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1 Martin Garrix

Yottabyte flac

Martin Garrix. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix.
2 Dyro

Latency flac

Dyro. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix;Dyro.
3 Martin Garrix

Access flac

Martin Garrix. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix.
4 Alan Walker

Diamond Heart flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Sophia Somajo;Mood Melodies;James Njie;Thomas Troelsen;Kristoffer Haugan;Edvard Normann;Anders Froen;Gunnar Greve;Yann Bargain;Victor Verpillat;Fredrik Borch Olsen.
5 Sia

I'm Still Here flac

Sia. 2018. Writer: Sia.
6 Bradley Cooper

Shallow flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Andrew Wyatt;Anthony Rossomando;Mark Ronson;Lady Gaga.
7 Cardi B

Taki Taki flac

Cardi B. 2018. Writer: Bava;Juan Vasquez;Vicente Saavedra;Jordan Thorpe;DJ Snake;Ozuna;Cardi B;Selena Gomez.
8 Blinders

Breach (Walk Alone) flac

Blinders. 2018. Writer: Dewain Whitmore;Ilsey Juber;Blinders;Martin Garrix.
9 Halsey

Without Me flac

Halsey. 2018. Writer: Halsey;Delacey;Louis Bell;Amy Allen;Justin Timberlake;Timbaland;Scott Storch.
10 Lady Gaga

I'll Never Love Again flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: Benjamin Rice;Lady Gaga.
11 Mako

Rise flac

Mako. 2018. Writer: Riot Music Team;Mako;Justin Tranter.
12 Kelsea Ballerini

This Feeling flac

Kelsea Ballerini. 2018. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Alex Pall;Emily Warren.
13 Dewain Whitmore

Burn Out flac

Dewain Whitmore. 2018. Writer: Dewain Whitmore;Ilsey Juber;Emilio Behr;Martijn Garritsen.
14 Avril Lavigne

Head Above Water flac

Avril Lavigne. 2018. Writer: Stephan Moccio;Travis Clark;Avril Lavigne.
15 Lady Gaga

Look What I Found flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: DJ White Shadow;Nick Monson;Mark Nilan Jr;Lady Gaga.
16 Billie Eilish

When The Party's Over flac

Billie Eilish. 2018. Writer: Billie Eilish;FINNEAS.
17 Bradley Cooper

Always Remember Us This Way flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Lady Gaga;Dave Cobb.
18 Rita Ora

Let You Love Me flac

Rita Ora. 2018. Writer: Rita Ora.
19 Diplo

Electricity flac

Diplo. 2018. Writer: Diplo;Mark Ronson;Picard Brothers;Wynter Gordon;Romy Madley Croft;Florence Welch.
20 Charli XCX

1999 flac

Charli XCX. 2018. Writer: Charli XCX;Troye Sivan;Leland;Oscar Holter;Noonie Bao.

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