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If so, how do I get rid of it?

This is a bit of an ironic question, but the same cat that I had been inquiring about earlier just attacked our hamster and ripped off a pea size chunk of skin off it’s stomach. The hamster is breathing heavily, planting its face into its bedding and convulsing. Should we take him to the vet, is there a... show more

So I’m keeping feeder mice as pets. I have done a ton of research on how to take care of them. I know these are specifically meant as food for snakes, but with the proper care and training they are just as good as pet store quality. In fact they are the same breed as fancy mice. (Feeder mice are just breded so much... show more

It's pretty stuck down there.

Last year my parents bought me a horse and I took care of him and saw him everyday until my dog passed away and I was hit with a wave of depression and then I didn’t leave my room other than to go to school and work. My parents now don’t trust me with the responsibility of a couple rats, how can I get them to trust... show more

If anyone has ever attempted to install a car dash head unit with built in dvd player, gps, and backup cam, and has attempted to ground out the parking wire, I have a question. Did the player work (including the backup camera function), or did it get confused when you hit reverse because it thought it was in both... show more

What is your favorite rodent?

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Mine (and my all-time fave animal) is a guinea pig! I own two American shorthair sows. Note: hedgehogs, raccoons, skunks, shrews, rabbits, hares, pikas, hyraxes, meerkats, mongooses, ferrets, weasels, tenrecs, opossums, and noles DO NOT COUNT as rodents.

Best answer: If it's the solid, plastic wheel, leave her, AND THE BABIES, alone. She's moving them because she feels it's a safer place than where they were. Leave them alone or you can upset her enough to cause her to kill them.

Best answer: Capybara: Caviidae family, Rodentia order, Mammalia class, Animal kingdom Squirrel: Sciuraidae family, Rodentia order, Mammalia class, Animal kingdom They are both rodents, but that's the closest relation they have.

I knocked on my daughters door and saw her killing her hamster with a wire around it's neck. Will she go to hell?

Best answer: A Shoe box with some soft bedding and a few small holes cut in would be ideal.

Can my Guinea pig live alone?

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I got a baby boy Guinea pig today hoping he would bond with my two existing boars and it went terrible. They do not get on at all. I am debating whether or not I go and get another little boy who was in his home before (so that he knows him) and because they’re both babies they will get on well together. OR, I... show more

I have a dog named Rockey and this Dog of mine this stupid dog I own literally killed my hamster it was in his mouth he did not chew it or anything it looked as if he literally sucked on it until it died I came out of my room and I saw my dog i wanted to pet him and there i see my dead hamster just laying next to... show more