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Best answer: Tuesday June 18th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: fishing 9:25am: splurge Back to work perk: Dido 4:25pm: turkey Bookworm Trivia: Freedom League Classic Rock Challenge: 101st Airborne Country Music Trivia: Sixteen Get Your Game On: Katrielle Healthy Knowledge: Viral Movie Trivia: Logan... show more

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: Garbage 9:25: B- Word: Vegetables 4:25 B- Word: Cherry Back To Work Perk: Bonnie Tyler Book Worm: John Country Trivia: Singles You Up Classic Rock : Cocaine Music Challenge: M.U.S.E. Music Pop Quiz: John Mayer Get your game on: Runner Healthy Knowledge: Ulnar Nerve Movie... show more

Best answer: Sunday June 16th Thanks for the Saturday BA!!! Happy Father’s Day Dads!! Bookworm Trivia: Zaphod Beeblebrox Classic Rock Challenge: Nude Women Country Music Trivia: She’s With Me Get Your Game On: Puzzle Healthy Knowledge: Vitamin C Movie Trivia: Charlize Theron Music Challenge: 2 Music Pop... show more

Best answer: Bookworm is Botswana Classic Rock is Delaware Country Music is No Such Thing As A Broken Heart Get Your Game On is Titanfall 2 Healthy is Your Toe Movie is Diane Keaton Sports Arizona Diamondbacks Super Hero is Justice League TV is Bob's Burger

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: Doctor 9:25: B- Word: Corn 4:25 B- Word: Beautiful Back To Work Perk: Fergie E Mail Bonus: Book Worm: 75 Years Old Country Trivia: More Girls Like You Classic Rock : Joni Mitchell Music Challenge: Alanis Morissette Music Pop Quiz: Olivia O'Brien Get your game on: Tom... show more

Best answer: Bookworm is #1 Classic Rock is Joni Mitchell's House Country Music is Dustin Lynch Get Your Game On is Bolivia Healthy is Textured Vegetable Protein Movie is Terrorist Attack Sports is Brad Mills Super Hero is Will Arnett TV is Armando Iannucco

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: kitchen 9:25: B- Word: Garden 4:25 B- Word: Career Back To Work Perk: Elton John E Mail Bonus: Dad Book Worm: Cedric Diggory Country Trivia: Outta Style Classic Rock : Blackeyed Music Challenge: Luther Vandross Music Pop Quiz: Ed Sheeran Get your game on: United Nations Space... show more

Best answer: Saturday June 8th Bookworm Trivia: Bernard Goldberg Classic Rock Challenge: Landslide Country Music Trivia: Kelsea Ballerini Get Your Game On: Paul Gasol Healthy Knowledge: Abalone King of the Grill Trivia: Movie Trivia: Five Music Challenge: Janet Jackson Music Pop Quiz: Zara Larsson Sports... show more

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: Cheese 9:25: B- Word: Safe 4:25 B- Word: Maid Back To Work Perk:Five for Fighting Book Worm: Robert Frost Country Trivia: Luke Combs Classic Rock : An Art Gallery Music Challenge: Natalie Imbruglia Music Pop Quiz: Sam Hunt Get your game on: Injustice 2 Healthy Knowledge: 5-10... show more

Best answer: Bookworm is The Night Before Christmas Classic Rock is Traveling Wilburys Country Music is Carly Pearce Get Your Game On is Tekken 7 Healthy is Infections King of the Hill is Propane Movie is Prometheus Sports id Ryan Zimmerman Super Hero is Summer of George TV is Aunt Lydia

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: Strawberry 9:25: B- Word: Memo 4:25 B- Word: Founders Back To Work Perk:Katy Perry Blockbusters: King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Book Worm: The Whistler Country Trivia: When Someone Stops Loving You Classic Rock : Norwegian Wood Music Challenge: Any Way You Want It Music... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is 47 Meters Down Bookworm is Island of Glass Classic Rock is Robert Plant Country Music is When It Rains It Pours Get Your Game On is Tekken 7 Healthy is Strengthening The Immune System Sports is Rafael Nadal Super Hero is Joe Favreau TV is Westworld

Best answer: Thursday May 16th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: red 9:25am: women Back to work perk: Prince 4:25pm: block Blockbusters: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Bookworm Trivia: Swing Time Classic Rock Challenge: Ron McKernan Country Music Trivia: Brad Paisley Get Your Game On: Mobile Strike Healthy... show more

Best answer: B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25 B-Word: Crew 9:25: B- Word:Shuffle 4:25 B- Word: Shine Back To Work Perk: Hall and Oates Blockbusters: Lifeguard Book Worm: Happy Birthday to You! Country Trivia: Midland Classic Rock : Branford Marsalis Music Challenge: Music Challenge: Music Of My Mind Music Pop Quiz: Major... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is Baywatch Bookworm is Dr. Seuss's ABC Classic Rock is Holiday Inn Country Music is Thomas Rhett Featuring Maren Morris Get Your Game On is Supercell Healthy is Butterfly Sports is Zero Super Hero is Kingsman: The Golden Circle TV is Maryland

The station recently changed it s name to "Trump 103.3."

Best answer: Blockbusters is Captain Underpants Bookworm is Blake Crouch Classic Rock is Barbara Ann Country Music is Smooth Get Your Game On is Ethan Winters Healthy is The American Red Cross Sports is Penguins Super Hero is Caliban TV is The Handmaid's Tale

Best answer: Happy Mothers Day!! Blockbusters: Heffley Family Book Worm: The Butter Battle Book Country Trivia: Chris Stapleton Classic Rock : Marmalade Skies Music Challenge: The Lady In Red Music Pop Quiz: Alessia Cara Get your game on: Solar System Healthy Knowledge: Cuticle Superhero Trivia: Sophie Turner Sports Trivia:... show more

Best answer: Wednesday May 8th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: school 9:25am: nurse Back to work perk: Tracy Chapman Blockbusters: The Red Turtle Bookworm Trivia: 1984 Classic Rock Challenge: Genesis Country Music Trivia: Devin Dawson Get Your Game On: Gigas Healthy Knowledge: Empiric Music Challenge: ... show more

I was on a USA radio and it was meant to be politically neutral and they started trying to take jabs towards the end of the interview about me being in the BNP and EDL and my opinions on Islam and I started to explain that my dislike for Islam is because other communities like the Afro Caribbean, Asian Sikh and... show more