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Which movie was better and why? I say John Wick!

Best answer: The original Halloween

Rank All The Rocky Movies?

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Do you love horror movies?

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Best answer: i love horror movies

I've got some unexpressed sadness, worry etc.. I need to get myself to cry. Movie suggestions? I know I’m super excited I mean what’s not to love about the Obama’s , they are truly amazing people n for me personally I find Michelle & Barack to be very classy people who conduct themselves in the best of manners &... show more

I dont watch them constantly but I just ordered the little bear movie on Amazon because I want to watch it. I love max & ruby and Oswald

Mine is either Showdown In Little Tokyo or The Punisher

Best answer: St. Vincent Payback

Movies that are really cheesy in one way or another, didn't do well with critics or the box office, but you still find them enjoyable. Here are mine in no particular order - Billy Madison Dude, Where's My Car? I, Spy (2002) Mission to Mars Starship Troopers

Best answer: Ariel: Sophie Turner Ursula: Cate Blanchett Vanessa (Ursula Human Form): Megan Fox King Triton: Anthony Hopkins Prince Eric: Chris Evans Grimsby: Ralph Fiennes Chef Louis: John C. Rielley Sebastian (Voice): Chiwitel Ejoifor Flounder (Voice): Ezra Miller Scuttle (Voice): Bill Murray

Do you watch old movies?

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Best answer: The producers are using the Fair Use laws which allow such references under the parody amendments. Examples of fair use in United States copyright law include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, and scholarship.

So my partner and I were arguing over which movie to watch, but the conversation came to a halt when we realized one of us has never seen Fight Club, and the other has never seen Terminator. Then we got to arguing, which one is more influential and should be watched first? Yes, we know its a disgrace that either... show more