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1 Martin Garrix

Yottabyte flac

Martin Garrix. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix.
2 Dyro

Latency flac

Dyro. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix;Dyro.
3 Martin Garrix

Access flac

Martin Garrix. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix.
4 Alan Walker

Diamond Heart flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Sophia Somajo;Mood Melodies;James Njie;Thomas Troelsen;Kristoffer Haugan;Edvard Normann;Anders Froen;Gunnar Greve;Yann Bargain;Victor Verpillat;Fredrik Borch Olsen.
5 Sia

I'm Still Here flac

Sia. 2018. Writer: Sia.
6 Bradley Cooper

Shallow flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Andrew Wyatt;Anthony Rossomando;Mark Ronson;Lady Gaga.
7 Cardi B

Taki Taki flac

Cardi B. 2018. Writer: Bava;Juan Vasquez;Vicente Saavedra;Jordan Thorpe;DJ Snake;Ozuna;Cardi B;Selena Gomez.
8 Blinders

Breach (Walk Alone) flac

Blinders. 2018. Writer: Dewain Whitmore;Ilsey Juber;Blinders;Martin Garrix.
9 Halsey

Without Me flac

Halsey. 2018. Writer: Halsey;Delacey;Louis Bell;Amy Allen;Justin Timberlake;Timbaland;Scott Storch.
10 Lady Gaga

I'll Never Love Again flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: Benjamin Rice;Lady Gaga.
11 Mako

Rise flac

Mako. 2018. Writer: Riot Music Team;Mako;Justin Tranter.
12 Kelsea Ballerini

This Feeling flac

Kelsea Ballerini. 2018. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Alex Pall;Emily Warren.
13 Dewain Whitmore

Burn Out flac

Dewain Whitmore. 2018. Writer: Dewain Whitmore;Ilsey Juber;Emilio Behr;Martijn Garritsen.
14 Avril Lavigne

Head Above Water flac

Avril Lavigne. 2018. Writer: Stephan Moccio;Travis Clark;Avril Lavigne.
15 Lady Gaga

Look What I Found flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: DJ White Shadow;Nick Monson;Mark Nilan Jr;Lady Gaga.
16 Billie Eilish

When The Party's Over flac

Billie Eilish. 2018. Writer: Billie Eilish;FINNEAS.
17 Bradley Cooper

Always Remember Us This Way flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Lady Gaga;Dave Cobb.
18 Rita Ora

Let You Love Me flac

Rita Ora. 2018. Writer: Rita Ora.
19 Diplo

Electricity flac

Diplo. 2018. Writer: Diplo;Mark Ronson;Picard Brothers;Wynter Gordon;Romy Madley Croft;Florence Welch.
20 Charli XCX

1999 flac

Charli XCX. 2018. Writer: Charli XCX;Troye Sivan;Leland;Oscar Holter;Noonie Bao.

English iziqna

What is the smallest thing?

Extreme wanderer 10/11/2018. 6 answers Social Science Anthropology
And I want to hear from string theory, particle theory, and also anthropology-- from culture.

Swollen nose piercing.?

anealeah g 10/11/2018. 5 answers Beauty & Style Skin & Body
I got my nose pierced 3 weeks ago and it seemed like it was healing properly up until yesterday. It’s now very swollen and red. There was pus coming out of my piercing as well. I clean it 2 times...

and may lead to a war between scientists? If that happens....God help us all?

Can't sleep? What to do?

Chase Jeansonne 10/11/2018. 29 answers Health Diet & Fitness
Been trying for 2 hours not working very well

If I am logged on to the internet, but not using the internet, but busy working on a word document. Then without asking the computer to do anything on the internet it begins passing data online and continues for a...

My last name is Karspeck and my family and are unsure on the history of our family. I was wondering if anybody has an idea of where my last name could be from? I know it could be anything but...

It seems gone are the days of "when they go low, we go high."

In a lot of European countries, home schooling is illegal. Why?

canada usa had a problem with my body when I came back from India as a child, and keeps tainting my food. I needa drink my Milk straight From My Hindu Black Buffaloes and Cows Teats! Ommm

I just got my nose pierced and I absolutely love the look of the stud but I noticed that most girls who have a nose piercing have the ring. I personally am not a fan of it so I just...

I'm trying to get into gardening, but I only really have time in the evening/at night. I have enough lights in my yard that i'll be able to see, but I don't want my neighbors to think I'm burying corpses...


I'm an aspiring artist and it seems like every time I post new content, my friend follows suit with something very similar. As a creator trying to have a unique look it's very grinding to me. She's told me that...

So a few years ago my dad surprised me with a car for graduation. I have grown to love the car but I recently found out that it is very behind. He stopped paying the payments and I called to...

On their computers and iPads.

I watched until the twentieth season. After it was switched to HD / widescreen format, I did not like it any more. But 10 more seasons have already passed (almost), so I wanted to know who is still faithfully following,...

There is a man living in US who is going to send documents to me, I need documents for application. I live in other country overseas. Today he said he doesn't have money to send to me, and he is...

You know, because 2 is not enough due to genetic diversity.


i need it for privacy

My friends and I often joke about me being "psychic", and I don't know if I believe in psychics to begin with. The thing is, I often message them or call at the right times on a daily basis. A...

It is often said that, “inequality is the result of abundance.” What are your thoughts on this?

I am 16 and have a typical model physique (5'10 with 34-24-34 measurements). People have told me that I should try modeling but I dunno much about it. I am interested in the idea though and would like to know...


Some colleges don't require sat or act scores, and say that it doesn't impact their decision... but is that true? If i choose not to submit them, will they think "what went wrong" or that my scores must be really...

I've never been very involved and I want to become more informed, but there's so much bias it's very hard to know what's going on.

I am 27yo and work in this big restaurant chain in our country. Recently the CEO's son who does no work every day but listen to music, eat lunch with the office ladies and watch youtube videos in his corner...