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I m 19 and I have a lazy eye. Is there a way to fix it in adults. Some websites say it can be fixed with adults and some say it can t. Can it be fixed with eye exercises? I ve heard Atropine eye drops can help to fix lazy eye. Will my doctor prescribe me with them? Can I go to my local doctor for my lazy eye or... show more

Am I going to go blind?

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I am really concerned because I was taking a picture of my eye for a project then the flash was on. I just didn't care and wanted the video but then realized how stupid it was to leave the flash on and hold it in direct contact for 5-10 seconds. Is anything going to happen. Could I possibility be going blind?

Best answer: No. Myopia is caused by the shape of the eyeball. It does tend to get worse through the teen years, and then level out.

My grandma lost vision in the middle of her left eye and the right side of her right eye due to retinal bleeds. Is there anyway to fix this? Like a special type of glasses? She used to be able to drive and now I’m sad because she can’t.

She managed to break her glasses at a friend's house and now claims her eyesight is too bad for her to see anything in the classroom. She's also out of contacts! I wear contacts myself and my prescription is -0.75. Hers are -3.25 and her glasses are quite a bit chunkier than my own. I'm pretty sure... show more

Best answer: Never heard of this in the UK. Specsavers are usually good I use them. I think you must have misheard.

Best answer: ay fool dats from not getting yo vaccine yo

Best answer: The causes of myopia are still under investigation. I am sure that there were myopic people back in the days before vision correction was widely available. There were probably fewer of them. Controlled studies have found that myopia is less likely if you spend more time outside during the time that myopia develops.... show more

My mom just ordered my contact lenses today and she said it probably won't be here until another 5-7 days.

Is my eye prescription bad?

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Best answer: Why did your mom yell at you? It's not like that was your fault. She probably just doesn't want to pay for glasses.

if I just pick a random one, If i don't know?

Is this normal? Please answer....?

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Best answer: Yes, it's normal. Here's a link that should help explain.

Both of my parents have glasses. They both said that they got them during the start of College. I was wondering what the possible heredity chances of me getting glasses later on in life. Since they both have glasses is it a good chance that i will need them late on?

Best answer: No controlled studies have shown that it makes any difference. If you wear glasses, you will get used to seeing well. This will make you less willing to see poorly. This is kind of like how driving a dish washer for a number of years may make you unhappy if you move to a home that doesn't have one. Living with... show more