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Is 500 calories a day bad?

60 answers · Diet & Fitness · 2 days ago
I'm a 16 year old female, 5'9, 128lbs. My goal weight is around 100lbs. Is 500 calories a day too much, too little, etc.?

What's the point of living?

17 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
I have no friends at school. The ones who say they are never come around wanting to do something or initiate a conversation. I always have to. I feel like a bother to everyone around me. On top of that, I'm mentally abused by a family member and nobody in my family stops it. I have depression but I don't... show more

I dont want to stop cutting?

7 answers · Pain & Pain Management · 8 hours ago
I know it's addictive and I've been cutting for a while like a year or two but i don't want to stop really my mom said if i don't she will take me to the hospital and i will have to stay a year, thats what they said at the other hospitali just got out. I know it's bad and stuff but i just want... show more

What is a healthy snack to eat?

25 answers · Diet & Fitness · 2 days ago

Even though I’m 25, they still don’t respect or treat me like an adult. I asked them grownup to grownup to please keep the subscription. Binge watching Netflix is the only thing I enjoy. They told me I should get my own account even though they know I’m unemployed and would never be able to tolerate spending 20... show more

I know lib leftists hate hearing false flags, but why arw side effects to medication so unheard of then? It's not even acknowledged, as if it's not possible.

Scared of penetration?

9 answers · Women's Health · 2 days ago
I’m a virgin. I’m absolutely terrified to have sex. The thought of something penetrating me makes me cringe. Especially my hymen braking. I’m crossing my legs while typing this. I only masturbate by clitoris, (which really isn’t doing it for me anymore). I can’t use a tampon because of this. Advice?

Best answer: Maybe she thought your hands were cold and needed warming.

What are the effects of smoking weed under 18?

10 answers · Respiratory Diseases · 5 hours ago
I have been consuming cannabis since the age 13 I am currently 15 I have done my fair share of research on the effects of this but with not enough study’s being done on it it’s hard to come up with a logical answer could someone let me know the real risks with factual evidence. Thanks

Does my boyfriend think im fat?

12 answers · Diet & Fitness · 19 hours ago
So I am 19 and weigh 120 pounds and im only 5 foot 3. I have a little bit of a belly -not a fat stomach but it's a bit pudgy. my boyfriend often touches my stomach and rubs it sometimes. do you think it's gross to rub a pudgy belly? do u think he thinks it too pudgy. any feedback is great thanks

How many cups of coffee do you drink?

30 answers · Diet & Fitness · 3 days ago
How many cups of coffee do you drink on a day when you have to go to work ?

Should I be afraid?

12 answers · Mental Health · 10 hours ago

Does drinking ice water actually burn calories?

9 answers · Diet & Fitness · 5 hours ago
Best answer: Drinking cold water absorbs heat from the body and it causes the body to expend energy due to muscle contractions needed to swallow the water, and peristaltic contractions triggered by an increased volume of fluid in the stomach and small intestines. There is a common fallacy that the cold temperature causes a... show more

Okay.. so last night my bf and I got a little frisky.. but qe qherw bothing wereing cloths. He had on some jogger (no way was he wearing underwear..), and i had on cotten unders and yoga pants. After we cot done I noticed a wet spot the size of a quarter on me. I decreatly looked to se if he had on but couldn't... show more

Could I lose weight if i exorcised?

10 answers · Diet & Fitness · 24 hours ago
Best answer: Only in spirit.