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Best answer: You can start a business right now with $0. No this isn’t a scam. Go knock on the door of twenty businesses in your town. Say you’re a social media wiz. You grow social media accounts and can drive more traffic to their store. You charge $500 a month to manage a social media account. Chances are, out of those... show more

I'm currently looking to start a bar and night club. What should I name my business? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY...

What are the steps to starting a buisness?

What business should I start?

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Best answer: Let's start with some wisdom in Frank La Pira's answer that's already posted here. I second his first three words: "Are you crazy?" You should realize that a lot of pushed entrepreneurs envy you. Second, what's missing, in your question, is what you are drawn to. You don't mention... show more

Best answer: I personally do not believe starting business with no money at all. You always need at least some amount of money. Yes, there are some business you can do with less money and some with big investment. Specially if you have any skills such as marketer, accountant, wood-worker, etc if you can start service based... show more

Its supposed to snow near me tomorrow and im supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow. I have to be at work at 6pm (i work retail) and i take the bus. Would stores be opened or closed?

How can I start a good business ?

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Best answer: Think about it. A locksmith does almost all of his work where whatever it is that's locked or needs locking is. That means people call him and he goes to houses and to businesses and does his work there, like wherever the locked door is that someone can't get open or wherever someone's doors are that... show more

Ex: you own the business.

He's my best friend and we have always talked about starting our own business and now I have recently bought a building that I plan to put my business in. My friend wants to join. He has no money to invest but we work good together and I'm sure I'm will need all the help I can get. I feel like I can... show more

My brother has an advertising business for years and doesn't have to leave to drive for work. When I drive home there is traffic due to rush hour and I wouldn't drive then if I didn't have to. I get tons of emails stating make big money working at home but more than likely are scams. For the most part... show more

Best answer: Thank you for requesting an answer to your question, "What is the best job titles for sales and business development?” In my experience, most sales people don’t concentrate on their title,. All they care about is the commission structure and the residuals. Business development people may have sales quotas and... show more

Best answer: First, you can avoid firing the employee for only so long so you are going to have to start earning that part of your pay. In the meantime, start by pulling them into your office so the conversation is private and have a meeting. Do not use the meeting to provide praise (that mutes the real message). Be honest... show more

I am the first-time business buyer. Not sure when to ask the seller to sign the noncompete agreement. Is it on the day I make an offer? Thanks.

is it better to start on amazon and ebay? any experienced dropshippers have any advice? i dont wanna sign up for some online courses or whatever i realize those are scams, i would like real info and insight please. i have a job now but would like additional income. thanks in advance.