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Are tigers beautiful?

71 answers · Zoology · 2 days ago

How far can ghosts travel to be with their families?

22 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 days ago
My grandpa died a few months ago and we are sure his spirit is with us because we can feel his presence and smell the aftershave that he always wore. The strange thing is that we moved to another state before he died and he never even visited us here while he was alive. How did his spirit manage to make such a long... show more

Have you ever killed an animal accidentally?

29 answers · Zoology · 1 day ago

You ever been in Spain?

51 answers · Geography · 2 days ago

Is it impossible for a world wide flood to ever have happened, on Earth?

33 answers · Earth Sciences & Geology · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes, impossible. The land masses have moved a great deal but there has always been land. The land formed first and the water came later, much of it from icy comets. There is no evidence at all for the Biblical flood of about 2800 BCE (according to Answers in Genesis). There is no sign of it in Antarctic ice cores,... show more

Best answer: The fundamental problem here is that some folks have mistaken the invention of writing for the creation of the world. Turns out, they're not actually the same thing.

If 70 is 10 percent how much is 100 percent?

17 answers · Mathematics · 7 hours ago
nothing to add!

Why is there no science to prove the moon?

39 answers · Astronomy & Space · 2 days ago

Can too much astronomy be dangerous?

15 answers · Astronomy & Space · 15 hours ago

Best answer: The universe is eternal. Big bang, big crunch, big bang. It is limited in size, they reckon we can see about ten percent of it, based on some very dubious calculations, based on the light from where they think the big bang happened, or not long after that. However, I believe that when the stars burn out, they turn... show more

Speaking to spirits without ouija board and candles?

4 answers · Other - Science · 17 hours ago
so for the past couple nights some of my family (me included) have been experiencing some paranormal activity. some we recognize from previous experiences. we all are having our own experiences but they all seem to have happened around the same time. i want to try and speak to something in my house but i don't... show more

WHAT??!! 0^0 = 1??

5 answers · Mathematics · 19 hours ago
Okay, so for my whole life, I have learned that 0^0 is undefined. This is because it can be rewritten as: 0^0 = 0^(n-n) = 0^n / 0^n = 0 / 0 = undefined My standard TI-84 calculator says it is an error. However, according to my math teacher, it should technically be equal to 1 because x^x approaches 1 as x... show more

Climate change is working on being fixed, no? I worry a lot about climate change, and I can't seem to calm down.

Orbs or coincidence?

8 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 day ago
I attempted to take selfies with flash in the daylight the other day in the daylight, just to experiment and caught this strange pair of orbs. When I looked into the pic in gallery, it said I took it in '60-62 Belgrave Road, London'. I live in London too and I thought it could've been a mistake from my... show more

Is homo sapiens "special"?

12 answers · Biology · 8 hours ago

How to do 35.8 percent of 100 without a calculator?

16 answers · Mathematics · 1 day ago