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Best answer: No, I do not think public schools are public toilets, I strongly disagree with you on that. Public schools are a necessary tool for the educating of the vast majority of children in America, because most parents can not afford private schooling for their children. Public schools have many issues that can and should... show more

I recently got into dental hygiene school near where my parents live. tuition for the school is over $40,000 (that's ON TOP of the close to $15,000 i've already had to pay for to take the pre-requisites). anyways, its a full time program, i know that some people do work while in school and make it by taking... show more

My school didn’t hand out diplomas at graduation, we had to go to school in the days following the ceremony to pick up our diplomas. I kinda just put it off til my recruiter called me and told me I needed to bring it in for scanning tomorrow. Well I went today to get it, and nobody can find it! They looked thru all... show more

Which name do you like best?

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Alia or Layla, Alia pronounces Uh-lee-uh Also which do you like better for a middle name Alia Amy and Layla Brielle

Firstly, Malcolm is this guy at my college who trains as a boxer. He trains in it, very obsessed with it, and it appears to be his life. However, that doesn't mean jack **** because I play tackle football as well as rugby. Sometimes, I even do hockey, and I have been in plenty of fights that didn't involve... show more

Do I pass 6th Grade?

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My Report Card: 1st Quarter: English: C, 76 Science: B, 89 Spanish: A, 91 Art: A, 98 Math Honors: A, 92 Social Studies: C, 79 2nd Quarter: English: B, 88 Science: B, 84 Spanish: A, 95 Art: A, 99 Math Honors: A, 90 Social Studies: B, 88 3rd Quarter (I changed encores): English: C, 76 Science: B, 81 PE: B,... show more

School question any help please?

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I am planning to go on vacation almost all summer to visit family members and my children will miss the last week of school so my question is do I have to write a letter to the school saying they wont be going because we are leaving

Ok, so I am going to be a sophomore in high school, and due to the new-ness of high school itself, I didn’t do a sport as a freshman. But, I am pretty athletic as it is (I usually go walking and I work out a lot) and I used to play softball, so I do have some experience in sports itself. The thing is, I never did... show more

Best answer: Some people still think like that but I don't think they teach that anymore. Honestly, we are all humands no matter what color.

Best answer: Yes, you are free to do as you please. If you don't want to be friends with people you don't have to. Nothing says that once you make a friend you MUST be friends with them forever no matter what.

How does a.merican schools work?

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I'm not American, I'm just curious to know what a.merican schools are like on a daily basis. I watched the a.merican series "13 reasons", the American schools is also how N.etflix showed? In a.merican schools is there even this division between: athletes, nerds, shy, beautiful girls, goths, gays... show more

Best answer: You and about 70% of everyone.