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I need glasses badly.?

8 answers · 4 days ago
Hi, I am a 15 year old female. I am in 9th grade and for the last few months I have had trouble seeing the board, power point presentations and overhead in my classes. I sit towards the back in a few classes and have to squint to see. I try not to let others notice me squinting and do it when the teacher is not... show more

Wearing someone else’s contacts?

6 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: A few days should not be a problem if they are comfortable. It is a bad idea to do this on a long term basis instead of getting contacts prescribed for you.

Best answer: i would ask your eye doctor or a pharnacist about it, they would know

So, i wear contacts. The right one is SLIGHTY ripped. Is it okay if I still wear it???

I have a phobia of staring at images and pictures of the sun because I’m scared to blind myself. Help!

Best answer: Don`t feel embarrassed, the only person`s opinions that matter is your own, doesn`t matter what anyone else thinks, if you feel good about yourself wearing them, that`s all it matters

Best answer: No you can't you idiot! No phone. No computer. No internet. No tv It will strain your eyes. Dont read anything either. Try not to be too hungover. Even coffee can have a crash effect.

To be honest ,the myopia is become increasingly prevalent among young people ,what's more ,I have had 8 Diopter ,recently I watched a video about how to reverse the video ,because I suffered from high myopia for many years ,Now I'm 31 ,and worry that I may experience the eye floater ,retinal detachments... show more

Best answer: You can't do anything to make them look stronger. You could, however, stop letting people try on your glasses. You could carry a copy of your glasses prescription and show it to them saying, "Well here is how they were made." And easiest of all, you could stop worrying about what other people say or... show more

Best answer: Because spiritual sight appears to be nothing more than imagination. Visual sight can be demonstrated to be based on reality, because different sighted people will describe the same scene in approximately the same way. People of different religious beliefs use their spiritual sight to see completely contradictory... show more

What color eyes do i have?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
I cant tell if theyre grey or blue

Best answer: Make yourself a cup of coffee.

I know that we have to close our eyes before getting into “ sleep cycle” to keep irritants and other dust particles from getting into the eyes, to lubricate them and in order to provide dark conditions suitable for relaxing and getting sleep, but lets suppose that we put something similar to a cover around each... show more

I got soap in my eye?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
I got soap in my eye like a week ago and I didn t really flush it out right away because I couldn t at the time. But my eye is still showing that the soap is bothering it? Can soap cause permanent damage to it? its just a little blood shot and sometimes feels like there s something on my eye like an eyelash when... show more

Best answer: you should only do that if you want too

Do I have pink eye?

7 answers · 3 weeks ago
My eye isn't viscous or slimy. But it's extremely painful. Wind is horrible, bright light is horrible. Not to brag but I'm a f*ckin beast. I push myself to extremes all the time, and have a high pain tolerance. So I just find it hard to believe a kid can deal with this kind of pain. Yes my eye is... show more