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What’s your favorite meal of the day?

96 answers · Cancer · 1 day ago

Do you prefer mustard or ketchup on your hotdog?

75 answers · Cancer · 1 day ago
I pick ketchup!

Whats Your Favorite Saying?

49 answers · Cancer · 1 day ago

Can you be without internet for one day?

212 answers · Cancer · 3 days ago
I doubt I can... I'm so weak!

How much do you think Trump actually weighs? 270, 285?

107 answers · Infectious Diseases · 4 days ago

Have you ever farted during sex?

6 answers · STDs · 19 hours ago
Best answer: I have smelled fart during oral sex!

Best answer: People like the idea of a lifeline, so they create those above themselves so they can reassure themselves that its God's Will in their life instead of random chance. By having a Supreme Being they can feel better about themselves and say it was God's will in their lives and not their own fault.

Have you ever had sex with a prostitute?

19 answers · Infectious Diseases · 3 days ago
Best answer: Nope, I value my health.

Why isnt there a cure for type 2 diabetes?

17 answers · Diabetes · 2 days ago

Why are so many people dying from the flu this year?

10 answers · Infectious Diseases · 11 hours ago
Best answer: There are multiple strains of the flu and each year researchers predict which strains of the flu will be most popular and they protect against those particular strains in the flu shot. This year the predictions were only 10% correct so the flu shot is not helping 90% of people.

Can I get Diabetes form only drinking diet soda's?

9 answers · Diabetes · 10 hours ago

Does stress causes type 2 diabetes?

13 answers · Diabetes · 3 days ago

Who is to blame for cancer?

10 answers · Cancer · 2 days ago
Who is to blame for cancer?

Best answer: Funny I thought they were solar winds reflecting off the Van Allen Belt

Drank my own pee?

9 answers · Other - Diseases · 2 days ago
I did accidentally drink my own pee ( don’t ask how) Am I in risk of getting sick? I feel sick but I think it’s just my mind cause I a med student and I know it’s supposed to be sterile.

Is the stomach flu similar to the regular flu?!?

17 answers · Infectious Diseases · 4 days ago

Do i have the flu?

6 answers · Infectious Diseases · 13 hours ago
dont worry i scheduled a doctors appointment so dont be rude dick heads about it. but anyways i woke up this morning and i had a really bad sore throat and at first i thought it kight be strep but then i started getting a very bad head ache and my whole body felt tired and weak and then i started getting really bad... show more