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Sry for bad pic is this light brown or dirt blonde?

13 answers · Infectious Diseases · 2 days ago
Best answer: It is dark blonde... What does it matter, honey? You look lovely...

I'm starting to look old?

8 answers · Skin Conditions · 9 hours ago
i'm 32 how do I accept aging?

How come doctors no longer use radiotherapy?

7 answers · Cancer · 10 hours ago

Can cancer cells show in blood tests?

13 answers · Cancer · 4 days ago

Marry my cousin?

10 answers · Other - Diseases · 2 days ago
*please don't judge* My mom is Moroccan/Canadian and my dad is middle eastern, My uncle which he's also Moroccan/canadian married a Lebanese women, me and my uncle's daughter always had a crush on each other since we were kids but as we grew and each went to a different state and we lost touch,... show more

Is there any point to life when you have chronic lyme disease?

7 answers · Infectious Diseases · 18 hours ago
Everything I read says it's incurable, and if you get the chronic form, you will be living in constant pain until the day you die. I've had it for 8 months, and its not getting better. doctors and many people don't even believe this disease exists, and I don't believe they will ever find a cure. We... show more

And is it likely to give me an infection if I put it in my ear after saltwater cleaning the earring

Best answer: Alcohol is not good for your health

Best answer: I am type 2 diabetic and as long as I stick to healthy eating and exercise I can keep my sugar levels normal and keep the diabetes as it is but if you don't it will affect your circulation and eyesight and you could eventually lose a leg, as for curing it in theory if you stick to The Newcastle Diet they claim... show more

https://youtu.be/JL1oDuvQR08 Just what you see. World renowned.

Could Horse flu cause an equine wipeout and end humanity?

11 answers · Infectious Diseases · 6 days ago
Best answer: The two parts of your question don’t follow, it might wipe out horses, but why would that affect humanity? We don’t need horses any more, well most of us don’t. As long as they keep their perversions to themselves we should be safe.

Is aging a disease?

5 answers · Skin Conditions · 1 hour ago

Question About Chest Pain That I Have Been Having?

5 answers · Heart Diseases · 1 day ago
I've been having chest pain for more than a year. I had 4 ecgs and an ultrasound of my heart a year ago. I have seen a cardiologist about a month ago and she believes that my chest pain is a muscuosekeltal problem. My family doctor also told me that my heart was fine before I visited the cardiologist. Am I... show more