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Best answer: They probably won't open it but maybe. Anyhow no sense in worrying over something over which you have no control - they will or they won't.

Best answer: Junglescout

Hello, Hope your day is going well. I plan to advertise my labor services Door-to-Door. I'm offering general housework: Cleaning around the house Car washing Window Washing Mini-blind cleaning Etc.. Pros: I'm on a tight budget. This is an affordable way gain local... show more

Best answer: Easy - you get a real job and with each paycheck, you pay back the people you stole the money from (yes, taking money and not completing the work on time and not offering a refund is stealing). Once you have a job, you explain to your ex-clients just what happened and you start refunding the money (wait until your... show more

I’ve been looking into it and I’ve heard basically nothing but good things about becoming a Dropshipper. What are your guys’ thoughts on it and which site should I use if any ?

Best answer: No, the issue is when you repeatedly make cash deposits in excess of $10k. You can have hundreds of thousands in your bank account with no problem...unless you deposited large cash amounts.

Best answer: You can at a flea market without a license, I don't know about a kiosk at a mall.

Staff gets sick and personal days but we are starting a new policy for excessive tardiness. The plan is to total the time of late arrivals and that time will be considered a personal day. I am letting them know I am documenting late arrivals and the acumulatedly time will be.... I m stuck there. Help!

Just wondering lol

Best answer: Morticians need at least an associate's degree in mortuary science, though some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree. Licensure is required for funeral directors and embalmers. Additionally, one to three years of apprenticeship experience is typically required by employers. I’d hate that job... show more

Is it legal to operate a business where you charge a client s credit card and in return they will receive the cash equivalent to what was charged minus a fee.