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when you got tv over the air, you could switch channels in less than a second. but with my xfinity, the current channel freezes for 5 whole seconds. Also, what makes tv so expensive to [roduce that it has to be nothing but commercials? What the hell am I paying the cable company for? Wasn't cable originally a... show more

So anyone have thoughts on DOOM eternal?

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No phone no possible to call 911?

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You're currently signed in with phone number?

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Is it possible to be born rich and famous?

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Best answer: Prince Charles. Princess William and Harry. etc. Royals are both rich and famous from birth.

Best answer: It means they havent deleted old voicemail messages and cant leave any more to them till they do

Can you somehow put a graphics card in a phone?

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work related? Otherwise, why do they need to use those damn phones so much? I just got my first cellphone a few months ago! I hardly ever use it because I like my landline phone much better. I've had my landline since the 1990s! Who really needs a cellphone??? I don't!

My microwave is only 700watts and my fridge is a large mini fridge not the teeny ones. Can I stack the microwave on top of my fridge and plug them both into the same outlet. The booklet says not to but they're so low powered and I only have a few outlets in my bedroom. I'm pretty sure everything is on... show more

Don’t get me wrong! I think 4K looks great but...I can’t tell a difference. I have a 55’ 4K TV, compared both Blu-ray and 4K, not much of a difference. Am I the only one?

How do people make phone calls with their laptops?

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Best answer: its called VOIP I use Obihai as my landline. I payed for the box once and its free for life as long as I have internet and a free callcentric account you can get multiple phone numbers with google voice It might have been simply screen sharing

Can you get iTunes on an iPhone?

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I want to listen to downloaded music rather than streaming

Apple Or Samsung?

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Found a turntable at some market for cheap, I don t know if it works. I m an absolute noob in this, but I connected it and it all spins a vinyl but only a very loud buzz is coming from the speakers. What do I need to add? A transformator? What is it called? How do I connect it?

What is best smart watch?

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Which smart phone is OK for routine use?

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You see, I m trying to find a universal remote that doesn t require codes (or anything stupid and convoluted like that) and had a button that s labeled "SET" (where you hold the button down). I also need it to work with a converter box.