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Best answer: Another reason I will not associate with a leftist. Moved to surfing? Lol

Surfing in Winter?

5 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: you two are gonna die of hypothermia wait until summer.

Specific type of longboard?

17 answers · 2 months ago
I’m 4’9 (yes I’m small..) is there any specific type of longboard I should get that will “fit me”

They’re cheap and rn I’m pretty broke and I might get one and then save up for a better one.. but are they worth it?

How do I surf the internet?

5 answers · 2 months ago

Canoeing to the bahamas from Miami?

6 answers · 4 months ago
Best answer: i would nnake sure its safe when you want to do it, i alnnost drowned as a kid cause i got caught in a tidal wave, you wouldnt want that to happen when youre canoeing

What's the best place to surf?

6 answers · 5 months ago

Bodyboard or surf?

6 answers · 7 months ago
Hi guys I need help: I'm a 31 year old female, and i currently have the chance to learn either bodyboard ou surf. I can only learn one, and I can't decide. So i want to ask you, what do you think its best? What are the pros and cons of both sports? Thanks!

How to ride a surf board?

6 answers · 10 months ago

Best answer: Take the Civil service tests.

Best answer: Liberals go straight to Hell like that fat ANTIFA pig, Heather Heyer.

Have you ever been surfing?

7 answers · 1 year ago
Best answer: No.

Best answer: interesting. World Peace through surfing?

Where is Berkeley in the UK?

6 answers · 1 year ago