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I felt the need to say I was gay mostly because i was wondering if this was a normal type of dream for a gay woman, other than that there are a few details to the dream i would like to mention 1. it started off where i had just left home and was walking down a street when i turned a corner and found myself in a... show more

This seems to happen to me a lot.

myself ffor example. I am hated in cnadausa for being a Hindu Musician and Adult Film SunStar to the point they keep me poor n wanna murder me yet on the other sidee, I am Loved and ppl Want to give me Sunshine and Warmth for the same reasons I am hated in canada usa Ommmmmmmmmmmmm

Is ok for a person to never sleep?

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Harvey weinstein,Donald Trump,Roy moore, Larry nassar, ,Jared fogl, ronald Reagan all had rape cases.men are the ones sending texts of themselves naked to minirs. Or men luring minors on the internet as you see on Chris Hansen show You won't see women doing sexual stuff to people by force. Fighting people... show more

So my grandma had a dream of my dead grandpa and in the dream she wakes up and sees my grandpa standing with his back turned to her and she said his back was full of scars, wht does that mean?!

Best answer: You're probably thinking about too many bad things. EDIT: You're mind is on fire and you are worried things will get out of control and become destructive.

Messed up dreams?

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Best answer: maybe you should talk to a counselor about your dreams, that might help you out

If so, how is this the case? Other reasons to support it: 1) No arbitrariness, so the chances of subsequent generations unacceptably relaxing or dismantling it are massively decreased. 2) Maximum protection against external threats. The more racial groups or subgroups you assimilate into a society, the more... show more

Best answer: Sterilisation should be mandatory from very young and only undone when you have a licence. Licence only to those with an IQ of at least 85, who pass a psychological assessment and have no record of being a "problem child" or "problem teenager"

Last night I had a dream that I was with my father and a group of people on a grassy field near the sea shore. Tides came in, and brought to sure all sorts of creatures like Lampreys (which I am terrified of), Eels(equally terrified of), Octopi, and Caymans. For some reason, my father instructed everyone to pick... show more

in my dream i was awoken by the presence of a demon but couldn’t see it, only could feel the presence all around me and then right after I was pulled off my bed! I would try to yell for help but nothing would come out and also while I was being pulled i was telling myself that i do believe in god and that god is... show more

For the last week all ive been having is bad dreams and im concerned because i see a pattern going on here. A couple nights ago i dremt i was at a concert and there was a terrorist attack, then 2 nights ago i got kidnapped and last night there was a school shooting, i was apart of all of these but i never died in... show more

I know that everybody dreams, but I rarely ever experience a dream. I think it is just because I don't remember even having one in the morning.

why do men enjoy killing kids at school?