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I've been looking for a job for a few months, and I've been applying every few days. Finally, I was granted an interview by this company, who told me that they would pay me about $35k more than I make now. A few days later, I received an offer letter, which I promptly accepted. I told them that I could... show more

Pompeo and Mattis just parrot whatever nonsense Trump’s gut believes

About a week ago, I made my hamster an amazing hamster cage for her to live in. She already had a cage, but I thought because the cage is bigger, she would be happier in the one I made. I used the woods we had in the spare room for about as long as I have existed. My dad has no plans for the wood, and can easily... show more

My little sister decided that she didn't want her hamster anymore and gave her to me. I love her so, so, so much, but her nam is Moose. I mean, who names their hamster Moose? I really want to change her name, but she's had it for so long and it has kinda grown on her. Idk man, should I change it?

Can I keep a mouse as a pet?

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Best answer: slowing start touching and petting it everyday and when youre ready try holding it. you don't have to hold it long even just picking it up then putting it back in the cage will hep you. just slowing start handling it and over time you'll realize there isn't much to be afraid of. as long as youre gentle... show more

Best answer: This man is not being treated as a criminal as he has not been convicted yet,but it does seem clear he falsely claimed to have been historically abused by some pretty famous people. In court he may tell us of his reason for this. I know Nathan believed his every word,the creep.

They seem to believe that they know better than everyone else and are superior to everyone else to the point that they feel justified in disregarding other people's rights. In effect they are dehumanizing others .... just as the l\lAZlS did.

Best answer: Nature's Miracle show more

I currently have one pet white mouse named Bernadette. I noticed that she is depressed because she’s lonely, and I’m currently out getting a friend or two for her. I really like fancy mice and would like one (also they’re easier to tell the difference between lol). Can female white mice live with female fancy mice?... show more

My rat started growing a bump on its side and its gotten worse and worse as time has gone on. It's been about a month now. He still eats plenty and drinks a lot. I know I should take him into the vet but it's just not an option for me financially. Any information on what it could be would really help... show more

Best answer: Remove the carcass and then severely deodorize the area where the carcass was.