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Is it lawful to sit at a table and share eating with a cop? Thoughts?

8 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 13 hours ago

Why are smart phones so difficult to understand?

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Photography Question?

12 answers · Cameras · 5 days ago
Can someone recommend me a Nikon DSLR camera that is for beginners and is wishing a $800-$1300 price range? I have the Sony DSC- HX400V but I’ve tried t out so many different ways and the only time I get decent photos on it is when I take pictures during midday outside, but other than that, it takes pretty bad... show more

I noticed that so many high end modern phones have such low megapixel counts (12 mp on both the Galaxy S9 and iPhone Xs). The pictures taken do look nice but I ve had so many occasions where I try to zoom on those low megapixel images and they always become super blurry. How do those compare to a much older phone... show more

Are pay phones still in use anywhere in the US?

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Why am I getting these phone calls ?

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Every so often, I get a phone call . When I answer, I say "Hello !", and nobody at the other end says anything . Some of these phone calls come from inside my state, and some of them come from another state . My cell phone has a caller ID feature which lists all my incoming and outgoing phone calls . When... show more

I want to download music onto my mp3 player?

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I've had for at least 8-10 years. It was a Christmas present. Is the unit dying out? Do I need to replace it? Where can I find a new Magnavox VCR/DVD combo player? This is getting frustrating because I can't enjoy a movie. The DVD part has been freezing and skipping on and off for the last two to three... show more

How often do I clean the tv screen?

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Which smartphone would it be a smart thought for me to buy in 2018?

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How do I shoot B/W video on a Canon 70D?

6 answers · Cameras · 4 days ago
There is an option for Black and White in the filters menu in photo mode but I can't find anything when in video/recording mode.

Just imagine two monitors placed directly across eachother against the length of the room

Why does my MITSUBISHI M-VR400 RECEIVER pickup Ham Radio signals?

5 answers · Other - Electronics · 3 days ago
sometimes it just goes off of standby mode by itself and I can hear people talking on a ham radio on it. it's kind of annoying and i would like to know how to solve this problem. thanks

Best answer: Assuming it is the earbuds that are exhibiting an issue, it really kind of depends on the issue and what is not working about them. Could be wiring (which is usually the culprit most of the time). And alternatively the Jack where the earbuds go in (could be the next culprit), the earbuds (speaker portion) could... show more

This would be very handy when my electric scooter batteries dies when I m out and about. An eBay search turned up nothing. Just gave me a bunch of wall chargers. Am I using the wrong term? Are power banks not strong enough to handle a wall plug?