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Are you in the mood to get drunk?

11 answers · Diabetes · 7 hours ago

Does putting anitseptic on skin before cutting make it heal faster?

11 answers · Skin Conditions · 18 hours ago

Hello, I have recently been getting pains in my left testicle. I’ve had a bump on the top of it for acouple months now, but it didn’t hurt until now. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s uncomfortable and I’m worried I might have something. Any ideas?

I'm 16 and scared of breast cancer?

11 answers · Cancer · 1 day ago
Best answer: You're very smart to be concerned about breast cancer even at a young age. Someone I loved very much died of breast cancer at the age of 26, so it's certainly not something limited only to older people. Breast cancer doesn't usually manifest itself as a red lump you can see; it's normally down... show more

Can you survive ebola?

7 answers · Infectious Diseases · 15 hours ago

Sugar level 158, do I have diabetes ?

9 answers · Diabetes · 2 days ago
I took an at home sugar test after drinking soda and it came out to be 158. Does this mean I have diabetes? I ate pretty bad throughout the day.

My resting heart rate is 102 bpm, should i be worried?

9 answers · Heart Diseases · 2 days ago
i'm a teenage girl. i'm under weight and i have anxiety. do i need to look into my heart rate?

What are some likely ways I could have gotten hepatitis from?

6 answers · Infectious Diseases · 1 day ago
Best answer: Hepatitis's an infectious disease of the Liver. There are several different kinds of Hepatitis and they are transmitted in many different ways. In some cases, the disease is transmitted by drinking contaminated water for example. Of course it could be something else so you need to not jump to wrong... show more

What is wrong with me?

8 answers · Infectious Diseases · 3 days ago
Today at school i got Nauses and i had to sit down, the koment i sat down i got a fever like i was sweating when it was 9°C after 30 min the fever went down then i started to freeze, i then got one huge stomac pain.

Best answer: I’m praying for you.

Which profession bring home the most bread?

8 answers · Heart Diseases · 2 days ago
i’m currently a cardiac surgeon and only bring home about 600 K. What is a side job to bring home more money?

Best answer: Classic treatment - toothpaste, rub on like it was lotion/cream at least a couple of times a day

Congestive heart failure?

5 answers · Heart Diseases · 1 day ago
Best answer: No one really knows for sure. actually her chances of survival are very good. Lat summer I went into the hospital for a triple bypass operation on my heart. When I pre-registered at the Hospital I was told to expect to stay in the ICU for 24 hours and go home after about 5 days. We then discussed a long... show more

The Dr refuses to refill my moms digoxin?

4 answers · Heart Diseases · 6 hours ago
The Dr refuses to refill my mom's digoxin heart med..He kept going on and on how vital the medication is to her health and heart he is new resident dr. We have told him she is out the medication for 6 days. She has been on this med 12 years along with other heart failure meds and we are at a loss why he keeps... show more

Is my eye color creepy?

10 answers · STDs · 6 days ago

Could I have kidney disease?

7 answers · Other - Diseases · 3 days ago
Hi guys, I've recently noticed that my urine is sometimes quite foamy. I'm a 17 year old male and in generally good health, maybe slightly overweight. But I get lots of exercise and eat quite healthily. Other than the foam I've been experiencing no other symptoms, maybe some more fatigue? But really... show more

I think before this has happened to me but a time before that I don’t recall. Also once I swallow listerine by accident and I think it made my nodes hurt. I do have symptoms of lymphoma and leukemia but for year now I have more symptoms but I haven’t really had a problem with my nodes until now Drank a natural... show more