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What's something you can live without?

74 answers · Philosophy · 3 days ago
Best answer: Drama.

What matters?

19 answers · Philosophy · 21 hours ago

Best answer: Labels for events like these often come well after the fact and are not necessarily chosen by logic, there are many factors at play. During the first world war it wasn't called the first world war for example. As far as the Seven Years War itself, in some ways one could make a reasonable case that it was... show more

Why did the Romans become hedonistic?

9 answers · History · 1 day ago
I am currently reading the history of Rome and am just loving the marvelous stories and epic heroism of this great people. I am as far as the period after the conquest of Macedonia. These include the final war with Carthage, the war with Viriathus, and the also revolt in Macedonia. How my spirits were raised... show more

Is life meant to make us happy?

26 answers · Philosophy · 3 days ago
Best answer: Life is not "meant" to be anything, my friend.

Best answer: I disagree. If a person really wants something that should be sufficient motivation for them to find a way to get the desired results. That works for the self-motivation aspect, but I do not think the whole universe is out there helping to make it happen. At least not in my experiences. There are still plenty... show more

I'm tasked with writing a short story about anything but it has to have a powerful message about something important. What are some ideas?

Are we born to die OR Are we born to live?

13 answers · Philosophy · 17 hours ago

Name a book that has changed your life?

18 answers · Books & Authors · 2 days ago

Can I learn the Guitar without a teacher?

15 answers · Performing Arts · 1 day ago
I’ve been playing aucostic and electric guitar for 6 months. During these 6 months of learning without a teacher, I only played easy songs and solos. I barely know the chords, notes, scales and fingerstyles. But I’m so passionate about learning. Is there any way for me to learn the guitar without a teacher?

How would you sum up Hitler in 3 words?

79 answers · History · 5 days ago

I have tried to look this up, but I can't really find any information about there being any female reigning Muslim monarchs. Have there been any?

How to describe a fat person in a book?

27 answers · Books & Authors · 3 days ago
im writing a story and there is a 16 year old male whose fat. Most of his weight is probably from muscle, but hes not an insane bodybuilder or anything. How could I describe him?

How would i know if i have a spanish blood?

14 answers · Genealogy · 2 days ago

What is my cousin's kid to me?

13 answers · Genealogy · 1 day ago
So, my cousin is about to have a kid in a couple months. I was just curious as to what relation his kid would be to me.

Was nudity common in ancient Greece?

12 answers · History · 1 day ago
In ancient Greek society,was it acceptable to go naked in public?Also,what were there attitudes towards homo/bi sexuality?