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Best answer: Nope - Class of 1960.

25 or 6 to 4?

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Best answer: I think it was 26 minutes to 4 AM. Waiting for the break of day Searching for something to say Dancing lights against the sky Giving up I close my eyes Sitting cross-legged on the floor 25 or 6 to 4 Staring blindly into space Getting up to splash my face Wanting just to stay awake Wondering how much I can... show more

Best answer: It's pathetic that those who support a plan don't want a vote on it. I Why bother?

Best answer: Libs are too greedy and cheap to pay Americans to work the farms .

Best answer: because people like to live in warm homes and drive their cars to work to earn money to put in their gas guzzling cars and buy groceries and merchandise from the stores (that are also warm), that deliver food and merchandise by gas guzzling trucks from farms and companies that use gas guzzling large farm equipment... show more

Do you recycle?

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Best answer: 30% green and 70% yellow....very pretty

Best answer: The one that has a restraining order against him?

Best answer: If you exist, you can live without power. Humans have done so for thousands of years. And, I lived through the blackout of 2003.

I'm sure solar panels are pretty expensive, but I know in the long run, it'd save us a lot. I don't know absolutely anything other than the basic usage of them. I'd really appreciate any help you have to offer! (I live in Ohio, USA, if it's important to anything)

Best answer: No, but I am certain I am right in saying that the world will no longer exist in 12 billion years from now.

Why is there life?

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I know plastic recycling is one option, but not all plastic is recyclable. And what about the disposing of recycled plastic?

Is recycling plastic a good idea?

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Can milk cartons be recycled?

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