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Birthday Party flac

AJR. 2019. Writer: Adam Met;Jack Met;Ryan Met;Peter Ivers;David Lynch.
2 Loote

Your Side Of The Bed flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: ​Jesse Saint John;Jackson Foote;Emma Lov Block.

100 Bad Days flac

AJR. 2019. Writer: Jack Met;Adam Met;Ryan Met.
4 Joe Jonas

Longer Than I Thought flac

Joe Jonas. 2018. Writer: Patrick Nissley;Jackson Foote;Dave Katz.
5 Loote

Out Of My Head flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: Emma Lov Block;Michael Pollack;Jeremy Dussolliet;Jackson Foote.
6 Iselin Solheim

Anyone Out There flac

Iselin Solheim. 2019. Writer: Iselin Solheim;Max Grahn.
7 Loote

Wish I Never Met You flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: Jackson Foote;Alex Peter Koste;Jeremy Dussolliet;Emma Lov Block.
8 Kim Petras

Heart To Break flac

Kim Petras. 2018. Writer: Cirkut;Aaron Joseph;Dr. Luke;Jacob Kasher;Kim Petras.
9 A L E X

Out On The Trampoline At Night flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
10 A L E X

I Want To Hold Your Hand flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
11 A L E X

Field flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
12 A L E X

Save Me flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
13 Devin

Summer Lover flac

Devin. 2019. Writer: Tommy Lee James;Stuart Crichton;Oliver Heldens;Nile Rodgers;Devin Guisande.
14 A L E X

9 To 5 flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
15 A L E X

Skirt flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
16 Florian Picasso

Midnight Sun (Extended Version) flac

Florian Picasso. 2019.
17 Florian Picasso

Midnight Sun flac

Florian Picasso. 2019.
18 21 Savage

Enzo flac

21 Savage. 2019. Writer: YungLunchBox;Sheck Wes;Offset;Gucci Mane;21 Savage;DJ Snake.
19 Tales Of Ratatösk

Battle Of The Doomed Gods 320kbps

Tales Of Ratatösk. 2019.
20 Tales Of Ratatösk

Andro 320kbps

Tales Of Ratatösk. 2019.

English iziqna

I’m writing a paper on narcissism and sociopaths, so getting input from others will help me understand the in depth reasons for people’s choices. Thank you in advance!

with season 8 of GOT being a royal dumpster fire and there being a partition to completely overhaul it, I was wondering if there was ever a TV show that went back to completely redo a season they royally sh**...

In France, recently, 500 self-identified illegal aliens occupied a Paris terminal to keep people from traveling freely and demanded to made citizens of France. Do you agree with these people and politicians like Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez who has suggested in the...

How does this sound:?

Rick 05/21/2019 at 14:45. 4 answers Arts & Humanities Books & Authors
I stand in front of the abandoned twelve-story building, holding the flyer, feeling terrified as I walk up to the doors take a deep breath and pull open the door.

Im a 26 year old male living with my wonderful grandmother. Im ready to live on my own but i am a few months away. I have a Good job At johns Hopkins Making $2100 monthly after taxes, i have...

Is college for Liberals?

Mike L 05/21/2019 at 14:39. 12 answers Politics & Government Politics

This question is only for Taurus people. If you are a Taurus, do you hate Libras? I like Taurus people but I wonder if they like me back or not. Why are many Tauruses so hostile and mean to Libras,...

I take my 7 year old son to a sitter she just tuned 30. She is super sweet , bubbly and very nice and takes very good care. However, its a little alarming how carefree she is and I don't...

It was the first day of dog walking. I walked this dark brown male staffy cross pitbull lurcher who is 3 years old. I walked him in the woods and this dog with no lead or coller smashed into me...

Why is the BMW I8 so cheap?

Mr J Man 05/21/2019 at 14:17. 4 answers Cars & Transportation Car Makes
For such an exotic looking car you would think even used they would stay around the $100k price range but they are about $60k? I hardly see anyone driving them either are they considered ugly?

I told my boss that my 6 year old niece was taken to the ER and is now hospitalized. My niece means the world to me! I told him that I'm gathering from my family she has a serious respiratory...

Did I use this idiom correctly?

Caroline 05/21/2019 at 14:15. 6 answers Society & Culture Languages
"I'm trying to wrap my head around Object Oriented Programming."

I know that democratic socialism is still capitalism

If somebody trolls here why don't you just answer the damn question like it was real istead of wasting time? It would be more fun than saying " Be troll somewhere else" etc for both you and the person who...

Would you do drugs with her?

Anonymous 05/21/2019 at 14:08. 11 answers Society & Culture Cultures & Groups
She's a pharmacist

How to treat my upset stomach?

Patricia 05/21/2019 at 14:06. 3 answers Health Other - Health
I bought bologna from grocery outlet and since yesterday at 6pm, I was having upset stomach. I managed to puke it out at 3 am in the morning, I feel that top part of my stomach is cleared up, but...

forget hiroshima and nagasaki p, harbor or not p, harbor boming middle east syria iraq libya that did not 911 support dictators like poinochet and saddam against ussr and iran pinochet killed commies but saddam too arab socialism is extreme...

I fail on my 1st try. I am so mad at God. I spent over 300 dollars for driver's ed.

Hey guys just want some advice... Im a 26 year old Male living with my Grandmother temporarily. I work at a good job making good money and i make supplemental income marketing on the internet. I was thinking it would...

if they don't use their wifi, if their computer has no identifying information to a single person and they use the onion router, can the government figure out a face and a name?

Is it normal to be gay?

Anonymous 05/21/2019 at 13:44. 16 answers Society & Culture Cultures & Groups

A couple weeks ago me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. I felt fine afterwards. But last friday an egg came out of my vagina. I was so scared that i've been keeping this egg in the draw for the...

I bought a new bag of spinach (Wal-Mart marketside) and opened it to eat it last night. Then I put the bag of spinach inside the grocery bag and tied it close. I forgot to put it inside the refrigerator...

What's wrong with my wife ?

Eric 05/21/2019 at 13:30. 5 answers Health General Health Care
My wife has been having problems with her back she said it hurts on the right side of it then moves to the middle. I tried giving her a massage and back rub she said it still hurts she's been...

This site is dead.

I’ve been with my partner for about 7-8 months , she’s been married twice and they where both horrible and abusive men so she says she has no more interest in marriage , I also am dead against marriage ,...

Did I do something wrong?

Foofa 05/21/2019 at 13:23. 13 answers Family & Relationships Friends
Me and my friend both need money, there is a job at a department store. My friend found the job first and planned to apply but I faked a headache and got sent home from school early and applied. I...

I moved from Nevada to Georgia for my husbands job a little over a month ago. I’m unemployed at the moment and I can’t get myself to do anything. When we lived in Nevada I worked full time. I ran...

I’m a junior in high school and when I was a freshman, I had a really bad algebra teacher and I didn’t really learn anything. I hope I can’t retake a course when I am in college.

Why Did My Dad Leave.?

dads 05/21/2019 at 13:06. 9 answers Arts & Humanities Philosophy

So last night I opened the toothpaste tube to brush my teeth. As I was opening it my finger touched the outside rim of the tube. After that happened I didn't brush my teeth because I was worried that there...

Seriously you might as well throw in the towel and work at Walmart.