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Is Mueller like a crooked cop?

14 answers · STDs · 1 day ago
A crooked cop knows how to frame someone. He charges anyone close to the target with unrelated crimes and then offers them a deal if they will be a false witness. That's how crooked cops put innocent men on death row.

I thought it was soy milk but it was cow. Help

Help do I need urgent care ?

8 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 3 days ago
I’ve been sick with a cold for about a week and a half . I’m still coughing up yellow mucus & when I blow my nose it comes out. Last night my throat started to hurt and now I can barely talk also when I cough it’s painful .

I was taking a shower and accidentally a snorted like a drop of shower water into my sinuses and it burned. My sinus started to feel infected, which is nothing new since I get a lot of sinus infections, but now I’ve convince myself that i got a brain eating amoeba. I’m a hypochondriac and have severe anxiety. I... show more

I did all my blood and hormone tests and they came out fine. I also get shortness of breath and sometimes my heart feels like it skips a couple of beats or t caught an air bubble ( like it’s burping lmao) for no reason, even when I am not stressed, tired, excited etc. What could it be like? I had a heart attack... show more

I have a metabolic disease called type 2 diabetes?

11 answers · Diabetes · 2 days ago
I'm freaking out

Blood pressure 123 /78 good or bad?

8 answers · Heart Diseases · 20 hours ago

Do you have an illness that is wrecking your life?

9 answers · Infectious Diseases · 6 hours ago

Lump in left armpit?

7 answers · Other - Health · 10 hours ago
Best answer: Another possibility is a blocked sweat gland or a benign cyst. Schedule a doctor appointment.

Note that I have a lot of sex. Unprotected/protected

Should I be mad at myself?

11 answers · Heart Diseases · 3 days ago
Best answer: Sounds like you are more likely frustrated with your limitations BECAUSE you have a heart condition, not because you were born prematurely. Anyhow, work with what you got. Enjoy in the successes and learn from your failures, due to your condition. Many people are stuck with medical limitations and learn how to... show more

How can you differentiate between cold and flu?

6 answers · Infectious Diseases · 6 hours ago