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Would it be like another Vietnam like President Nicolas Maduro says?


Best answer: There is no country in the world that hasn't mistreated some group within it, or committed war crimes, or done something else less than exemplary. That is not excusing the US- we are trying, with a little success, to right the wrongs of the past. I know it isn't fast enough, and we have a lot more work to... show more

Best answer: Because it may distract from the fact that he is a traitor. Everything Trump says and does is directed to making people forget he is Putin's puppet.

Best answer: they will never admit to that in the same way as they will never admit that trump is a failure

Best answer: Brazil never joined and could never join, so they can't leave something they are not part of and the UK hasn't left but will in a few weeks time

Best answer: Rich white men are everything while the rest are being emasculated and put below stairs.

Best answer: I think they are, and it has got a lot worse over the last decade.

Best answer: Madness. There is no benefit to leaving the EU, only negative consequences. The UK should hold a second referendum but phrase the question this way: "Do you support the UK leaving the EU with no Brexit strategy in place?"

The british people voted to leave the EU. MPs voted to allow for a referendum to take place and the majority voted to leave. It seems MPs, banks and corporations seems to have a hand in curtailing the democractic process. Democracy isnt a tap you can turn on and off and when it suits you. So why dont we just leave... show more

Best answer: the UN is now Muslims ...........................................

Terrorists are always ready to die while killing Non muslims. A few suicide bomber kill many innocent people including children women. Those 3-4 terrrorists take lives of hundreds of innocent people before dying. If we don't use tit for tat tactics we can never finish them.

Do Americans agree with agenda 21?

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Best answer: To take away the rights of individuals in order to force your will on them is totalitarian. While you may consider it doing good or done with good intentions. If you are forced to kill or imprison millions that disagree with you to get your way then you are doing evil not good.

who is really in charge of this country and why are they causing its destruction? crime is out of control in city's, immigration is out of control...for me immigration is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed....there are far too many people coming into the country now and the infrastructure CANNOT... show more

Many British enjoy the benifits of being EU citizens in Spain, France etc. These benifits include tax deals, healthcare and ease of access. If Britain is no longer in the EU why should they benefit from these countries more than any other non EU national living there?