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Can cancer cause kidney failure?

8 answers · Cancer · 14 hours ago
My partners cousin is 34. She has terminal bowel cancer. She has been given months to live. But the problem she has now is her kidneys have failed (stage 5 kidney failure) Is this caused by the cancer? Or the treatment she had for cancer ? Is there nothing that can be done?

Do people with diabetes die young?

13 answers · Diabetes · 3 days ago

My right nut itches, best remedy?

7 answers · Skin Conditions · 10 hours ago

Google told me I have colon cancer please help!!!!!!!?

16 answers · Mental Health · 4 days ago
Best answer: Go see a doctor. There is a lot of information on Google- both good and bad, and that can be misinterpreted. The sooner you get to a real doctor who is looking at your particular issues, the better you will feel for knowing the truth. It may be that you have hemorrhoids and not cancer, and it may be that you are... show more

Brownish vomit?why my child doing strange brown vomit?

6 answers · Other - Diseases · 18 hours ago

Is Elizabeth Warren an infectious american?

10 answers · Infectious Diseases · 2 days ago

What do i do please help

Best answer: Having gone through both its worth it.

of horrible communicable disease like ebola! Who knows where these people's hands have been! Is it really worth risking your health eating food cooked by strangers?

What kind of rash is this???????

8 answers · Skin Conditions · 2 days ago
I have a rash that appeared about 4 or 5 days ago. It started just above my butt crack, around my tailbone and yesterday I noticed it started spreading and today it seems to have spread even more. Now it s going around to my stomach. It is very itch, but hurts when I scratch it or even touch it at times. I ve been... show more

How affective is chicken soup at curing colds?

6 answers · Infectious Diseases · 1 day ago
Best answer: Nothing really "cures" a cold except for time. Hot liquids, including chicken soup, can help ease the symptoms associated with a cold. And you'll be getting calories in your body to help your immune system fight the virus. Most colds last a week or two, so that you've been sick for a few days is... show more

I’m tired of this. What should I do?

6 answers · Heart Diseases · 14 hours ago
I’m 23, and I believe I have heart problems. For as long as I can remember, I have occasional skipped heartbeats. Some times they happen very rapidly at once and will continue for a few days, and then go away for some months sometimes even years. It’s been 3 months and they still haven’t gone away fully, the... show more

Best answer: you still don't have cancer

CT Scan , Cancer?

7 answers · Cancer · 2 days ago
Ive had CT Scan before 3 or 4 times, will I get cancer in the future like in 20 years? I asked from a doctor he said even only one time it can cause cancer, so im afraid about getting cancer in the future. they say one time of ct scan is like 430 times of x ray

Am I in danger with secondhand smoking?

8 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 3 days ago
Suppose I walk past a guy on the way to school, and I have to smell cigarette smoke from him each day. Am I in danger? Also, is it possible to crave tobacco from secondhand smoking?

Why is my scalp itchy?

7 answers · Skin Conditions · 2 days ago
My scalp is very itchy. I’ve had mu head skipped many times- no redness, lice, bugs. I can’t find figure out what is wrong.

Whats a poison that can make someone cough up blood?

6 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 2 days ago
Best answer: Warfarin would do it. It is an anticoagulant, and the person who took too much would likely start bleeding internally, including in the respiratory system and/or digestive system, and cough up blood. It is sold as a rat/mouse poison, and is also used medicinally to prevent thrombosis [dangerous blood clots]. As... show more

Can you get a very itchy anus/rectum from defecating a lot?

5 answers · Skin Conditions · 3 hours ago
I've been under a lot of stress recently and I get very bad IBS whenever I'm stressed out so I've been using my toilet A LOT today and now my butt won't stop itching.