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What is the problem with Brexit?

7 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: In simple terms it'll screw the British economy. Half of Britian's trade is tied up with the EU, so how it leaves is important, it needs as close a free trade deal with the EU as possible to avoid a self inflicted recession. MPs are reluctant to go for a no deal simple Brexit for that reason but no trade... show more

Best answer: They wish to emulate the brutality of strictly enforced Sharia Law which bans abortion.

Best answer: Chinese characters are pictures and translation of a language based on letters and words to pictures based on imaging is difficult to do accurately. It probably improves over time. There are thousands of languages. No translator can cover all of them.

Best answer: Nothing as they rely on the west to remain in power.

Best answer: I blame home schooling!

Best answer: Based on what's been tried historically the system that appears to work the best is one that's a blend of capitalism and some socialized programs. The capitalism provides the capable with the income to pay into the socialized systems that support the incapable.

Best answer: Not given the idiots in charge. Brexit is a xenophobic pipe dream wanting to return to a time that no longer exists. England is free to engage in it, but London will suffer as a global centre, Scotland will rightly want to fûck off, and sectarian differences could reignite the troubles in Ireland. Given its... show more The deal that May worked out with the EU is likely designed to punish the British for leaving the EU and the only deal that the British can work out with the EU is one where the EU still as some control over the British.