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Thank you. I think I know why I returned… After one realizes they’ve come back for naught, not much to be taught of real matter, concern, what’s left to give? What hope is returned? It’s disheartening, you know? And, how long, do you suppose, a heart can ache? How often withstand a forcible break? Time comes,... show more

I'm looking for collections of poetry/poetry books by a single author that aren't dark/cynical/bleak etc or too serious but not humorous either. I'd like to read poetry about good things, a sort of summer read.

Do you need a degree to be a professional poet? Or is poetry dead?

Please edit my poem?

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I had a beautiful dream You show your face in it I have followed your path You hold my hand Yesterday I have cried a lot please place your hands on my eyes I have put my heart in your hands Please take care of it Like yesterday I remember Your beautiful saying From depth of human heart That your love... show more

Best answer: Yes.

Suggestions on this haiku I made?

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I jumped for the stars So bright and lustrous as the sun Hoping to reach it Any suggestions?

Best answer: As long as it's yours, it's good, keep it up. Keep in mind poetry doesn't always have to rhyme as long as it has a theme.

Best answer: While I would say that most people who are creative tend to be a bit smarter than people who are not, in my experience, being extraordinarily intelligent is not a prerequisite for being a good poet or author. There are people who play the guitar or the saxophone who are blithering idiots and there are people who... show more

Can i post a poem?

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Floaters:) Her silver skin so slim as she swimms past his empty castle blood spotted finns he has lost all will never to feel the blue grass through her gills The hollow stump moans and all the trees groan as the little nippers swim by them unaware of the lies or the way that they die the lucky ones get eaten alive

Best answer: That's your choice entirely. Personally, I'd keep them for a couple of months, review them, then delete them unless any were particularly useful.

Can I write about my feelings?

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I really like this one...thing, and I get all butterflies and beautiful flurries. I need to rant all about my feelings. It’s all about my crush which is a flipping school bus

I have an assignment for school. Im learning about poetry and we have recently looked into the poem “Annabelle Lee”. I am supposed to write a poem from the perspective of the ghost Annabell lee. It’s supposed to use rhyming, similes, personification and have at least two stranzas. I really need help. I suck at... show more

Like a lady changes dresses The pipal sheds her neon leaves; With the help of winds caresses, she dons a gown with russet sleeves. Then, as an early summer drifts, to lazy dawns and sultry noons, She changes into various shifts, beneath the season s gleaming moons. From deep, dark olive to palest jade, She tries... show more

Metaphors for Bullying?

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Not the best at poem need ideas! helo

Is this a good quote?

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Best answer: Yes, except for syntax. The second sentence is not a re-statement of the first, so "In other words" is unnecessary. So is the final word. "The world is what it is, but it is also what it isn't. The present is the product of events that didn't happen just as much as events that did."... show more