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Best answer: Yeah, you better let her know. And you stick around for your kid, you hear? Be a good father!

Dream with Cat set Free?

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Had a dream I had a cat (I'm a dog lover and never owned a cat in my life). I took the cat outside and set it free underneath my house so it can hunt and eat whatever it could catch. I was not throwing the cat away or letting it go outside for a while. I felt like I was just setting it free to be. Any... show more

Really, the whole world should think like me, because there is no valid reason for it not to think like me. : )


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Best answer: Yes I am awake at this time.

It is population replacement and an eradication effort either way, under present condition. In addition to displacing and eradicating Britons (racial type), the following desirable qualities attacked, with both conditions: - Maximum defence against external threats (e.g Islamic fundamentalists and worse, cultural... show more

Best answer: When you are through with something in life you hated, anything, there comes a point when you can look back at it nostalgically. Sometimes that nostalgia isn't really based on how good it really was all round, just on one or two fun elements of it. With school sometimes it's hankering after days of your... show more

somebody sent me that message on instagram and my friend said that message sounded dirty minded and I should block the guy that sent it too me. but I just do not see and do not really get how that sentence sounds dirty minded.

Best answer: If you're white, it's not surprising.

He’s always trying to kill me or chase me. I find it weird because we have such a good relationship.

A woman's love for a man is measired by his wallet. Even if she has her own money, she'll spend his she doesn't have to soend her own money. Men are just wasting their time loving women, when all they're worth to women is dollar signs. Married men have it worst.

What does my dream mean?

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It’s weird. I was walking down the path to go to a swimming pool. As I was walking I noticed my crush was there and he started talking to me. I woke up then. Can’t remember what he said but what does it mean?

Why do we have dreams?

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Best answer: Some sadist could sew people together mouth to anus, but they wouldn't live very long. They couldn't drink water and would die of dehydration.

Last dream you remember?

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Can we control our dreams?

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Best answer: More money and education

Best answer: They are pressured by a left wing genocidal position to believe this. One that is understood you will then know why a lot of evil exists, who is at the source of it and why they do this and other atrocities.

Men are violent, horny all the time, murderers, and always sexually harass women, and do crimes, and are stupider compared to women. People always complain about women being emotional and jealous creatures, that are insecure of their looks. But I rather deal with that, then men who do crimes and are violent and... show more

Am I physic?

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Best answer: Life is rapidly evolving around you. In other words, you are experiencing the expansion of your psyche. It doesn't matter what word is used as a label, psychic or expanded awareness, the truth does not change. Everyone on this planet is capable of expanded awareness. Some choose to close the door while others... show more