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Best answer: For me, it was The Ring Two But with time going, the impression has been fading and I don't consider it THAT scary anymore. Wrong Turn is rather disgusting than scary.

if possible list a few tq

Avengers: Infinity War

Best answer: Marvel

Best answer: Mm...depends on preference. I personally like the 2nd one better because at least he has more of an adventure in being out in the snow-ridden streets of NY, while in the first one he is just confined to that one house. I was more on the edge of my seat in the 2nd one.

Best answer: I hadn't been born when the first ones came out but I really enjoyed them when I saw them, and I liked the third one in the original trilogy best. More action, got on with it and the fuzzy bears were cute.

What's your favorite movie?

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Best answer: Gone with the Wind

What Is The Worst Movie Since 1960?

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Best answer: Battlefield Earth Waist Deep Get Rich or Die Tryin' Hard Target 2 Jackass: The Movie Jackass Number Two Jackass 3.5 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Hard Justice The Emoji Movie

Third Encounters Of The Kind movie?

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Cruise shop cereal killer?

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weird question i know but i was thinking of a good idea for a horror movie and was wondering if there has ever been a cereal killer on a cruise ship

Best answer: Paulie may be a made guy, but he still has to keep his underlings loyal if he wants to have them make him any money, and that requires treating them decently as long as they don't cross him or another made guy. Bear in mind that when Tommy is whacked for killing Billy Batts without permission, Paulie would... show more

For me it was Alice in Wonderland Second favourite was Avatar Third was Titanic Fourth was Green Mile

Best answer: i enjoy it. i have most of the marvel collection on Blu-ray. i'm hoping i get the last couple of films this holiday to finish it. i don't like it how they were just arguing among themselves for what it seemed the first half of the movie though.

Best answer: "Jaws"...the only monster movie ever nominated for Best Picture, and should have won.