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I am currently researching into creating my own online clothing line which I would do from home, I know there is allot to go through before doing this but one thing that’s really bugging me and I cannot seem to find the answer is how do you manage your shopping of orders if you go on holiday or have a day off ect... show more

Best answer: The rate increase and the method you use in charging for the services you provide would be based on your clients. Are your clients primarily homeowners that reside in the house and you are doing the cleaning they would not want to perform? Hourly rates might work for this type of client. They might be accustom to... show more

Best answer: That would depend on where you live. Contact your local business license office affiliated with your city offices, and ask them.

Some time ago I got acrylic nails and they were done so poorly. All my fingers were bleeding and it was rushed. I did pay them, but if I hadn’t and just left, is that illegal?

How to focus when my boss is yelling?

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I work in a restaurant and our boss yells. ALOT. Especially when we mess up (occasionally). I get really emotional when he yells. How can I focus on my work?

I need a solution.?

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I need a solution. I a have an office, where my team is working. Next month I'm moving to another city, so I need to keep a contact with them by video. Is there any ideas, some cameras maybe. I need to speak with them at any time, and my team could see me and speak with me too.

What is dropshipping?

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Basically I make prints and paintings for my house all the time and my friends have told me to sell them, I understand that I could start a etsy or Instagram page but what the legal things behind it.. Like what would I need to do.. it would be on top of my full time job as just a side thing and wouldnt expect to... show more

Best answer: Making and selling jewelry or writing stories to be publisheds Selling baked goods Some family owned businesses or farmers markets will hire kids your age, If I about state laws. Dog walking/ grooming. Doing hand/ foot massage and manicures.

I childmind every week for this family and they pay me for the 2 and a half hourse. This week the mum of the child i mind said she would be out half an hour later and she payed for that extra time. Her husband then came back an hour early and so I could leave an hour earlier. I gave the husband an hours worth of... show more

Do I have a right to be upset?

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Best answer: You can have whatever emotional reaction you deem appropriate, but getting upset isn't going to accomplish anything. You're getting paid the amount you agreed to. If you think you deserve more, make your case at your next performance review. When negotiating a potential raise, an argument based on your... show more

So I can't get a job right now so I sell stuff to get by but all the stuff I sell doesn't get sold no metter how much I post it. Why don't people like buying things like dresses and shoes and a bra that hasn't been used for a good price?

Best answer: Two people can both be wrong and neither right. The Chinese takeout should be adding extras free to your order as a regular customer, and if asking for (ordering) a soda, you pay for it. If he or she chooses to say "no charge", it is the owner's perogative to do so as a customer incentive, but to... show more