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What kind of fruits should a diabetic eat?

12 answers · Diabetes · 2 days ago

Can having a thin blanket give you a cold?

7 answers · Infectious Diseases · 3 days ago
I’m visiting my boyfriend and he only gives me one thin blanket. It’s super cold outside and in his room. He said I can’t catch a cold from that, but my throat is super sore.

Does massive heart attacks mean heart problems?

10 answers · Heart Diseases · 2 days ago
I saw a wreck yesterday while I was at work and the parametric said the man had a massive heart attack. I'm 31 with no health problems or heart problems but my wife worries about everything when she hears bad news. She does have anxiety and is a bit hyperconderiac. I just wanted some information and oh my wife... show more

Why do conservatards deny Baron Von Trump's autism?

12 answers · Other - Diseases · 3 days ago
Best answer: His father ruined him

I got carbon monoxide in my mouth will I die?

11 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 3 days ago
Like 10 minutes ago and I can taste like a weird metallic taste

How do you get rid of bruises?

8 answers · Skin Conditions · 2 days ago

Should I Take An EKG Test? I Have High Blood Pressure?

5 answers · Heart Diseases · 8 hours ago

How to get rid of external hemorrhoids?

6 answers · Skin Conditions · 2 days ago

Cigarette burns when will they go away?

8 answers · Skin Conditions · 3 days ago
I burned myself with a cigarette pressing it hard and letting it sting until the sting sensation lessened... It's like a yellow pimple and I'm just wondering when it'll go away.


7 answers · Infectious Diseases · 3 days ago
I went to a third world country back in February. I have stomach pain occasionally; however I have seen worm like things in my stool once. I also have “seeds” in my stool every time I have a BM and when squeezed a tiny white thing comes out. Is this a parasite and if so what kind? Please help.

Extremely fatal! But i am just wondering. How would they treat the heart if the bullet went all the way through. And how would they treat the heart if the bullet was lodged in the heart?

Can kids get toe nail fungus?

5 answers · Skin Conditions · 10 hours ago
A 8 year old I know got some yellowish/brownish spot on her bottom corner of her toe nail and she said when she cuts her nails there a pile of hard stuff under her nail, is that fungus? If it is how can we get rid of it?

Which disease is now diagnosed young people now?

5 answers · Other - Diseases · 2 days ago

Can i stop accutane three days after i started it?

6 answers · Skin Conditions · 3 days ago
Best answer: It does have the side effects, it's basically vitamin A, which in large amounts causes birth defects and miscarriages. The worse is stopping you growing. Since you don't say if you are male or female or your age or where in the world you are, it's hard to give specific advice. Certainly you can stop... show more

Best stuff for allergic reactions?

4 answers · Allergies · 1 day ago

Best answer: 24.4 The really weird one is the 0.4 one though.

Is there something wrong with me?

7 answers · Other - Diseases · 4 days ago
Best answer: Your abdomen is distended Can you belch Can you fart If not then go to the ER