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Do you believe Jesus had mary's DNA?

23 answers · Mental Health · 11 hours ago
If he did it that would be sick and dirty. That would jsut prove how dirty Jesus really is.

Many religious fundamentalists believe that public schools have a hidden agenda, that is, to teach homosexuality to children, to make kids lose their faith in God, and to make kids secular and atheistic. Is the above just mainly and purely ignorance?

Drinking alcohol?

13 answers · Mental Health · 17 hours ago
Is it okay to drink alcohol to make myself feel better? I have anxiety, depression, no friends, not close to any family member and don't have a boyfriend, I'm struggling to cope with life, can't get a job, I'm 18, I have no future, I have no level 2 or above qualifications as I failed GCSEs, I'm... show more

Which is the baby? The egg or the sperm?

11 answers · Mental Health · 12 hours ago

Hearing voices?

7 answers · Mental Health · 13 hours ago
I think I may be schizophrenic. I’ve explained why in previous posts. But no one seems to believe me. Granted I’ve only told two people in person. My best friend and my dad. My friend believes me entirely and thinks I should seek help. I told my dad about my suspicions years ago but he didn’t believe me. But since... show more

Eating 800 calories a day to lose fat good or bad?

12 answers · Diet & Fitness · 1 day ago

I’m done I can’t do this anymore?

16 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
Best answer: i feel the same way. i'm here for you if you ever wanna talk. my instagram is @annafulgham

Should i talk to my little brother?

16 answers · Men's Health · 2 days ago
My brother is turning nine in a month and I'm 14 our dad is out of our lives and i was wondering if i should give him the talk and how to masturbate and other stuff he has a little bit of hair on his legs and his voice is starting to crack sometimes should i give him the talk and what should i tell him like how... show more

Am I crazy? Please answer!?

6 answers · Mental Health · 16 hours ago
So I highly believe that I have some form of schizophrenia or psychosis. I believe demons are real and everywhere they come to my work to stalk me in the form of people and they want to hurt me or use me b/c of some special abilities I may have. I’ve stopped talking to friends/ family in fear that they might be... show more

What do you do when you are tired and you can't sleep?

16 answers · Mental Health · 13 hours ago
Best answer: take a sleeping pill

Why do people act like porn is so bad?

13 answers · STDs · 10 hours ago
Best answer: Because all it is is exaggerated, unrealistic, badly-acted perversion. It gives people false ideas of what real sex is like and corrupts very young children. No-one needs to see porn. I never, ever watch any. I have seen some but very little as it was just sick, nasty stuff. Not erotic at all.

Best answer: Simply the weight of the extra food and retained liquid. Everyone's body weight fluctuates a pound or two just based on the weight of the food and beverage they consume and the waste in their colon. If you increase the amount of food you eat, you will have more food and waste in your body, making it weigh... show more

Why can't I cure my anemia?

5 answers · Other - Diseases · 1 day ago
I've dealt with this condition for years. I've had it probably since I was a young teenager and I am 26 now. I've taken iron pills that never worked and I've switched pills that has felt like a hundred times, but still nothing works. I eat foods high in iron and even have meals and drink my pills... show more

Mens size question?

8 answers · Men's Health · 2 days ago
Best answer: You measure standing up from base to tip to get an accurate measurement.

That's right you read that right. I'm depressed because I don't have an effective lethal instantaneous way to off myself. I'm too scared to try belts and knives and I know that they won't kill you right away ans will **** you up real bad and still probably won't kill you.