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Best answer: Local bylaws and state laws come into play. In my town we can live trap but only release on our own property. Sorts of defeats the removal of pests. But, that is where you start, seeing what your legal options are.

Do hamster make good pest?

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Best answer: Tell them Rats are one of the cleanest rodents.(it's true) Also, rats live at least 1-2 years, so you won't have them too long. You don't have to bathe them, they bathe themselves. Their cages are very easy to clean. And you can get good deals on rats, and rat food. Just one thing, though: Do NOT get a... show more

one of my guinea pigs has been really jumpy and biting one part of her back and i suspect she make have some kind of mites, but i cannot afford to take her to the vet as they tend to be very expensive. what should i do? i dont want to let her suffer like this and she means a lot to me but i simply dont have the... show more

How do I get over guilt?

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I got a pet rat. But my parents wouldn't let me keep him, so I had to bring him back. Now I cant stop feeling guilty because of it.

Cute male rat names?

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Best answer: Do you have any favorite movies or books? You can use character names from those. Or you could choose names based on a theme: You could consider plant names like Basil, Pepper, Pumpkin, Rose, Daisy, Ivy. Food names like Latte, Mocha, Snickers, Peanut, Burrito, Coffee, Popcorn, Cinnamon, Honey. Or... show more

Is seaweed safe for mice?

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I’m trying to give my mouse a varied diet, (not just pellets), but it’s hard to find information on what’s safe for mice because most sites only talk about rats. I thought foods that were safe for rats would be safe for mice as well, but upon further reading, I’ve found that in some instances, that’s the opposite... show more

Good female pet rat names?

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I'm getting my very first pet rat next weekend. She is a young black/white common hooded rat.

Best answer: If you let it alone to cocoon itself for at least three weeks, it'll form into a rat. Dont expose it to wind tho, cuz then it turns into a bat.

So my boyfriend brought home a newborn mouse that he found alone in a dirt pile. It has furn but its eyes are still closed. I got him some esbilac formula and mixed it with warm water. I soaked a paint brush in the formula but he didn't seem to want much of it. We also have him in a small tank with cloth at the... show more

I preferably really want a pet mouse because they are really easy to care for and because my aunt breeds fancy mice and they are so sweet and cute ! But i mentioned it to my parents and they said absolutely not because they don't like rodents, i told them i would clean the cage, feed her,, water him, and all... show more

Best answer: Guinea pigs need unlimited access to hay. It should be grass hay. Alfalfa can cause them to gain weight and is too high in calcium. Pellets are another common cause of overweight guinea pigs. Adults only need 1/8 cup a day. They should be timothy based pellets. Fruits and sugary veggies should be limited. You can... show more

Best answer: Awwww....she loves you and is just hsppy to see you.

Why Did My Rat Die?

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I think she was sick because I got her from the pet store, but on the first day she was completely fine. She was eating, drinking, and was pretty energetic. On the second day in the morning she was sort of sluggish. I took her out to play for a bit and let her run around. Her movement was slow and she stopped in... show more