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I spoke against the Holy Spirit in my head. I called Him names i shouldn't repeat. I wish i can undo it. I want Jesus to forgive me. I blaspheme everyday. It's a habitual sin. I just feel like I'm going to hell no matter what. I ask people what God tells them (because i no longer hear from God), like if... show more

i read an article about vendors in a park being banned from selling water in single use plastic bottles. what can they use instead? will they just use a water cooler and paper cups? require people to bring reusable bottles?

It's not like the water department is going to run out of water. The water you use just goes through the water cycle to be used again.

How to make a solar panel at home?

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Best answer: WHY should we as a country try to 'go green' when India AND China don't care ??? you gotta start SOMEWHERE !!

Best answer: In some cases it might help, but the success rate (in terms of adult trees produced per seed dropped) would most likely be low. There are a lot of considerations in reforestation schemes which should be, but often aren't considered: The soil: Is it suitable for the trees? Does it contain the right minerals,... show more

Best answer: Over all it is a very good idea. Why not make use of them? Anything we can throw in will make no difference to air pollution compared to the volcano itself. But difficult to get the garbage to the volcano. Dropping from planes very expensive.

This stuff is just bad for the environment.

Best answer: Because contrary to popular belief.....the very act of recycling all that plastic........creates, among other things.........air pollution and industrial waste. And many places that *claim* to recycle, have been caught just dumping the stuff in landfills.......or worse, just dumping it at sea. A country like... show more