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Queen Elizabeth the First was the one who remained a lifelong virgin. Fair enough. But then Queen Elizabeth II's mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, was a Queen too. And her name was Elizabeth. I know she married in, but the literal definition...

Hello, a friend of mine recently was charged with his first DWI in Van Zandt County in east Texas and I just have a few questions about the case. So about 4 months ago he was in a serious car...

i'm a teenage girl. i'm under weight and i have anxiety. do i need to look into my heart rate?

How did slaves light their room?

Patricia yesterday at 23:41. 13 answers Arts & Humanities History

I’m graduating in May so filling out my resume. It’s been filled out already yet I’m adding more detail. There are good qualities to both yet they are basically just minimum wage jobs. I made more than minimum wage at...

Republicans don't want muslims in this country but white guys with guns kill far more.

balcks do not have control over democratic party its whites who section 8ed black men put them in undesierable housing conditions, promoting gay marriage so black men can not reproduce.

Should I just tell my mom?

Bernd yesterday at 20:00. 8 answers Health Optical
So my mom and I like too watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy on tv at night. For the last month or so I have been watching wheel of fortune and have been kind of pretending that I can see...


Not mentioning the target obv dead :)

Is there any website out there where I can invest in stocks or make a quick investment.

I have usaa world growth Roth right now. Everyone is telling me to move to the other ones. Why do people still use USA then?

So when Prince Philip Dies, And when Queen Elizabeth II dies, Will Charles completely take over the role of his mother, And will Prince Edward completely take over the role oif his mother? Will Prince Charles Become King And Prince...

Opinions on Kardashians?

Amber yesterday at 16:08. 8 answers Entertainment & Music Television

Long ago I was told by several people that aspirin can be good for athletes as it helps the body process oxygen because it makes the blood travel faster through the body. I was told that it it good for...

i’m currently a cardiac surgeon and only bring home about 600 K. What is a side job to bring home more money?

both food and sex are basic necessary components to live survival humans need both of them, yet food is allowed to have a price tag on it. you can say youre paying for the labor put into the food but...

What social class are you?

conley39 yesterday at 15:03. 19 answers News & Events Current Events
Underclass: In council housing, long-term unemployed. Unskilled or semi-skilled working class: Manual labour, left school at 16, no higher education. Skilled working class: Construction/manufacturing, apprenticeship, no university education. Lower middle class: Typically office workers, usually live in...

Many of their theropoda cousins got a lot larger. Why?

Do doctors smoke or no?

Kush yesterday at 14:08. 6 answers Science & Mathematics Medicine
And should they be allowed?

I accidently cleared my cars codes with my obdII scanner. I found problem codes that are now gone. Will my mechanic know what to fix on my car still?

Where does the stupid woman think Benidorm is?.

They are not doing themselves a favour simply because most people agree with his sentiments and if May punishes Boris expect eruption from the masses. Why don't those muslims just shrug it off and call it a day

The head of state is easier work than the head of government. The head of state is ranked above the head of government. The head of state is considered higher than the head of government. The head of state is...

I served 6 years in the s.c.d.c., I was given a 6 month furlough. I work construction and want to know if I may leave the state to work

Is Queen Elizabeth II jealous of Bill Gates Wealth?

tapping the source yesterday at 11:14. 13 answers Society & Culture Royalty
Someone told me that Queen Elizabeth II is jealous of Bill Gates Wealth, Is this true?

If so, could it be even worse than the 2008 Global financial crisis or won't it be so bad? When is the next financial crisis likely to happen, could it be in the next 2 years?

Line in the sand?

John yesterday at 10:43. 10 answers Computers & Internet Internet
The uk has long had a tradition of being tolerant and supporting freedom of speech should we draw a line in the sand ,ignore Teressa May and others and move on from Mayor Johnston’s remarks re Burka ,those offended might...

I’m a 17 year old male. Live in England in the UK. I have no money atm, is there anything I can invest in to get me started in the businless world? I can get money to invest from my...

how would we stop people flooding in from abroad to get a free home