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What does nato stand for?

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Is joining the mafia worth it?

6 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: No

Will I Pass or Fail?

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ISIS cuts people's tongues out, cuts their eyes out, and burns people alive in cages for no reason. North Korean prison camps they beat people senseless, drown them, torture them, and give women forced abortions. How come the left doesn't care about these people? This is a way bigger problem than some... show more

Best answer: Yes; but quite possibly by Northern Ireland choosing to join the Republic and Scotland choosing independence from Great Britain in order to remain or re-enter the EU. England and Wales might well then follow as relative impoverishment compared to the rest of the EU becomes apparent. A timescale of 20 years or so... show more

Is Isis an ally of al qaeda?

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Best answer: The best answer is 'kind of'. They both hate Israel, the US and much of western civilization, and believe in the destruction of same. But that doesn't mean that each group would not stab the other one in the back without hesitation if they thought it was necessary.

As world resources of all kinds become more and more scarce, should there be an international organization (either existing or newly found) to take control over their use and possession?

Best answer: They only consider the here and now expense. Not the Fire Hazard. Fire Danger. The problem that a person should have to worry about with halogen bulbs is that they could potentially cause a fire in some cases. As you should know, they burn hotter than comparable incandescent or LED light bulbs. Because of this,... show more

I have a 2500 word essay for my Global Politics course due in 11 days regarding this issue. I would love to hear some opinions regarding it! Thanks in advance!

Best answer: That is typical of liberals, if they do not like what you say, they try to destroy your life.

Best answer: Keeping Germany "down" was never a goal of NATO, ever since 1955 and German rearmament, Germany has been a central keystone in the NATO force.

Best answer: Israel exists, but there's no reason it should not be a democracy. Israel has annexed the Golan Heights and controls Gaza and the West Bank by military force. Either it should withdraw to the borders recognised by the UN or it should give the vote to all the peoples it controls. If it did that, Jews would be... show more

Is Isis ally of al qaeda?

9 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: Yes.

Why did Wales vote to leave the EU?

6 answers · 3 months ago
I know why England did, but why did Wales vote to leave aswell? Just curious

What if EU is the enemy, not Russia?

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EU are mooches. At least Russia pays for its own defence. America must withdraw from NATO and force EU nations to defend themselves.