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Best answer: Currently, Macron and his policies have the biggest of them all. How ironic is that!

Best answer: So long as you burn yourself along with it

Living alone and paying $70 seems ridiculous. Theres no way a 5 family house would be paying $350 so whats with all these charges, why don t they correspond to usage. would that just make to much sense?

I'm jobless and I do scrap metal to make extra money like copper, aluminum etc. A lot of people here don't recycle because the nearest facility is in another town. How can I convince local people to give me their old appliances, electronics, etc to help me out with getting extra money? They're not gonna... show more

Best answer: Well all your question demonstrates is that you have a very weird idea of what makes a pure person. Obviously serial adultery, abandoning wives and children, paying porn starts not to reveal his sordid affairs, having more than 20 women accusing him of sexual assault, sexual assault, something he boasted about... show more

Would it be possible in Oregon , to find an area where you could build a shack and live off grid? And even grow a small garden. Any tips or personal experience doing this sort of thing would be appreciated.

Best answer: Probably not. Renewable, or Green energy now is about 11 percent of the country's current output and the demand for energy is too much to meet using only renewables. A good mix of energy sources in the future would be something like 80/20 fossil fuels to Green energy.

Best answer: No. Thermometers don't have political beliefs. Thermometers do not have beliefs at all. They can only tell you the temperature.

Best answer: Yes. Tarantulas, while poisonous, are not aggressive. Don't threaten them by cornering or appearing to want to harm them and they will leave you alone. A tarantula bite has never been reported as the cause of death for a healthy human. Lots of people keep them as pets and let them crawl on their arms and... show more