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I keep dreaming that i go to a mosque and my wife is a Syrian that looks like the first lady of Syria. We pray to Allah and then i wake up. Been having this dream for a year. I'm Christian. Very strange

Best answer: Dumbed down culture, dumbed down population, mental weakness, lack of willpower, etc.

If so, would inhabitants found on a new planet have the same flight in returning to their origin? This raises a whole foreign concept of philosophy unrestricted by known earth accepted norms. E.T. phoned home? https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Art...

Best answer: Get Married the sex urge dies within a Month that is where she starts to get headaches

Best answer: Nah. We're saving that for later. Just wait...

Best answer: They support illegals over Americans

Best answer: Yes. Stop eating 3-4 hours before bedtime. Especially don't eat anything spicy like pizza. Sleep with a wedge pillow under your head. The dreams may be due to heartburn, sleep apnea or sinus problems. Also try sleeping with a fan on low. Try sleeping on your right side only, not left or on your back.

Why can I feel pain in my dreams?

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So last night I had a pregnancy dream, the full 9 months. Leading up to the due date, of course in my dream I had contractions. But I also FELT them, you know? Like it hurt. And the IV too I could feel that and I could feel the needle in my arm. I luckily woke up before the actual birth as I’m sure my brain was... show more

If you feel like some of Trump's policies will benefit America, great. But it's kind of weird how 99 percent of Trump supporters think this man can do no wrong. You agree with EVERY ONE of his policies. Can you even think for yourself? Why is Trump a messiah to you? You worship his every word. Again. You... show more

Best answer: This is an interpretation from a website that I found: To dream that you shoot up school in the dream, after you have graduated can represent that you have unsettled feelings and emotions about your youth years. Perhaps your past experience with school life was unpleasant and there were hostile students against... show more

Best answer: Trump is taking this country down and laughing all the way to the bank.

Best answer: There is sleep walking why not sleep wanking

Best answer: Britain's inherent qualities threaten the following desirable attributes (notice the word 'inherent'): 1) Maximum protection against internal threats (lack of political or cultural safeguards against subversive elements, lack of proper and rigid national (including racial, which has massive tactical... show more