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Would you mind living all alone?

13 answers · 12 hours ago
That's my dream

I dreamed sex!?

11 answers · 15 hours ago
I had a dream that I had sex with someone for my church while performing theatre in front of my whole school! Is it normal!?

I am 25 and am currently an assistant in a college. One of my friends is an 18 year old Jewish lesbian atheist. I offered to take her to see my priest at the local Catholic Church, so she could repent of her sin and find God (the REAL God, Jesus Christ). Instead she called me a homophobic religious bigot. Can... show more

They said, "A PlayStation fell on me on November 3, 2003". Is this real or what? I don t understand, please help.

Best answer: Brainwashing. The Jews want whites mixed out. So do liberals.

She said "Really? That's interesting..." I'm only 23

Best answer: cause they want you and know they cant have you when they see you with another girl

Best answer: Yes, your dreams are connected to your new job. as your sister became a symbol of something new entering your Life which would be hopefully a new job. Something new but comfortable, friendly, not standoffish as some new jobs are.

Why did I dream about peeing at least twice last night, but somehow didn't wet the bed, what does it mean when that happens? usually when you dream of peeing you wet the bed so im confused help please interpret thanks :)

Dream about California?

4 answers · 3 days ago
I have never been to the West Coast, or even surfed before, but last night I dreamed I was living in a shack on a hill overlooking a beach. The hut didn't have lighting or glass in the windows, only fly screens, and only two rooms, with a bedroom in the roof upstairs. It was extremely hot, and I felt the urge... show more

Recurring dream meaning?

6 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: That is a protective brotherly thing to do, to kiss your forehead. It is not a sexual kiss, but a friendly, caring kiss, so you obviously know he cares for you. So you see there is a reason you call him "your guy friend," and not your boyfriend. It shows up in your dream. You may be thinking that this... show more

Best answer: It's neither the devil nor her. It is your dream of her. Your dream of the Virgin Mary, it is because you are a part of the Church in some capacity. You are not increasing your borders, you are showing the value your esteem can go. Your sub consciousness says you are comforted by the Virgin. You must be... show more

Is this real?how does this work?

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Stupid question there is an old legend called laughing jack and basically the story goes he is some clown who appears to kids and trys to kidnap them after appearing to them several times. But somehow people do some ritual where they have to watch a bunch of songs or something about him before they go to bed and... show more

Best answer: It means you want a baby but don’t want a man in your life.

I can't tell if this guy likes me as a coworker but also likes me ? I think he might be attracted to me somehow, he knows that i run in my spare time, and he asked me 'so thats where you get your nice figure from?' and i don't think he's harassing me sexually but I think he likes me. Tonight he... show more