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I feel that unionized government controlled public schools have a monopoly on education in this country. its not fair that private school kids get a inferior education just because their parents are right wing nut jobs. what do you guys think?

Besides for failing you obviously.

Can I wear an nra hat to school?

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I’m wondering wether or not it’ll be fine wearing an nra hat to school as I live in a very liberal state but here are my schools rules I don’t know if I should or not “Hats that display the following cannot be worn to school or any other school sponsored activity: offensive or obscene symbols, signs, slogans or... show more

My son is miserable in 10th grade in a public high school. He stole some shoes in November, was caught, and had in-school suspension. Citing the bad crowd he is running with, he says he wants to transfer schools and get away from the temptation. So, I am helping him apply to the local Catholic high school. (We... show more

Best answer: These kids are being used by the anti-gun lobby to pressure politicians.

Take math for example. A lot of people struggle with it. I failed many times and only passed (barely) because the school assigned a tutor to help me on tests. It made me feel stupid and embarrassed. Fast forward 5 years, I now have a great career without going to college that pays me nearly 6 figures. I realized... show more

My problem isn't school itself but how school is operated. No one seems to care enough about this and the fight seemed to end long ago. Firstly complaining about school is going to do nothing and i know this, your future is not going to wait and time is going to pass but why must school be the most... show more

Best answer: Not really. Why would veterans be anything special for this?? I'm x Army & 82nd abn. And I don't think I'd be all that suited for this job. Now maybe other vets feel differently, but then again, probably not.

Is this a run on sentence?

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Is it a run on sentence? if no, is it grammatically correct? He is notified of the action taken on previously reported murder cases the moment he logs in to the computer the next day when he comes to work.

How to deal with a bully?

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Best answer: So you just say " for god's sake, are you that obsessed with me? talk about someone else"

Help with my options?

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soo tomorrow i have an interview with a teacher about what i want to choose for my options and why. i want to do: triple science, health and social care and french i kinda need a bit of help because i’m not sure what to say about why i want to choose those subjects other than saying that i chose them because i... show more

My high school teacher encouraged us to walk out protest for gun control and preached her political views to us. I recorded this, and assumed that it was likely not something you were allowed to do as a teacher. I planned on taking the issue to the principal rather than the district, to resolve the problem, so the... show more

Please help!! for subjects!?

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I can't decide if i should do Legal Studies or Visual Communication Design?

My 6th grader and I are looking for middle schools she can go to next year, as 6th grade is the final year her current Montessori school goes up to. She is absolutely crazy about horses, but unfortunately she's reached her limit at the stable she rides at. They don't have what she needs to move up the... show more

How to change report card grade?

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I know I shouldn’t even try, but I have A’s in everything except a B in Earth Science and a C in Algebra II. I have always struggled in math and it really is just so hard for me. I still try my best though. I’m two points away from a B in Algebra II, and my parents are very strict. If I don’t make all good grades... show more