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Best answer: Their face!

He is already eating rice bran but he just needs a boost with muscle and fat , we have tried heavy weight and he will not eat it , any tip helps!

Best answer: Any civilised country should ban halal/kosher slaughter.

Best answer: Because most of the world is at a lower level of development than the United States. As countries move up the economic ladder, people generally transition out of agriculture and into manufacturing and service employment. The US is a very developed economy, with high levels of capital investment, and ag employment... show more

It's almost harvesting season!?

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Best answer: There is a lot more that has to be done to the wool since the farmer sells it, and it does take a fair amount of work to actually produce clothing, especially something harder to work with like wool.

Why is this community so toxic?

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Best answer: That would be a first. First Woman president. First president from American Samoa First president of the Hindu faith And she does appear to be blessed with uncommon reasoning power.

Best answer: They would decrease. The USA and Canada used to support about 50 million bison. The population now is about 150,000 with aboutb100 million cattle. With no farming, the numbers would fall toward the 50 million mark. Except the plains of USA and Canada are now fenced. So the 50 million number could not be... show more

And now allows subsidies for distant relatives of farmers who don't even farm. What a joke. You just need to be related to a farmer.

What size categoration would you give this size of land for a farm?

Best answer: They're a pretty sick generation.

Does wool kill?

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According to PETA it does. BUT, they fail to recognize the farms that actually care for sheep. Sheep DIE if they are not sheered, also docking tails the proper way is the elastic, as the tail become numbs as there is no blood flow. I used to have sheep, and we sheered them and you could tell they were a lot... show more

Why R farms🚜 going Bankrupt?

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Best answer: No sadly. There is no other source of wood chips other than trees. And that is the problem. Because trees have other uses than being turned into newsprint. They are cool and shady on a hot day. You can go camping and hiking in trees. And trees make oxygen that we breathe. And animals and birds live in the forest. show more