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Best answer: It's some sort of MLM (multi-level marketing) deal. You spend a lot of time and sometimes quite of bit of money for very little return. These companies pay a lot of money to people that get other people to sign up. The first ones that get in can make quite a bit of money, but as the market gets saturated,... show more

I am working as a Business Development office for a Floor Plan Finance co. We finance inventory purchased by used car dealers. I am now on a w-2 pay scale but considering going on a 1099 reimbursement program. I am trying to figure what percentage of of the profits to the company I should charge for my services.... show more

Starting an online business?

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I was wondering as im not familiar in this field at all.. just a man with an idea, i was wondering what requirements i needed to launch my food product on the market as far as an online website to sell my branded ice cream. Can someone provide me the steps i need to take in order to copyright my brand etc. etc. do... show more

Best answer: Business Law one and two (you have to take them in different semesters) Finance I (you may have to take accounting 1 before they let you take this class) Or you can just buy the books and study them yourself. As a certified aircraft mechanic you certainly have the mathematics background to understand the stuff. ... show more

Best answer: Retail accepts anyone, and being management just means you stuck around longer than most.

Can you help name our business?

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Me & my sis are starting a craft business. We do personalized things.. like jewelry, key chains, door hangers, wood signs... a little bit of everything & we are having a hard time coming up with a name. HELP please?!

I’m not talking about a waiters tips. Just a normal tip jar amongst everyone. Can the business owner take any percentage of that?

What are the steps to start an eCommerce business?

I really want to get back in the workforce. I'm 40 and want to be productive. I don't have a degree and because of my disability I can't work with people. I'd prefer a position for someone with social anxiety and an introverted personality.

What capital goods, inventory, natural resources, and workers will I need to build a nice hotel?

Best answer: don't bother with an LLC you don't understand even what it is, if you want to operate a business that will include many things, you simply operate as a sole proprietor, if you choose to have different businesses, you submit a Sch C with the proper business code for each

Dealing with a skeptical customer?

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Best answer: Oh new huh? You don't tell them I don't know. because that suggests you don't know what is in your own food. It will not make you sick unless your allegeric to any of these ingredients..etc...reassure them you use qulity ingredients and cook your meat throughly

I'm 15 and when I'm willing to work my *** off to become rich when I'm older. I don't know where i can find a mentor, and how do I find my passion. I feel like business is my real passion but i have no knowledge on it. I'm not a slacker and I finish what I start.

Where do I find a fruitionist?

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Best answer: You do not find one, you become one...unless you happen to have a lot of money to pay someone to do your ideas for you. How do you BECOME one? - Theatrical production - First step...Write a script or Buy a script. How do you write a script? You get a book on script writing and you follow the instructions. ... show more

Selling altered clothing on Etsy?

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Would it be legal to, for example, buy a bunch of Hanes t-shirts from Walmart, embroider them and resell them on Etsy?