To practise safe eating, should you use condiments?

RR 05/20/2019. 10 answers
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10 Answers

Maximus Williamitis 05/24/2019.

Yes, it would be a good prelude to safe eating; however, I feel that some would want some, prominent figures, too practice 'abstinence'.

anand 05/24/2019.

And for safe mating, you can use condoms,too.

Icequeen 05/24/2019.

Just do not overdo the salt.

Paul 05/24/2019.

Avoid the use of chopsticks. A customer at one restaurant was taken to the hospital after he poked deep inside his throat with the stick.

STEPHEN 05/24/2019.

In a restaurant or cafe you have no idea what previous people have done with the condiments.

Adullah M 05/24/2019.

Better use chopstick, do tear the plastic cover off first.

Pronk 05/24/2019.

Yes,& they are now exspearminting with

condim-mints for candy;

For SAFE minty oral enjoyment,without the worries.

Holo Holo 05/17/2019.

Yes of course.

The Golden Poodle of Utrecht 05/17/2019.


Omega 05/17/2019.

Condiments are salt, pepper, mustard and so on... - Download Hi-Res Songs