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Backyard In my backyard the olive tree among the other trees that shade a failing lawn fends off the searing blaze of summer dawn much better that it did when it was young. Its leaves, back then, were few and far between on branches barely qualified as twigs that clawed the sky in subtle zags and zigs.... show more

I’m writing an essay for midsummer nights dream . And the prompt is “in A midsummer nights dream William Shakespeare explores many types of romantic love . Was Shakespeare a hopeless romantic who believed in love ? Or a cynical pessimist who believed true love doesn’t exist ? “So what i need help with is the thesis... show more

I wrote a poem for my boyfriend, is it any good?

5 answers · Poetry · 3 days ago
Here it is, it's called "Love You Always". In summertime, our love is evergreen, like buttercups floating in the breeze. In wintertime, our love is warm — it flutters from head to toes. If skies are blue, our love is joyful — two people dancing in the sun. If thunder rolls our love is strong, a... show more

Is the Holy Bible the most immoral book ever written?

17 answers · Books & Authors · 3 hours ago

Best answer: No

What do you think was the best invention?

37 answers · History · 2 days ago
I say bottled purified drinking water. Genius.

What did black people do?

18 answers · History · 17 hours ago
Best answer: 1. Gas Mask 2. Traffic Signal. 3. Blood Bank. 4. Open heart Surgery pioneer. 5. Invented an Automated Shoe Lasting Device 6. Improved Light Bulb 7. Invented an Early-version Torpedo. 8. Developed a Special Steamboat Propeller 9. Invented the Potato Chip 10. Measuring and Detected Ultraviolet Lights. 11.... show more

Best answer: We got an Apple II in the office early 1980s and then an all in one Apple Mac when it came out in 1984 at ludicrous expense. I got my own Apple Mac in 1993.

Was the planes on 911 an accident?

36 answers · History · 3 days ago
Best answer: Do you mean 'Did the planes accidentally fly into the Twin Towers ion the eleventh of September 2001?" to which the answer is 'No.'

Would the Axis have been able to win WW2 then?

Why did Japan lose WW2?

11 answers · History · 7 hours ago
Best answer: Your US correspondents would have you believe it was because of the US. The Allies defeated them.

Do you think reading books helps you to enrich your vocabulary?

12 answers · Books & Authors · 15 hours ago

Best answer: Attila the Hun, Genghiz Khan and Timur (in Europe Cromwell, Louis XIV and Napoleon; and in Asia Suleiman ibn Qutulmish, Mahmud of Ghazni and Alauddin Khalji, Chinese emperor Qianlong (1736-96); in the Americas Cortes and Pizarro; in Africa Leopold II) Stalin was as bad/ evil as Hitler.

Did every oriental Asian country originated from China?

10 answers · History · 10 hours ago

How was the 1980s for you?

25 answers · History · 3 days ago
This question is for anybody that lived through the 1980s. I have never really meant somebody that disliked that particular decade, How was it for you?