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She has outlived the average life span of a guinea pig- which is between 5-8 years, so she's very elderly; however, for the most part, she's still very energetic and lively. Unfortunately, as of recent, she has been getting sick more and more often- each time becoming increasingly worse. She's fine... show more

I have 2 female mice and one is a bit aggressive towards the other, I thought she could be pregnant as she doesn t like to be handled so I didn t pressure her but I ve had her way too long to be pregnant. She chases my other mouse around the cage about 4 times a night and has recently not stopped when I come up to... show more

Regarding a hamster bin cage.?

5 answers · 1 week ago
is it ok for me to just poke holes like this? Or do I have to get wire mesh?

Accidentally vacuumed rat poop?

4 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: I don't think you have to worry, but to be safe, empty the dust bag now.

Obviously catching him is half the battle. He is super docile but never get quite close enough to grab him. Probably bit the hell outta me anyways.... looking for suggestions. If I can upload a video I ll show how he s moving.

This morning I saw a shadow across my room that was either a mouse sized cockroach, or just a mouse. Either way we re calling an exterminator, but I wonder which is more awful.

I m such an idiot. I know I m an idiot, so please don t make me feel worse than i already do. I ve had two rats for about a year and a half. They re my first rats, so I don t know much about rats, but i know they can t vomit. Yesterday evening, I fed them the usual stuff. Small apple cubes, sunflower seeds, and... show more

Hemp bedding safe for mice?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
I've recently bought a large bag of hemp bedding for my hamsters and gerbils and was wondering if is ok for a mouse as mine has a reaction to Aspen and carefresh is a bit expensive for me to buy

Best answer: Peanut butter would work best I think.

Is my hamster ok?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
My hamster has a big, red lump underneath his tail. I’m aware that hamster testicles grow when it’s warm and sometimes stick out, but my hamster’s looks very red and large. Is this just his testicles? Is it normal for them to be this big? Or could it be something else? He seems fine in himself, playing, eating and... show more

Best answer: Don't use a bomb. It doesn't solve the problem. Get Terro ant bait. IT WORKS. The ants go for the bait AND take it back to the nest and kill the WHOLE NEST. A bomb is a temporary fix that doesn't find and kill the nest that the ants are coming from. After doing a bomb, the ants will return in just... show more

Can my hamster go outside?

7 answers · 4 weeks ago
If he's in his ball , im in the uk btw

Should I sell her?

4 answers · 4 weeks ago
I've had a hamster for 1 1 months now. I had one when I was a bit younger and I was too afraid to touch him. My wanted one so I got him one and although he has picked her up once or twice it looks as if he's just as scared as me. It's been 11 months and I've tried numerous times but I just can't... show more

My hamster is around 8 months old and he’s mostly asleep during the day (obviously). He does get up for an hour or two every few hours to eat and pee (among other things lol). I was just wondering if I should get him out in his ball every day? Currently I get him out around 5 times a week, for 30-35 minutes in the... show more

I just bought her yesterday and she is super friendly and sweet. She is also very furry, meaning her fur is incredibly soft and silky feeling too. Her coloring is different too, kinda greyish black with dark brown and sploches of orange. There is picture link below of her. My last hamster's name was Peach who... show more