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Is DVD becoming extinct?

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Do you like 1980's music?

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There is a person or persons falsely reporting people here on Yahoo for questions that do not violate the terms of service or the year rules of Yahoo or contain any bad language! Why is this person still allowed on Yahoo he is causing the community problems why will we all who not remove this person that is causing... show more

Name some bands whose debut albums are their best?

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I've read how people like Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Keira Knightley never sang before they had to do moveis (can't remember which was Streep's first musical film, Music and Lyrics; Begin Again) that required it, so does that mean that anyone can sing with enough training?

Why hasn't David Bowie made any new songs recently?

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He should do a comeback tour.

Lady Gaga....?

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Did you know that in Filipino language, "gaga" means a stupid female.

Best answer: Of course. It loses its novelty.

What is your favorite song by The Monkees?

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Best answer: Randy Scouse Git Last Train to Clarksville A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You Daily Nightly

Favorite singer.?

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My favorite singer is Freddie Mercury who’s yours.

Name a singer that sung the national anthem the best?

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Is Yahoo Answer lacking a proper user interface?

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Is This A Good Band?

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Best answer: The band was America and yes they were very good. That's one of their most popular songs but they had quite a few hits, including: Sister Golden Hair Tin Man Lonely People A Horse With No Name Sandman I Need You and more. Very popular... show more

Favourite Nirvana song?

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I like "You Know You're Right"

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