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So I just moved out of a room I was renting in a shared house. I got someone to take over the contract for me, it was a fixed contract I had signed until September this year. My landlord sent...

Recently, I ran into money trouble and the bank closed one of my credit cards. Of course I’m going to pay the balance. But I have a car loan of five years on my report with no late payments and...

BQ: How long is your hair?

I’m 23 and I am still a virgin. I am not waiting for marriage or anything, I just haven’t found a guy that I have been really into. A lot of my friends and people I work with talk about...

replace them with Somali refugees? You cannot complain about them breaking the law then,

For example, if someone just takes college classes then comes home and watches TV or hangs out with friends, they probably won't get a job as a Software Developer. Since the job market is competitive and lots of people have...

If not, how is not a euphemism?

Would recommend much more intense and personal think my neighbors downstairs heard me though

I have a toshiba laptop that won't turn on, the screen stays black. But it appears to be charging and the lighta are on. I don't hear any fans or anything either. It has done this before but tried it...

Toilet not flushing?

Michelle yesterday at 21:07. 6 answers Home & Garden Maintenance & Repairs
When I push on the handle normally there’s some pressure and you have to keep pushing down to get it to flush, you know? Now when I push the handle, there is no pressure. The handle goes all the way...

Do christians?

Michze yesterday at 21:06. 12 answers Society & Culture Religion & Spirituality
follow 'IESUS' - Matthew 5:17-19 or Paul - Romans 10:4

Keep in mind George Walker Bush's approval rating skyrocketed shortly after he started killing Iraqi civilians !!!

Is my arm broken?

laura yesterday at 21:03. 4 answers Health General Health Care
About a week ago I fell while running outside when it was wet and I put my arm down to catch myself and I hurt my wrist. There was minor swelling, but it was super painful to move or press...

I decided that instead of putting all my extra savings in a bank account I will invest half into a the market. Im looking for stocks that will go up long term and are on the low risk side.

So, I had recently moved into an apartment with my s/o and dog. We loved the place and was excited to have it. We were notified of all charges in the beginning (security deposit, dog fee, etc.) And it was...

I met a guy on a dating app. He works a lot so we were trying to figure out a good time to meet. I offered to get breakfast with him before he goes to work (11am). He then told...

I have a Samsung Odyssey laptop, pre-owned, had it for 2 years no issues. Recently I've been having a problem where when I play games the screen either becomes distorted or black. With one game, it freezes up after a...

For restaurants such as Mexican or country wide food chains such as Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, Logan’s, places like that. What are the best healthy meals? I usually get 6 oz sirloin, broccoli, and mashed potatoes and a starter salad at...

What does “ya shits live then a mf” mean?

Shlomo_from_the_412 yesterday at 20:39. 4 answers Entertainment & Music Music

Like how Jews use blacks against us? Watch how fast Central America cuts it out with the illegals.

Why Americans are so prejudice?

Lonely yesterday at 20:26. 4 answers Social Science Psychology

Atheists, is there enough water in earth to cover the earth?

𝕾𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖔𝖜𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖊 𝕷𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖘 yesterday at 20:21. 9 answers Education & Reference Trivia
that what the Creationist Kent say

Boris has a Muslim grandfather Sajid has Pakistani heritage Hunt has a Chinese wife and children Stewart has an American wife and speaks numerous languages. Gove is a c*nt

Will Boris Johnson let Turkey join the EU?

Irish eyes are smiling yesterday at 20:17. 6 answers Health Diseases & Conditions
Given his Turkish roots and potentially becoming the prime minister of our country? A nice cuppa of chai me thinks. I will get my sikh servant to make it lest he feel the back of my hand!

What does it mean when my ex girlfriend gets engaged 6 months after break up?