mine has been under investigation for a while. they said should expect something end of may. well it 22nd and havent gotten anything back from them at all. i paid taxes and not my fault... show more

Can I collect on my mothers social security ?

34 answers · United States · 5 days ago
My mother passed away in 2004 and left absolutely nothing for me. No life insurance policy, no monetary assets, nothing. I was recently told that I may be eligible to receive benefits from her social security because she was in that age group to retire before she passed. So does anybody know if I may qualify ?? Any... show more

Are you afraid of an IRS scammer?

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Best answer: They don't care. They still think something will trickle down....... Eventually.

Best answer: Costing the taxpayer about thirty million pounds which could be spent on our third world roads and/or the NHS.

Overpayment of SSI received as a child..what to do?

7 answers · United States · 4 hours ago
Hello, I completed my tax return a couple months back and had my refund $639 (I worked part time and was a full time nursing student) taken by social security. Tbh I was in my last semester of school and literally didn’t have time to see what it was about (figured it was money I owed due to my job not withholding... show more

if someone is on installment plan monthly to pay irs if they cant make it that month but can make it a few days late what are penalties?

Best answer: Yes. You earned those benefits through working. It counts. Earnings averaging $1180 a month or more are considered to be substantial gainful work activity and eventually results in benefits being terminated. Of course you report that you started working like you are supposed to have. You can also download form... show more

Paying estimated taxes?

7 answers · United States · 3 days ago
Each quarter I calculate my income and how much tax I need to pay., I am selling a rental property and taking the cash, knowing I will pay a sizable capital gain. How do i do that on estimated taxes? Do I pay the capital gain in the quarter it was received, or can I pay this at the end of the year?

Would you like to earn a tax deduction on next years taxes?

6 answers · United States · 3 days ago

Is $600 a week good money for a 20 year old?

9 answers · United States · 5 days ago
I gross $602 a week. I’m 20. After taxes I net $508 a week. Work 42 hours at $14Hr. Stay at home with parents rent free, and live in Texas.

Employ paid just commission?

6 answers · United States · 3 days ago
Best answer: You are wrong. You can be paid commission on a W2. The caveat is that you still have to keep track of the number of hours you work. Your employer must pay you at least minimum wage for the number of hours. Even if you don't earn any commission that week, you still must be paid. They call it "draw... show more