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How do you feel about Asian with Americans name?

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Who's the president of USA?

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How does it work writing a autobiography using real names of people and places? What can be done and what can t? what do you need permission for and what not? also names of movies, famous people, famous restaurants and real people and where they live? thank you!!!

How come Americans think America Won WW2?

13 answers · History · 15 hours ago
wasn't it won by the British and Russians?

Which of these names do you like best?

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Juliet, Aurora, Malia, Hope, Ophelia, Mabel, Alexa, Jane, or Delia? I’ve been leaning towards Ophelia or Juliet. (It’s for a character in my story, I’m not naming a baby so feel free to simply say if they’re bad names :p). The character is a superhero, with a - of course - tragic backstory. She is a blonde teen... show more

Does Britain want America back?

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Best answer: Give people easy access to guns and the fact that most Americans are thick, it will keep happening.

Is every person an individual?

20 answers · Philosophy · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes, every person is.

How utterly embarrassing and debasing. God(s) is/are not real. If he/they were, he/they would have presented himself/themselves to the world by now. Religion is all fake superstitious nonsense invented by very primitive people to control other people for their own ends. Religion has been a very stagnating and... show more

Why do people deny the Holocaust?

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Why was Britain so backwards in the 50s?

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America already had decent cars, decent housing conditions, central heating, decent clothes yet Britain didn't have any of these until a lot later. Britain was seriously the laughing stock of the world back then. Other European countries were starting to get back on their feet again yet Britain looked as... show more

Who was the greatest u.s. president?

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Were The Oscars Homophobic?

8 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 hours ago
I wonder. Because with A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) all the main cast were nominated, and nearly all won Vivien Leigh won Best Actress, Karl Malden won Best Supporting Actor and Kim Hunter won Best Supporting Actress. The only actor to not win an Oscar was Marlon Brando, and he was gay It is a bit of a... show more

Reasons countries would split?

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Im writing a book, and without going into two much detail it has two main nations and I need a good reason those nations split into multiple countries, I need them to make sense in this fantasy scenario and be realistic.

Nazi Germany: A country freed from international Jewry, that fought to the death to defend itself. Soviet Union: A government run by the Jews, responsible for the murder of millions of Russians.

Best answer: After the first few hours of the collision of forces north and west of Gettysburg, no. After that it was simply that Meade held interior lines and all he had to do was wait for Lees attack, time was on his side not Lees. Meade had the only high ground around, he also had Lee outnumbered. So the outcome was a... show more